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Lack of Horizon: Can’t vanquish this mighty Dictator

Chomsky can enumerate a long list of dictators who ruled in the 20th century, and so can I.

Chomsky cut this list short and wanted to focus on three dictators: Hitler, Stalin, and absence of horizon. (I would place Mao as #1 for the million of Chinese who had to pay the heavy price of his brand of communism)

On the individual level, lack of horizon is the worst of dictators: It is the cause of all the unrest, confusion, feeling of nothingness, indignity, worthlessness…

Lack of horizon corner citizens within engenders lengthy conflicts, violence, for the sake of violence…

Dictators, totalitarian, theocratic and oligarchic regimes block all horizons for the curious citizens, and the individual has to be extremely imaginative in order to capture a little open space to realize his potentials.

(That is the main definition of brainwashing: no alternative aspects of live are disseminated to grab on and create an alternative world view. I think this is still going on in current China because the majority of the citizens are afraid or don’t care anymore to think politics or watch international news. Only the selected members of the party are allowed to delve deeply in the details of world politics and business)

Lack of vision has different beneficial consequences on the individual level and on the institutional scale.

I say lack of vision for State governments offer greater liberty and freedom of expression for the citizens.

Once State elite leaders start creating and imagining visions, and opening wide horizons for their wealth and grandeur, the little people suffer and are totally subjugated by these crazies who converse among themselves in closed clubs

Drastic solutions are conceived by the elite classes among themselves…

With the practical closing of borders for legal immigration to the former colonial countries, world unrest will cross borders in any way possible. We are following an acute process for the mighty Dictator of lack of horizon to better ourselves, individually.

Can’t vanquish this mighty ruthless Dictator of lack of horizon, except by transcending

the absurd reality with fresh imaginative alternatives…



Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 234

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The researchers who discovered Viagra weren’t even looking for it. Sildenafil, the drug’s active ingredient, was originally developed to treat cardiovascular problems—specifically to dilate the heart’s blood vessels by blocking a particular protein called PDE-5. In phase-one clinical trials in the UK, an observant nurse reported men enrolled in the study were lying on their stomachs: the men were embarrassed [because] they were getting erections.

Pfizer tried to use Viagra to treat “female sexual arousal disorder” in the early 2000s: clinical trials were inconclusive and the efforts were scrapped.

If blood isn’t flowing well to the penis, chances are it’s not flowing well elsewhere in the body: erections serve as a barometer for overall health.  “Lousy erection often happens 18 months before a cardiac event.”

Le succes de Freud pendant un siecle fut batit par introduisant le Sexe comme une pensee’ refoulee’ par les occidentaux et qui a cree’ un corps nevrose chez eux.

Comme traitement, la psychanalyse  n’est qu’un couteux placebo, s’il n’aboutit au pire. Les gouvernement occidentaux lui on donne’ credibilite’ en versant un part important des couts aux patients.

“Homeland Day” 42 anniversary for Palestinians (Yawm al Ard). Not like any other event this year: Israel army is begging the settlers to carry arms to defend it from the unarmed Palestinians that might flock from Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. By noon, 55 Palestinians were injured, 35 from live bullets and two martyrs.

A couple days ago, a dozen Palestinians crossed the borders from Gaza, through Israeli barbed wire fences, and military towers. They burned equipment and towers and returned safely. Israel restricted cabinet met twice to confront this incursion.

US ambassador Friedman to Israel is indeed a Dog, as described by Palestinian President Abbas: His tongue dangles constantly to his masters the US Evangelical Zionists

Mayhem in Israel: State of Israel starting its downhill trend toward Chaos: Army commander begging settlers to carry arms to defend it. Sort like during colonial America, settlers should carry arms when out of their settlements

122,000 Syrians vacated al Ghouta and more every day. 65 buses waiting to transfer terrorist factions to Edlib. (Edlib province by the Turkish border is the actual front line to be re-conquered from the extremist factions)

Can you recognize these German empires that flourished before, during Nazi power, afterward? Krupp, Bayer, BMW, Daimler, IG Farben, Opel, Agfa, Shell, Schneider, Telefunken, Siemens, Struthof…

Jaish Islam fil Ghouta daaye3: wala dawli badda testa2blo. La Turkey, la USA, wa la Saudi Kingdom




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