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Israel training mercenaries to capture the main port city of Hodeida in Yemen

By Whitney Webb 

TEL AVIV – A new report from the Emirati news website Al-Khaleej Online has revealed that many of the mercenaries leading the assault against the Yemeni port city of Hodeida were trained in Israel by Israeli soldiers, shedding light on Israel’s covert role in the war in Yemen. (Excellent news: that’s why these mercenaries are being defeated: trained by lousy soldiers who failed to advance even a mile in Lebanon in 33 days of the 2006 pre-emptive war)

According to U.S. officials close to the House Intelligence Committee with knowledge of the operation, hundreds of mercenaries from various nationalities that fight on behalf of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Yemen had recently received “instance combat training” at training camps in the Negev desert that were created through a secret agreement was reached between the UAE and Israel. Mercenaries at the camp were trained under the “personal supervision” of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

(And from where are these mercenaries? Mainly from Columbia Sudan. It cannot be true that Nepalese volunteered to fight in hot desert regions. Pakistan and Malaysia withdrew from this totally insane war)

The camp’s creation was spearheaded by UAE Security Adviser Mohammed Dahlan (a Palestinian traitor), who has personally overseen the recent hiring of a fresh force of foreign mercenaries, the majority of whom are Colombian or Nepalese, to fight on the UAE’s behalf in Yemen.

Dahlan, a Palestinian, was a central figure in the U.S.-backed plot funded by the United Arab Emirates to arm and train militias to overthrow Hamas after they won Gaza elections in 2007.

Dahlan has since lived in exile in the UAE where he has developed a close relationship to the Emirati royal family and now serves as one of their advisers. Dahlan also has close ties to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. (You cannot win any victories when surrounded with traitors to their countries)

The report noted that Dahlan had personally visited the training camps in Israel on more than one occasion in order to supervise the training received by mercenaries from the IDF. Al-Khaleej’s sources also stated that Dahlan had chosen the Negev desert as the site for the camps due to the similarities the region shares with Yemen in terms of its climate, environment and tribal structure.

These mercenaries, trained at IDF-led camps in Israel and funded by the UAE, are now leading the renewed assault on the Yemeni port of Hodeida, which began earlier this week on Tuesday.

The UAE/Saudi Arabia coalition had previously launched an assault in Hodeida in June but that effort failed to make headway despite the coalition’s superior firepower (backed by France, England and USA)

The new assault was launched after the coalition recently succeeded in cutting off the main road between Hodeida and the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.

Over 90% of Yemen’s food is imported through Hodeida, prompting  the UN and several NGOs to warn that any disruption to food and fuel supplies coming through the Hodeida port “could cause starvation on an unprecedented scale” as the country’s humanitarian crisis – a direct consequence of the coalition’s actions – is now more dire than ever.

An Open Secret: Israel’s Covert Involvement in Yemen’s War

Notably, the revelation of the Israel-based UAE mercenary training camps is not the first indication of covert Israeli involvement in the Yemen conflict. Indeed, when the war first began in 2015, the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE were known to use Israeli-made weapons.

(Actually, the colonial powers and Israel want total control of the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab strait, and in the States of Eritrea and Djibouti facing Yemen. Wahhabi Saudi Kingdom is a stooge to the USA)

In addition, paperwork seized by the Saudi Embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a that same year revealed that the U.S. was seeking to build a military base near Yemen’s Bab al-Mandab strait in order to “ensure the security of Israel,” suggesting a strong motive for the U.S.’ and Israel’s support for the coalition.

More recently, rumors about new Israel-Saudi weapons deals, including alleged plans to sell Saudi Arabia the Iron Dome missile defense system (which proved to be worthless), have received press attention, suggesting that the covert sale of Israeli weapons to the Saudi-led coalition continues to the present.

