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Does imperfection has any Secrets to uncover?

Imperfection has secrets aplenty.

Imperfect to what, to whom, to which idiosyncrasy, to what moral standard, to which system interest of control, to what community customs and traditions…?

Is the feeling of Dissatisfaction, in one way or another, and the kinds of dissatisfactions are so many, the core of feeling imperfect?

There are so many ideas, inclinations, passions, purposes that we “Don’t know”, not now, not maybe ever. 

And  “I feel dissatisfied and imperfect, and that’s who I am by definition…”

Dan Rockwell asked individuals in their early 20’s with “many leadership accomplishments” ( here we go again):

“What makes me think you can be a leader?” and got these answers to their feeling of imperfection:

  1. I wanted to take something others might see as a weakness and make it a component of strength.
  2. A person satisfied with the present can’t lead. All leaders want to make things better.
  3. I wanted to encourage them.

Not enough:

Dissatisfaction is the beginning of leadership; it doesn’t guarantee you’ll lead.

Many dissatisfied people remain stuck. They never change anything. They comfort themselves by blaming others.

Dissatisfaction destroys people unless they take responsibility for change.

Make your move:

  1. Focus on things you control. Move from dissatisfaction with current conditions to identifying and taking imperfect steps toward change.
  2. Build imperfect relationships and alliances. Make it easy for people to join you. Dissatisfied people aren’t always fun to be around. Our dissatisfaction gets old. Being dissatisfied and feeling alone is nearly unbearable.
  3. Develop imperfect solutions. The trouble with dissatisfaction is there’ s never a satisfying solution.
  4. Celebrate imperfect progress. If you don’t celebrate imperfect progress, progress always ends. Forget the magic pill. It doesn’t exist.

Don’t let go of dissatisfaction; embrace it.

Deal with an imperfect world, imperfectly, if you don’t, you’re doomed to become what you despise.

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What role does dissatisfaction play in your life and leadership?

How do you deal with dissatisfaction?

Story of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Part 2

Sami, the bedouin

One can’t understand the Palestinian/Zionist conflict (an existential case of an implanted colonial State in our midst) without bringing the whole geopolitical context that happened for a century (and even beyond that) before the actual ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948,(or the creation of this colonial implanted State in the Near-East)

Seeing that their (buy and sell) project wouldn’t work, The zionist colonizers needed and did an extreme violent path that can be summarized in two things as Ilan Pappe illustrates:

Palestinian Nakba

1. A detailed information about the local Palestinian inhabitants which (he Jewish National Fund JNF was asked to compile)

…. the JNF Arab village (Palestinian) a inventory that was a blueprint completed by the late 1930s that included the topographic location of each village with detailed information including husbandry, cultivated land, number of trees, quality of fruit, average amount of land per family, number of cars, shop owners, Palestinian clans and their political affiliation, descriptions of village mosques and names of their imams, civil servants and more.

The final inventory update was finished in 1947 with lists of “wanted” persons in each village targeted in 1948 for search-and-arrest operations with those seized summarily shot on the spot in cold blood.

2. to create several terrorist gang groups like LehiIrgun and Stern which started operating as early as 1920s by assassinating the Palestinians that posed an obstacle to the zionist colonization project.

Ben Gorion
Stated 11 years before the actual ethnic cleansing

Now, having done so .. the zionist needed a systematic plan for the actual ethnic cleansing which started way before 1948:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (enough time before the actual cleansing of Palestine) put it in December 1942 , “I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to move the Arabs out of Palestine…. Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish family…” And this was exactly what happened with planned massacres !!

The plan was set:

“Red House” in Tel-Aviv that became headquarters for the Hagana, the dominant Zionist underground paramilitary militia during the British Mandate period in Palestine between 1920 and 1948 when the Jewish state came into being.

He details how David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, met with leading Zionists and young Jewish military officers on March 10, 1948 to finalize plans to ethnically cleanse Palestine that unfolded in the months that followed including “large-scale (deadly serious) intimidation; laying siege to and bombarding villages and population centres; setting fire to homes, properties and goods; expulsion; demolition; and finally, planting mines among the rubble to prevent any of the expelled inhabitants from returning.”

