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The first thing you need to know is: Success is a result not an end in itself.

By Dan Rockwell?

Five organizational strategies:

  1. Always create more harmony than discord.
  2. Build up more than you tear down, much more.
  3. Long-term views build stability.
  4. Short-term views produce quick results.
  5. Make life easier for those over you.

Three relationship strategies:

  1. Friends represent who you will become.
  2. Show respect.
  3. Always act with kindness, especially when being tough.

Two personal development strategies:

  1. Identify wise leaders and seek their counsel, often.
  2. Read. If you don’t read, listen to books. (You mean for dyslexic people? Or those who failed to learn properly?)

Five communication strategies:

  1. Never pretend you know when you don’t.
  2. Always speak clearly, directly, and honestly.
  3. Talk less; listen more.
  4. Stay in the moment in public.
  5. Focus on and enjoy others.

Bonus: Define success.

What top strategies for leadership success can you add?

Why she had to do that? (Short story)

I knew her from middle school and our affection grew steadily: we were considered a couple and the world problems didn’t count much to us.

After graduation, we got wed: the few invitees told me it was like a pantomime: a prom date.

One day, we threw a big party at our small apartment and we got drunk.

I was kissing a girl when my love barged into the kitchen and saw us. She laughed hysterically and left in a hurry.

By the time I rejoined her, she had jumped over the 3 floors. My first instinct was to jump too and rejoin her. My friends helped me to go downstairs.

I laid down near her inert body and mumbled: “If I knew you could be the cruellest person that history ever created. That’s Not a punishment you crazy cunt. I don’t love you anymore: You are a dead body…”

For 20 years, everytime I’m at a balcony, My right leg tends to hump the rail, but my body wouldn’t react to this prompt.

I have been transferring my attention to adolescents, Not dwelling too much on their upbringing, Not suffering enough for their experiences. “Love is a losing game”




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