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To my Irish, Asian, Italian and Jewish friends, let’s remember

By Joshua Brown, Jan, 30, 2017

Your ancestors were lower than dirt when they arrived here.

Italians were referred to – openly – as a subhuman race of rats and criminals.

Irishmen were apes and monkeys.

Laws were passed to keep Chinese women out of the country, so that the Chinese males who were brought over for menial labor couldn’t produce offspring.

Jews were spat upon in the streets and routinely excluded from polite society (exclusive clubs?).

Unhire-able. Undesirable. Laws were passed to allow for the mass discrimination and segregation of your great grandparents, not much more than a century ago.

It’s nice that you now view yourselves as “Real Americans.” Just yesterday, your kind were anything but.

And I don’t mean in the deep south or in obscure corners of the country.

Your forebears were considered human garbage on the streets of New York, Philadelphia and Boston. It wasn’t all that long ago when mainstream politicians were actively seeking ways to get rid of you too.

Here’s Uncle Sam being swallowed by Chinese and Irish immigrants, many of whom came over in the mid-1800’s to work on the railroads:

In “The Evolution of the Murphy”, an Irish child begins life as a potato, then becomes a vagrant, a cop and finally a corrupt political official:

Here’s an Irish ape, swinging a bottle of rum, rocking back and forth on a barrel of gunpowder:

A ship filled with big-nosed Jews, being ridiculed for fleeing the pogroms and sporadic outbursts of homicidal rioting against them across Russia and Eastern Europe. You’ll notice the ship itself is given a giant Jew nose for a prow, nice touch:

Here are Chinese locusts infesting America.

In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was signed by President Chester A. Arthur. It mandated a 10-year moratorium on all Chinese immigration into the United States. Amazingly, the US didn’t fully repeal the restrictions on Chinese immigration until 1943, as a check on Japanese attempts to weaken American-Chinese relations during the war:

Here’s an Oregonian settler offering a choice to the Chinamen who were inhabiting the west when he arrived – you can go or stay:

The irony of a country built by immigrants building walls to keep out specific types of immigrants should be lost on no one. (The Wall of Shame in Israel is a repeat of colonial implanted mentality)

Here you see a former African slave, a Civil War vet, another Irish ape, a Frenchman and a Jew building a wall to keep out whatever might come in behind them:

In 1915, Congress passed a law stating that immigrants had to pass a literacy test to come into the country.

President Wilson vetoed it, but a much harsher measure passed two years later.

Here was the list of undesirables banned from entering the country – word for word: “alcoholics”, “anarchists”, “contract laborers”, “criminals and convicts”, “epileptics”, “feebleminded persons”, “idiots”, “illiterates”, “imbeciles”, “insane persons”, “paupers”, “persons afflicted with contagious disease”, “persons being mentally or physically defective”, “persons with constitutional psychopathic inferiority”, “political radicals”, “polygamists”, “prostitutes” and “vagrants”.

Here’s the “Americanese Wall”:

The first mass migration of Italians were the Sicilians – many of whom first arrived in New Orleans.

It was said that Roman Catholics could never be real Americans because their loyalty would always be first and foremost to the church.

There were conspiracy theories that they were planning to set up a Papal State within the US. Below is a casual instruction manual to deal with their kind and drown them like rats:

An Italian with the features of a monkey shines the shoes of a dandy.

Southern Italians in particular were looked down upon for being “not quite white”:

President McKinley (top left) believed in open immigration. Here’s Uncle Sam, at his direction, looking on as Italian rats “directly from the slums of Europe” pour into the country. Sound / look familiar?:

The American “fool pied piper” leads more Italian rats toward Ellis Island as the cheering European aristocracy rejoices in the background.

You can imagine some demagogue back then saying “they’re sending us their worst people”, can’t you?:

“Close the Gate” from 1919 – immigrants were routinely depicted as “Reds”, communists, Marxists and anarchists by this time – the irony being that these were some of the very things they were fleeing from.

Not unlike the Middle Easterners currently fleeing from the very terrorism and religious genocide that many are accusing them of supporting:

I work on Wall Street and live on Long Island. I am surrounded by people who can’t recognize how recently their own ancestry and ethnicity would have been a problem for them. Are you one of them?

If so, I hope this hits close enough to home so as to awaken you from your contented slumber.

This post originally appeared on The Reformed Broker.

Note: Nazism adopted the USA racist classification that discriminated among the landing immigrants in the 1920’s. Even WWII didn’t change much in the rooted racism in the Silent Majority.

I conjecture that all these frequent pre-emptive wars of USA overseas are meant to dissipated the prevalent racism spreading quickly and deeply or manifest itself too blatantly during the brief period of US non-virulent active aggression on other countries.


What can Saudi Kingdom be good at? Nothing but evil activities

If you are or were:

A revolutionary, a nationalist, for an “Arab” self autonomous state, a Muslim Sunni, a Muslim Shia, A Muslim Brotherhood, of any religious sect but Wahhabi, Defender of Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, a peace activist in crimes  against humanity, Security and order among the “Arabic” States, a Freedom lover and for liberty in opinions and expressions, if against the colonial powers subjugation and seek independence… Saudi Kingdom is Against you.

If You wallow in slave-hood, you are welcomed.

Even this status of Slave will Not guarantee you entrance in this extremist and terrorist Kingdom

إذا كنت ثوري فالسعودية تتآمر على فنزويلا وكوريا الشمالية.

