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This historical wrong-timing calamity mistake: Late Hafez Assad troops crosses Lebanon borders in 1976

This historical error of judgement by Syria late Hafez Assad in 1976: Lebanese are still paying its dear price, 50 years later.

The Lebanese “progressive” movement of political parties, allied with Palestine Liberation Organization, were massed in the town of Dhour Shouweir and ready to enter Bikfaya and descend on Jounieh (supposedly a stronghold of the Christian militias forces).

The US ambassador hurried to Damascus to convince Hafez to cross the borders and prevent the defeat of the Christian militias.

The US and Israel gave Syria the green light and dangled all kinds of opportunities for Assad to move quickly, a one-life opportunity to take control of a big chunk of Lebanon.

The “Leftist” alliance needed barely 3 weeks to end their plan of attack.

Hafez didn’t give them that reprieve and ordered them to stop the attack.

Surely they resisted the onslaught of the Syrian army and delayed for 6 months the Syrian army to deploy.

But the “Christian” militias were saved and given fresh opportunities to resume their traditional treacherous activities before and after Lebanon independence of begging the colonial powers and Israel to continue their international support and weapon transfer.

The “Christian” leaders have always been the confirmed stooges to the colonial powers, on the faked and untenable assumption that their survival is linked to the firm colonial support. Though previous experience and successive later ones proved to be wrong and the colonial powers didn’t give any weight for the minority Christian forces, militarily and politically

So, what convinced Hafez, this level headed and patient leader, to cross in the wrong timing?

It was easy to surmise that in critical periods, the clan and minority spirit overcome the general concept of unity of the nation.

A minority “Muslim” Alawi sect in power in Syria, coming to the rescue of a minority Maronite “christian” sect that was in power a year ago, before the start of Lebanon civil war.

Kind of minorities in power rescuing one another in critical junctions.

Obviously, Hafez was Not about to state this inclination and he proclaimed that the decision was taken months ahead of US demand to cross the border.

Israel agreed for the Syrian army to cross Lebanon borders with easy conditions: that the army stay clear from Lebanon southern borders with Israel (a “buffer zone” of about 40 km deep) and Not to transfer quality weapons that might constitute threat to Israel security.

Consequently, the Lebanese christian militias had an easy propaganda to resume their cooperation with Israel: Hafez was guaranteed a life-long power over Syria and is Not independent in his foreign decisions and affairs.

This historical decision to cross the border, 3 weeks before taming the christian militias, exacerbated the situation and let the civil war continue till 1992.

From 1976 til 1984, the Christian forces harassed militarily the Syrian troops in location they had a majority population: They forgot that it was the Syrian troops that saved them from oblivion.

The Lebanese civilians paid the heaviest of prices: mass transfer to newly created sectarian cantons.

Syrian controlled Lebanon til 2005 before withdrawing its troops. From 1991 and on, military activities by Christian forces against the Syrian stopped since the world community agreed on a peaceful transition, but street demonstrations flurried now and then.

There were No Victors in this protracted civil war and the militia “leaders” of all religious sects returned to power and they rule Lebanon til now.

Since 2001, Lebanon has been declining economically, financially, politically and administratively: transformed into an anomie system where every deputy owns a basic business in Lebanon and swap shares without paying a dime in the transactions.

No public institutions function normally: No public electricity, potable water, polluted rivers and sea, and one third of the families relying on public services paychecks.

Israel also committed a strategic historical mistake by crossing Lebanon borders in 1982, entered Beirut, and forced the PLO to vacate Lebanon.

Since then, Israel had no valid lame excuses of trespassing the borders to attack Palestinian incursions within its borders. Lebanon national movement to resist and kick out Israel occupation was constituted and Hezbollah was organized after Islamic Iran came to power in 1979.

Israel could no longer rely on the Palestinians refugees to destabilize Lebanon society.

Israel is currently on the defensive and unable to pre-empt any war on Lebanon, since its defeat in the 2006 war.

Wrong timing is accelerated by faulty and difformed idea-fix passions.

