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Notes and comments. Part 251

Note: My previous large file titled “Tidbits and notes. Part 211” has vanished after I pressed Leave instead of Cancel. WordPress,com support system was of No help. If you know how I can retrieve the file, I’ll be very appreciative.

PM2.5 is the technical term for fine particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter. It’s the smallest unit of air pollution, the kind spewed out of wildfires, car exhaust, and power plants that burn fossil fuels. It’s small enough to invade human airways and slip into the bloodstream.

Right now 95% of the global population is exposed to PM2.5 levels exceeding the WHO’s recommended levels (which is high any way)—and that pollution has steadily increased in the past decade.

 “Stochastic terrorism?”  Stochastic is a branch in math. When terrorism is added, the term refers to “the use of mass communication to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.”

It’s one thing to know that many young Africans try to reach Europe for a better life and get exploited by smugglers along the way. It’s another to become immersed in the painful story of one such migrant. Yomi Kazeem details the tortuous path taken by one young man from Nigeria to Italy through Libya and across the Mediterranean.

The German brand Aldi has demanded that its Colombian suppliers of bananas drop their prices ASAP—or Aldi will drop them. The tactic could lead to lower-quality bananas throughout Europe.

The notes F and B, played in sequence or together, clash in a way that feels twitchy, unnatural, and foreboding. As Gwynn Guilford explains in time for Halloween, the demonic combo was taboo in medieval Europe and referred to as diablous in musica—literally, ”Satan in music.” But it was later embraced by the likes of Berlioz and Beethoven—and, much later, by Black Sabbath and Metallica.

India’s fleet of e-rickshaws has grown to about 1.5 million—bigger than the total number of electric passenger cars sold in China since 2011—despite little help from the government.

The world’s billionaires made more money in 2017 than in any year in recorded history. A UBS report says billionaires become 20% richer last year.

Seulement en Libye et en Somalie, les deux puissance au monde, le sabre et l’esprit, ont ete’ vaincus

Dans les democracies “equitables”, le sabre et l’esprit prennent la releve: pas de de suite et pas a chaque election

Ces nuits passe’ en souvenir du polissage des obsessions, ceritudes et doutes

Invariable positions in politics should be reduced to the bare minimum: all issues (economics, finance, trade, social equity, election laws…) need to be ripe for community-wide discussions and referendum.

In Middle-East politics, I have two invariable positions, based on daily confirmation for many decades: 1) Israel is our Existential enemy, and 2) Greater Syria forms one Nation with One people (current Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq)

Stop weapons sale to Saudi Kingdom warmongers:

Stop the carnage and famine in Yemen

And why Jamal Khashoggi was massacred in Istanbul Saudi Kingdom consulate?

Jamal Khashoggi walked into a Saudi consulate hoping for a permit to marry the love of his life — instead, he was beheaded and chopped into pieces with a bone saw. (Beheaded with a sword or the saw?)

It’s a horrific crime — and the outrage sparked by it could be exactly what we need to make lasting change in Saudi Arabia.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has projected an image of a softer Saudi — while bombing Yemeni children, locking up human rights bloggers…and now likely ordering the grisly murder of a journalist.

He’s a monster, not a moderate.

A few State leaders and multinationals (Not linked to oil and gas) are taking notice.

Germany just announced it would suspend arms sales to Saudi until the truth about Khashoggi is revealed.

(And then what? The sale will resume. As France Macron said that suspending sales of weapons by the hundred of Billions is Demagoguery)

Arms are the world’s biggest leverage over Saudi and pressure in the UK, France and Canada is mounting.

(Beside Saudi Kingdom, Gulf Emirates, India, Iraq and few other oil producing countries, weapon sales are limited to small arms in other belligerent States. That is why the colonial powers persist on fomenting civil wars every where they can)

(Saudi Kingdom has already stockpiled plenty of weapons of all kinds for its own defenses. What is being exported are offensive weapons against the Yemeni famished people)

If they and others follow suit, it could force Saudi Arabia to make real changes — and maybe even push out the Crown Prince (To be replaced by another absolute monarch?)

It’s crazy that it’s taken this murder to make the world wake up to Saudi brutality. But while Mohammed bin Salman has cracked down on dissent and dropped bombs on Yemen, our governments have kept selling him arms, taking his billions, and giving him red carpet treatment everywhere he goes. He’s been untouchable.

Now things seem different.

Even in the US, Saudi’s staunchest ally, hard right-wing hawks are calling for changes, with multiple bills on the table that would impact arms sales.

The pressure is getting through, with media reporting secret meetings by Saudi’s ruling elites to consider the next move.

Our community has rallied against the Crown Prince’s bloody reign in Saudi Arabia time and again. We even got the EU Parliament to support an arms ban — but governments didn’t listen. Now they’re listening. Let’s seize the opportunity to put an end to the devastating arms sales.

Bert, Danny, Risalat, Rosa, Will and the rest of the Avaaz team


Khashoggi death: Saudi Arabia says journalist was murdered (BBC)

Saudi Arabia Considers Replacing MBS over Khashoggi Murder (Morocco World News)

Germany halts arms deals with Saudi Arabia, encourages allies to do the same (The Washington Post)…

U.S. Announces Penalties Against Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi Killing (Haaretz)




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