واذا كنت سني فالسعودية قتلت صدام.

واذا كنت شيعي فالسعودية قتلت نمر النمر.
وان كنت قومي فالسعودية حاربت عبد الناصر.

واذا كنت أخواني فالسعودية دعمت الانقلاب علي مرسي.

وان كنت مع العروبة فالسعودية تخاذلت على ليبيا واثارة الفتنة في سوريا ووارتكبت جرائم حرب في اليمن وعمت بلاد العروبة فساداً

ولو قلبك عالأقصى فالسعودية باعت فلسطين

أما لو أنت تحب الاسلام فالسعودية تحالفت مع أميركا واسرائيل ضد المسلمين

ولو بتخاف على اسلامك فالسعودية شوهت صورة الإسلام

واذا كنت من أحد المذاهب فالسعودية عملت مذهب لوحدها (الوهابية) وما تعترف بمذهبك

وإذا كنت تكره الإرهاب فالسعودية صنعت القاعدة وداعش

وإن كنت عربي فآل سعود يهودماسونيين

وإن قلبك على المسلمين فالسعودية تخلت عن المسلمين الأفغان والبورميين والصوماليين…

وإن كان يهمك الأمن العربي فالسعودية أدخلت قواعد أمريكية إلى أرض الحرمين

واذا انت مع الجامعة العربية فالسعودية جعلتها عبرية

وان كنت تبحث عن الحرية بدعم من السعودية ففاقد الشيء لا يعطيه

وإن كنت تريد التحرر من الاستعمار ستحاربك السعودية مثل ما تحارب المقاومة الفلسطينية.

وإن رضيت العبودية فمرحبا بك في السعودية
هذه تذكرة للمخدوعين بالسعودية من العالم والعرب والمسلمين.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 246

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

Since 7,000 BC, northern Europeans chewed birch bark for medicinal and recreational purposes. The Maya and Aztecs used chicle, a latex derived from the sapodilla tree, to quench thirst, fight hunger, freshen breath, and for fun.

Social rules governed chewing: According to Smithsonian, “adult women who dared to chew chicle in public were viewed as harlots, while men who did so were “effeminate.” And native North Americans chewed spruce tree resin, a habit that incoming Europeans adopted.

L’exécution d’un rebelle Vietcong à Saïgon


Saïgon est l’ancien nom de la ville vietnamienne Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville. Cette photographie a été prise par Eddie Adams, lauréat du prix Pulitzer, le 1er février 1968.

Elle montre l’assassinat d’un rebelle Vietcong par le chef de la police de la ville. Le prisonnier a les mains attachées alors que le « colonel » est sur le point d’appuyer sur la détente. Eddy Adams dira ensuite : « Le colonel a tué le prisonnier, j’ai tué le colonel avec mon appareil photo. » This picture affected the US people in their estimation of the moral value of this war.

A quarter of a BILLION Facebook accounts are fake! 87 million of us had our data stolen to help Trump win. Russian disinformation operations generated BILLIONS of shares. On Wednesday CEO Zuckerberg will make history testifying before the US Congress.

Sireh said: “We landed among wonderful people. And we fucked it up…”

Now that the car assassin in Munster was announced to be a German “mentally sick” as usual, can we go and cover the repeated genocide of Israel snipers against the Palestinians with live bullets? So far, withing a week, 2,200 injured and 30 killed.

US/ Saudi Kingdom eliminated the leaders of Jaish Islam who made a deal with Syria. Those who insisted on resuming the reign of terror for another week on the civilians in Douma, by using supposedly chemical weapons on the children, which the colonial powers provided them with, are now boarding the buses to Jarablos by Turkey’s border.

Il y a toujours de l’insolence et de distance dans la bonte’ des heureux. Les gens actives et malheureux savent joindre leurs souffrances avec celles des humbles.

What does it means to sign but Not ratify? Can I sign a check but Not ratify it? There are 32 States who signed the International Court for crimes against humanity (Court Penale Internationale), but did’t sign it: among them USA, Russia, Israel and Syria. The States that didn’t even sign it are Saudi Kingdom, China, Turkey, Indonesia (they have already committed crimes against humanity?)

Why Lebanon had to sign the Court Penale Internationale and ratify it and keep paying money it doesn’t have? While USA, Russia, Israel Syria, Turkey, Saudi Kingdom and 32 other States either they didn’t sign or didn’t ratify it? For a political Court that has No intention of reaching a verdict?

What does it means that Israel has informed USA of its air strike on airport T4 in Homs? 4 Iranians killed and a colonel? The jet fighter crossed Lebanon from Jounieh toward Baabek 

Islamic countries use gold-backed crypto-currencies to get around Sharia law. “In the Islamic faith, it’s believed that economic activity should be based on real, physical assets, not speculation.

Observant Muslims also do not invest in banking products that offer returns via interest payments. Therefore, many people in the Gulf states and beyond don’t consider bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptos to be compliant.”

Chimpanzees should be considered people. Many philosophers now agree (paywall) that they should be given legal rights.

China 13th Five-Year Plan is to battle climate change. Working to become one of the global leaders in renewable energy development as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. China has reiterated its renewable energy goals at aiming to reduce reliance on fossil fuels: Beijing is pushing for a 60% reduction in coal usage by 2020.

Koulouna kaasiroun wa 3aajozoun bi hal moujtama3 al moutakhalef, mahma e3takadna ennana ta7ararna fi al moughtarabaat




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