Only them the three guys remain like the flower of baylassan

In around 1968, thee young men used to enter a forest, every morning, and emerge in the evening. They saluted the poet Talal as he sipped his coffee on the balcony, morning and evening.
One day, they didn’t show up.
In April 1974. Talal Haidar , the famous Lebanese poet, learned from the news, that 3 Fidayeen got martyred in Israel by storming the nearby Israeli settlement of Kiryat Shmouna, in the former colonized Palestinian/Lebanese Saalihiyyat town.
Talal recognized the three men from the pictures displayed in the dailies, those ones who used to salute him everyday, in the morning and evening.
The martyrs were Palestinian, Syrian and Iraqi ( a proof that we constitute One people).
The following poem was composed in a music by Ziad Rahbani and sang by Fairouz.

لمن لا يعرف قصة أغنية “وحدن بيبقوا متل زهر البيلسان” التي غنّتها فيروز، فقد جاءت على لسان الشاعر اللبناني طلال حيدر، والتي أعاد ملحّنها زياد الرحباني، سردَ تفاصيلها في وقت سابق، قائلاً:

اعتاد الشاعر طلال حيدر شُرب فنجان قهوته الصباحي و المسائي على شرفة منزله المطلّة على غابة تقع على مقربة من منزله .
مرّت فترة من الزمن عندما كان طلال حيدر يشرب قهوته الصباحيّة، و هو يلاحظ دخول ثلاثة شبان إلى الغابة في الصباح، وخروجهم منها مساءً، و كلّما دخلوا و خرجوا سلّموا على طلال .

وكان هو يتساءل: ماذا يفعل هؤلاء الشبان داخل الغابة من الصباح إلى المساء؟إلى أن أتى اليوم الذي ألقى الشبان التحية على طلال حيدر في الصباح ودخلوا الغابة،

وفي المساء خرج طلال حيدر ليشرب قهوته لكنه لم يرَ الشبان يخرجون، فانتظرهم لكنهم لم يخرجوا، فقلق عليهم، إلى أن وصله خبر يقول: إنّ ثلاثة شبّان عرب قاموا بعملية فدائيّة وسط الكيان الصهيوني،

و عندما شاهد صور الشبّان الثلاثة فوجئ أنّ الشبان الذين استشهدوا هم أنفسهم الشبان الذين اعتاد أن يتلقى التحية منهم في الصباح و المساء
وعُرفت تلك العملية بعملية الخالصة، التي نُفذت في مستوطنة كريات شمونة، شمال فلسطين المحتلة، في صباح 11 نيسان 1974،

وكان أبطالها من مقاتلي الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين- القيادة العامة، وهم الفلسطيني منير المغربي (أبو خالد)، والحلبي السوري أحمد الشيخ محمود، والعراقي ياسين موسى فزاع الحوزاني (أبو هادي)، والذي استشهدوا في تاريخ العملية.
كلمات الاغنية:

وحدن بيبقو متل زهر البيلسان

وحدهن بيقطفو وراق الزمان

بيسكروا الغابي

بيضلهن متل الشتي يدقوا على بوابي

على بوابي

يا زمان

يا عشب داشر فوق هالحيطان

ضويت ورد الليل عكتابي

برج الحمام مسور وعالي

هج الحمام بقيت لحالي لحالي

يا ناطرين التلج ما عاد بدكن ترجعوا

صرخ عليهن بالشتي يا ديب بلكي بيسمعوا

وحدن بيبقوا متل هالغيم العتيق

وحدهن وجوهن وعتم الطريق

عم يقطعوا الغابي

وبإيدهن متل الشتي يدقوا البكي وهني على بوابي

Israel is ‘becoming a full-blown police state,’ Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border

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Yesterday Peter Beinart, the liberal Zionist writer, disclosed that he had been detained at Ben Gurion airport on August 12 for an hour of questioning of his political opinions/activities.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly released an unprecedented statement saying the detention had been a mistake, and Beinart said he would accept Netanyahu’s apology only if he apologized to Palestinians who are subjected to far worse.

