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I am confused and got a few well-formulated questions: On chemical weapons and transparency

Posted on: October 16, 2018

I am confused and got a few well-formulated questions

On chemical weapons and transparency

Chemical weapons were first used by the colonial powers starting in WWI by Germany. The USA used chemical weapons extensively on Korea and China in the 50’s, then Orange defoliating gases in Viet Nam… They supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons and were heavily used during Iran/Iraq war that lasted 8 years .

I am confused. First question: Were chemical weapons been used in Al Ghouta? Yes or No? I was not in the battle field, and neither were you. How do you interpret whatever you got in information and what are your rationals for lack of facts?

I am confused. Second question: If chemical weapons were used, why when the battle of Al Ghouta was over and all Islamic factions relocated by buses to Edlib and Jarablos without mentioning or suffering from chemical consequences?

I am confused. Third question: The colonial powers repeatedly disseminated the plausibility of usage of chemical weapons in Al Ghouta before the re-conquest started. The battle finished and no news of usage of chemical weapons were announced until the last couple of days when the war was over.

I am confused. Fourth question: We all felt that the colonial powers expected the Islamic factions to use the chemical weapons they were supplied with against either the Syrian army or the civilians inside Al Ghouta to provide excuses for the powers to intervene. Nothing happened. Had the colonial power failed to coordinate their strikes before the battle and now, as they are ready, they need to vent their frustrations from the failed 2013 threat?

I am confused. Fifth question: Why the White Helmets working with Islamic factions and trained by England and USA to fabricate videos persist on taking video of children, and only children? If chemical weapons were used, the most probable injured parties should be the fighters huddled inside their tunnels in order to vent them out.

Why No videos of these supposedly gassed terrorists  were not taken for the common people to watch? Actually, many of these video were taken in Afghanistan and displayed as happening in Syria.

I am confused. Sixth question: Why USA and France persist on attacking and striking the Syrian people under any excuse? Is it because their plans failed and they need some kind of revenge? And this latest determination to strike, is it a tactics to let the unconvinced people believe that chemical weapons were indeed used?

Lebanon PM, Sa3d Hariri said that the projects submitted to “Paris 4” conference were discussed with all the political parties and that dozen of meeting with the World Bank and IMF were convened to fine tune the feasibility of the projects and number of work-hours (150 million, which were translated into 90,000 new jobs opening every year for the coming 10 years). 

And that the difference in opinion with the political parties relate to which districts should have priorities. 

I am confused:

Question #1: Why this lack of transparency toward the Lebanese community? Why they were Not shared with us? Question #2: were these projects shared with the civil organizations?

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