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Does imperfection has any Secrets to uncover?

Posted on: October 15, 2018

Does imperfection has any Secrets to uncover?

Imperfection has secrets aplenty.

Imperfect to what, to whom, to which idiosyncrasy, to what moral standard, to which system interest of control, to what community customs and traditions…?

Is the feeling of Dissatisfaction, in one way or another, and the kinds of dissatisfactions are so many, the core of feeling imperfect?

There are so many ideas, inclinations, passions, purposes that we “Don’t know”, not now, not maybe ever. 

And  “I feel dissatisfied and imperfect, and that’s who I am by definition…”

Dan Rockwell asked individuals in their early 20’s with “many leadership accomplishments” ( here we go again):

“What makes me think you can be a leader?” and got these answers to their feeling of imperfection:

  1. I wanted to take something others might see as a weakness and make it a component of strength.
  2. A person satisfied with the present can’t lead. All leaders want to make things better.
  3. I wanted to encourage them.

Not enough:

Dissatisfaction is the beginning of leadership; it doesn’t guarantee you’ll lead.

Many dissatisfied people remain stuck. They never change anything. They comfort themselves by blaming others.

Dissatisfaction destroys people unless they take responsibility for change.

Make your move:

  1. Focus on things you control. Move from dissatisfaction with current conditions to identifying and taking imperfect steps toward change.
  2. Build imperfect relationships and alliances. Make it easy for people to join you. Dissatisfied people aren’t always fun to be around. Our dissatisfaction gets old. Being dissatisfied and feeling alone is nearly unbearable.
  3. Develop imperfect solutions. The trouble with dissatisfaction is there’ s never a satisfying solution.
  4. Celebrate imperfect progress. If you don’t celebrate imperfect progress, progress always ends. Forget the magic pill. It doesn’t exist.

Don’t let go of dissatisfaction; embrace it.

Deal with an imperfect world, imperfectly, if you don’t, you’re doomed to become what you despise.

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What role does dissatisfaction play in your life and leadership?

How do you deal with dissatisfaction?

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