Many Zionists have responded angrily to the news by saying that the country is damaging itself in the eyes of the world by harassing left leaning Jews who want to visit.

And the Israeli attorney general says she is looking into the detention incidents.  

Today Reza Aslan, the bestselling writer on religion who was born in Iran and lives in LA, was moved by Beinart’s experience to tell his own story on twitter:

Peter’s experience has spurred me to share mine.

2 weeks ago, as I was crossing back into Israel from Jordan, I was separated from my family and detained by Shin Bet. “We can make it so you don’t see your kids for a long time” I was warned. This is what happened next.

The Shin Bet lady, who already knew everything about me and my family’s journey around the world, began with “You think because you’re a public person I can’t do whatever I want with you?” I was floored.

This is how interrogations begin in police states.

“Why do you hate Israel?” She asked. “I don’t hate Israel,” I replied. (And why don’t you Reza? Israel is behind prompting USA to carry out a pre-emptive war on Iran)

“But you hate our Prime Minister.” “I’m sorry that he is your Prime Minister?”

“He was democratically elected!” (No he wasn’t but let’s just drop that)

“So was Trump and I hate him and still love America.”

“Oh I know all about you and Trump,” she spat. I forgot the Israeli Right Wing’s affection for our racist Neo-Nazi loving president.

“You don’t think Israel should exist, yes?” That’s absurd. I’m against the occupation not Israel. (And how do you end the occupation Reza? By supporting the existence of colonial Israel?)

Then the police state part began in earnest.

Write down names of Palestinians you know

Write down names of journalists you associate with

Write down names of Palestinian organizations you support

And constantly, repeatedly, this threat: “if you don’t cooperate it will be a long time before you see your kids again.”

I tried to cooperate the best I could. It was 104 degrees.

My wife, my two 6yr olds, my 3yr old, and I my two elderly in-laws had been waiting for me in the sun for hours. But (again the police state tactic): every answer I gave she told me was lie. “Stop lying!” She’d yell.

The questions got dumber and more surreal:

“Who did your father work for in Iran?” I don’t know. I was 7 when we left

“Oh Mr Scholar! You can tell me everything about the Ottoman Empire but you don’t know your own father’s history?” For the record I am not an Ottoman scholar.

In the end, after hours of this, she warned “I may let you into Israel but, who knows, I may not let you out. I will keep you here and kick out your family. It depends on you. You would miss your kids, yes?”

That my friends is the classic police state trick. Iran has perfected it. (Iran of the Shah?)

Her final warning was Not to visit the Palestinian Territories.

Not to meet with or speak to any Palestinians or any Israeli trouble makers. “We are watching you.”

2 days later I went to Bethlehem, to the wall, and took this picture:

<img class=”i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer” src=”data:;base64,” />

Painting of Ahed Tamimi on Bethlehem wall, photo by Reza Aslan

Two days later, the Italian artist who painted this portrait of Ahed Tamimi was arrested and deported.

This was my 4th trip to Israel in ten years and every time it’s gotten worse. It’s becoming unrecognizable as a democracy. It is becoming a full-blown police state.

When I was released my evangelical in-laws were in shock. (The “Christian” evangelical movement in US is the staunchest supporter of Israel, no matter what: They want to believe the Second Coming won’t happens unless Jerusalem is totally Jewish)

“I had no idea it was like this,” they said. Now they do.

So do more Americans each day.

And if Israel loses them, who will continue to shield it from pressure to change course? The clock is ticking.

Addendum: Beinart managed to get out of detention quickly by calling on human rights attorney Gaby Lasky.

Lasky represents Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian woman in the painting, who lives in the occupied village of Nabi Saleh and spent 8 months in prison recently for slapping an Israeli soldier.

It appears that Beinart’s case has already gotten as much attention as hers, and far more outrage; though of course Tamimi’s case is not that unusual.

Today Samidoun (Steadfast) released a report stating, “In July 2018, Israeli occupation forces arrested (administratively?) 520 Palestinians from the occupied Palestinian territories, including 69 children, nine women and five journalists.”




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