Al-Khaleej Online had previously reported that Israel had covertly sold weapons and ammunition to the Saudis, including internationally prohibited weapons that have since been used in the coalition’s brutal bombing campaign in Yemen that consistently targets civilian infrastructure. (Hospitals, schools, water facilities, power facilities…)

Just last month, 43% of the coalition’s targets were civilian structures, despite the fact that the U.S. now directly aids the coalition in choosing its strike targets as part of an alleged effort to reduce civilian casualties in the war.

While Israeli involvement in the war in Yemen has thus far been covert, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated last month that he would consider sending Israeli troops to Yemen to fight on behalf of the Saudi-led coalition if the Yemeni resistance gained control over the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait, which serves as a chokepoint on Saudi oil exports and other important Red Sea commerce. (That would be a great excuse for Iran to openly come to the rescue)

Given Israel’s support for countries involved in genocidal wars in the past and its own treatment of Palestinians, it is unlikely that Israel’s government would feel constrained by any moral dilemmas if it chose to formally join the coalition’s war in Yemen despite the humanitarian crisis that war has provoked.

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen, considered the worst in the world, has brought 17.8 million Yemenis to the brink of starvation including 5.2 million children.

In addition, 66,000 children in Yemen die annually from preventable diseases due to the coalition’s blockade of Yemen which has also allowed the worst cholera outbreak in history to proliferate.

Despite the huge death toll that has resulted from the coalition blockade and airstrikes, the “mastermind” of the conflict, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, has vowed to continue to target Yemeni civilians, including women and children, in order to “leave a big impact on the consciousness of Yemenis [for] generations.”

(Kind of Shock and Awe for a longer duration? A tactics that proved this “prince” totally insane and isolated in his residency for security reasons)

Top Photo | UAE has hired Colombian soldiers to fight its war in Yemen.

Whitney Webb is a staff writer for MintPress News and a contributor to Ben Swann’s Truth in Media. Her work has appeared on Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others.

She has also made radio and TV appearances on RT and Sputnik. She currently lives with her family in southern Chile.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 243

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

Do I master my mother tongue?  Do I have one? I was born in a French colony in Africa (Rep. of Mali) and lived there to the age of 6 when I fell ill with a deadly disease and barely managed to survive.  Consequently, I must have learned to speak and write in French first, and most probably I was conversant in the Bambara dialect, since I was surrounded by Malian helpers and my closest “guardian angel” was a mute young man:  Thus, I might have learned sign language too.

Bambara is an oral language that was spoken by animist tribes in the current State of Mali with Capital Bamako.

The main barrier for formal Arabic language to become international is that the words have religious undertone and you can barely find significant words that you can claim to be religiously neutral and expresses your opinions:  Usually, expressions relate to tribal, and nomadic traditional life-style.

It is difficult to freely express your honest opinion in formal Arabic, simply because the words are coined in Islamic culture and connote religious meaning, whether you like it or not. The slang in every “Arabic” countries are filling the void and expressing the spirit and traditions of the Land

Amadou Hampate Ba (1900-1991) had said: “In the oral civilization of Africa, once an old wise man dies it is an entire library that closes.”

Trump: Prophet Mohammad crucified Jesus.

Chain working conditions? Serbian workers in a multinational electronic company in Slovakia: Up at 4:30, waiting in line to enter the factory, Not allowed to look right or left or even stoop, swollen hands, no sensation in the legs, relentlessly waiting for the next TV to be assemble for hours. Waiting in line to take showers, to eat, to drink, to going to WC, boarding the buses, all the time counting bolts, parts, counting the hours, the days… Line, chain work, sweat-shop factories

Wars, pre-emptive wars: Uncanny direct connections to Sovereign public debts of militarily weaker nations

Drop-shipping? For men of a certain demographic, the ads (which can also follow you around the internet, and occasionally sell counterfeit goods) might be peddling hipster watches;

For women, perhaps it’s classy lingerie. In many cases they’re the result of a peculiar e-commerce phenomenon of the moment. No physical middlemen or retailers, but nebulous on-line support scams pros.

