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Aquatic Scientist? More crop per drop?

Posted on: August 13, 2018

Aquatic Scientist? More crop per drop?
In the next forty years, we expect to add two billion people to the world, and the amount of freshwater in the world is not increasing… So how are we going to feed these extra 2 billion people?
With the same drop of water we have cleaned the cow shed, produced energy, produced duckweed, farmed fish and irrigated our crop.
Now this is how you feed two billion people if you do not have much water.”
If each Lebanese person saves one liter of water a day, that will amount to four million liters every day.
(Counting on Lebanese who receive No potable water? And having to buy water cisterns just to get a shower?)
[…] With 4 million liters I can produce 80,000 kg of tomatoes and 80,000 kg of fish while decreasing energy use by more than 100,000 liters of fuel and decreasing pollution tremendously.”

Want to know more? Watch this TEDxBeirut talk by Aquaculturist / Aquatic Scientist Imad Saoud.

More crop per drop: Imad Saoud at TEDxBeirut 2012

Aquatic Scientist / Aquaculturist Imad Saoud uses salty water (sea and ocean) to produce more food, mainly protein, to feed the growing number of

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