Nakba 2

During the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians some 70 documented massacres ( Israeli Massacres on Palestinians ) were perpetrated by the Zionist terrorist groups in a systematic way to terrorize the natives out of their homes and villages:

Once the ethnic cleansing begun, the whole ugly business took six months to complete. It expelled about 800,000 people, killed many others, and destroyed 531 villages and 11 urban neighborhoods in cities like Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

The action was a clear case of ethnic cleansing that international law today calls a crime against humanity for which convicted Nazis at Nuremberg were hanged. So far Israelis have always remained immune from international law even though names of guilty leaders and those charged with implementing their orders are known as well as the crimes they committed.


Terrorist zionist Haganah (later IDF) expelling Arab natives from their land, Haifa, 1948.

It should be noticed that:

1. Ethnically cleansing Palestine and creating “israel” is a European colonization project that was done by European jews. There has never been hatred or enmity between the Arabs/Palestinian-Muslims and the jews over history and it should be noticed that the jews had their ONLY jewish Golden Age under the Muslim rule and run out of Spain along with the Arabs fearing the European pogrom.

In addition, in the modern history, while the jews were persecuted and massacred throughout Europe, they had a safe haven among the Arabs and in the Muslim countries.

2. The Arabs and Muslims didn’t kick the jews out of their homes from the Arab countries but it was the European zionist jews who had done the dirty job and MOST of the jews in the Arab-Muslim countries didnt migrate willingly to occupy Palestine but AFTER the creation of the zionist “jewish state” …. I would cite here exactly what my jewish Iraqi brother wrote after discovering the criminal zionist techniques:

” I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called “cruel Zionism.” I write about it because I was part of it.”

3. You should know the fact that the zionist settlers systematically and deliberately ethnically cleansed Palestine from its natives both Muslims and Christians as they expelled over 750,000 Palestinians among them over 100,000 Christians and razed 540 native villages among them over 80 ancient Christian villages along with their ancient churches that stood since Jesus, for the zionists to come and invent their “jewish state”


So … the whole fight is NOT between the “the Arabs-Muslims and the jews” as the zionist lie again, it is between European zionist occupiers (who ethnically cleansed the native Palestinians in the name of Judaism) and the natives of Palestine (both Muslims and Christians) who unjustifiably were massacred out of their homes and their villages were erased.

Sami, the bedouin.

Sami, The bedouin is a Palestinian writer and blogger. He is originally ethnically cleansed from Ashdod/ Occupied Palestine, but living as a refugee in the West Bank/ Occupied Palestine.

As an activist for Palestine, he has been arrested several times and spent some years in the zionist jails for resisting the Israel occupation. He’s been blogging exclusively about Palestine in different sites and in his blog @ 

Mon cher Ado/Francoise. Part 34

Hier, ma chère Françoise, j’ai passé une agréable soirée avec mes cousins et nos femmes respectives .

Cette soirée d’automne était délicieuse . Comme au temps jadis, dans notre village , nous n’ entendions aucun bruit venant de l’extérieur .

Nous écoutions des chansons et nous papotions gentiment . En sautant du coq à l’âne , nous avons fini par parler des femmes , de la femme en général . Vaste programme ! Sujet inextricable !

Qui peut prétendre connaître la femme et ses mystères ? Chacune d’elles est unique ….(Comme les hommes aussi. ce n’est pas un mystere))

On pense les connaître , mais on n’en sait rien …J’admire ceux qui ont une idée arrêtée sur le sujet , mais moi je reste dubitatif face à ce mystère ?

Crois-tu , ma chère Françoise , qu’un jour, je pourrais avancer dans mes investigations ?

(Des investigation sans applications? As is testing and evaluating? Peut-tu nous fournir ce que tu croix savoir des femmes? Un petit peu de ce vaste programme?)

Note: comme cette remarque: Les femmes sont plus brutales que les hommes jaloux: “S’il m’aime, il doit etre capable de reperer les salopes qui me veulent du mal, comme Leurs regards de le mater, zyeuter et le posseder de loin. Et il me rend folle: il ne se rend pas compte que ca me fait du mal”




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