Shopify is the 20,000-pound gorilla of the drop-shipping world, integrated with apps like Oberlo that enable sellers to offer up goods directly from AliExpress

The US Postal Service gets no more than $1.50—cheaper for Chinese merchants to ship a package up to 4.4 lbs from Shenzhen to Des Moines than it costs to ship from, say, Seattle.

USPS calls it “ePacket,” and it’s the reason it’s so outrageously cheap to buy goods on AliExpress, the giant e-commerce portal owned by Alibaba, and ship them to the US—a favorite route of many drop-shippers. The US website Wish utilizes the same shipping method. Amazon is great at it.

Perfect vicious circle. Saad Hariri PM was asked why the highway from Beirut to Jounieh is always congested. He replied because we have no public transport, because the plans for alternative routes are Not carried out, because… But who is supposed to plan and execute all the projects?

Shou? Lebanon has $3bn in loans that was Not put to use in the last 2 years and still paying interest on that sovereign debt. And Lebanon is going to Paris to borrow more debts?

Our Lebanese Prime Minister said that the foreign loans expected to receive in Paris 4 will put to work 900,000 people in the coming 10 years. Does he means to include too all the refugees residing in Lebanon? We Barely have that many available people to work.

Retired person to his close friend: “How do you visualize your future?” Say it again?

How do you feel after retirement? Are your potentials for a better and happier life feasible? Do you feel that your previous life-style is still a hindrance to achieve any happy life?

Maybe you need more comfortable conditions, but can you find a happy trade-off between comfortable routine and a newer vision or mission in your after retirement life?

How much of a change can you sustain if your world view is transformed? How ready are you to tempt you chances and grab your chances when you decide for a change?

Do you mean “How I see the potential that next year I will be better off than today?”

I feel physically and mentally great. I still can see and hear. I still read and write every day. I am connected to the world through the social platforms of FB, Tweeter, Instagram… and I keep a blog.

I am very curious about world politics and affairs.

I keep myself updated on local politics and affairs.

I feel totally free and frank in my comments and replies.

I have the time and enough finance to travel whenever I need a change in scenery.

I owe money to no one and I’m Not attached to promises that I learned Not to give, even if I can deliver on my promises.

I learned to be funny and appreciate sense of humor.

I learned to act uninhibited when occasions arise to cheer up people and bring a few hearty laughs: I appreciate playing the clown.

Every week, I decide on a plan of action and execute it thoroughly.

Deciding on a trip, applying for a passport, applying for credit card that will come handy overseas, purchasing a mobile phone to do on-line transaction and stay connected to internet and Whatsup… anything that will permit me to pull off my plan.

Obviously, at this age you are totally conscious of your body demands and restrictions: bowel movement, frequency of bladder ejections, eye-drops…Matters that never crossed our mind in much younger age, as if the body is a machine, independent of the day demands on our limited capacity to actions

These constraints are a great opportunity for more detailed planning for any extracurricular activities outside the perimeter of your home

A friend clown of mine wrote after her show:”Two little girls who came at the end to tell me that last year they watched the other performance and “you made us write our dreams on balloons ! Mine was to become a doctor and mine was to have a big shop full of toys! We love this show too. Come next year”.

I commented on her FB “Me too. I need to sign my dream on a balloon (wa ana baddi waqqe3 3ala balloon): I’ll have inspiration then and there of what a retired person wants from his life”

I hear retired people saying: “Go for the best. I want the best” on FB

Hopefully we assimilated what is “the best”, if we can afford it, if we got the energy to go for it

My friend replied: “Surely, we have to grab our chances (tenter sa chance)”.

And I replied “quand on a acquit les 3 facteurs precedent on a deja plus que tenter sa chance: on est deja sur le chemin des grandes potentielles”

And how about you my friend “How do you feel your next year?”

Stay healthy and have a great year.





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