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Nastiest people: Elders displaying stern faces…

I can’t imagine an elder person, who had accumulated so many”experiences” in his ass, and watched and witnessed the pain, humiliation, and comic games of life…

And still able Not to laugh out at our serious predicament and stern behavior, even in the form of hysteric laughter...

I can’t imagine an elder, who actually was exposed to all sorts of undignified outburst, shameful surprises, and was suckered countless times,

And manages to display a stern face, acting too dignified to expose gentle and soft behaviors

Aniak al nass, khetyar 3am ye massel al wahra.

You won’t catch me dead before I say so

Note: Don’t know the author who posted these French poems.

La vie est comme ce sucre….

Quand vous le plongez dans votre café , il se dissout mais ne disparaît pas.

Si la vie est une clé , la mort est sa demeure…Unique et ultime certitude!

Quand tu auras appris à sonder les profondeurs, où ta vie prend sa source…
Quand tu auras appris à aimer la grande solitude intérieure..

Quand tu auras appris à ouvrir ton cœur de lumière et apprivoiser les mystères permanents de la vie….

Tu apprendras à mourir de cette vie avant de t’éteindre et de disparaitre…
Tu n’ es qu’ illusion, depuis que tu existes tu es sur la pente du néant

Retrouve la vraie vie, ton extinction de la finitude pour ton anéantissement dans le permanent.

A mon Père…

Tu Gardes Le silence dans le toujours,
Te réfugiant dans le monde de la plénitude,

Tu as bâtis durant toute une vie l’éloge de la solitude
Pour apprivoiser ton Âme au moment du dévoilement

A noyer ses larmes dans le chemin de l’Etre
A présent Tu colores nos amours avec ceux de nos ancêtres

Et derrière chaque rose, ou les cris de l’aigle dans le vent
Tu guides nos pas dans les chemins des jours

Pour le mariage céleste dans les palettes de la spendeur
Et dans l’arc en ciel du printemps, l’instant d’un recueillement….

Disparaître dans la niche de la Lumière avec tant de pudeur…

There is a hefty truth in our casual dismissing of White lies: Like in…

By Dan Rockwell?


Everyone lies every day.

“How are you feeling?”

“Just fine,” you reply. Actually, you feel terrible but don’t want to talk about it. You lie.

Leaders are tempted to lie when ________:

  1. Under-performers need encouragement.
  2. Telling the truth reveals weaknesses or failure.
  3. Reputation is at stake, theirs or others.
  4. Insecurity wins.
  5. Hiding problems feels easier than exposing them.

Read more on Facebook 12/12 /12.

I’m tempted to lie to protect the appearance of competence.

It happened yesterday when I forgot to hit the record button for, “Writing Blogs that Get Read,” my first ever webinar.

I’d promised participants free access to the recording. But there is no recording!

5 steps from lying to responsibility:

First thought:

Lie. Say it was technical difficulty. But, is failing to hit the record button technical? It involves a mouse. It must be. Right?

Second thought:

Make truthful excuses. It was my first time. Everyone makes mistakes.

Third thought:

Participants paid. You’re responsible. Absolutely!

Fourth thought:

Tell the truth. No excuses. Rip the scab off that dang thing.

Fifth thought:

Repeat “Writing Blogs that Get Read” and record it this time.

Truth-tellers embrace responsibility.
Liars reject responsibility.

“Tell the truth. You are always better off telling it like it is and moving on,” Denny Strigl, former president and CEO of Verizon Wireless.


Leadership stands on trust. Lying destroys leadership. All successful leaders are truth-tellers.

What makes truth-telling difficult?

What advice can you offer leaders who are tempted to lie?





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