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The illusion of fulfillment causes leaders to crash and burn.

Power and authority:

Power and authority feel like fulfillment but the feeling is intoxication. Those worthy of power and authority feel humility and responsibility when they receive it. Those unworthy, feel arrogance.

Relaxation: Don’t confuse fulfillment with relaxation.

Relaxation and fulfillment feel almost the same but they’re separate experiences. Sitting on the beach with your toes dangling in the water feels relaxing. Sacrificing in service to others feels fulfilling.

The danger you face is relaxation feels like fulfillment. But relaxing feels good while you’re doing it, working through tough challenges feels fulfilling after you do it. A team that sticks together through conflict feels fulfilled when they work together.

Preparation and work: The excitement of being successful without doing the work is like getting away with speeding. But it’s not fulfilling.

The difference between relaxation and fulfillment is that relaxation turns to boredom.

Preparation and work lead to fulfillment. The sense that you did your best is fulfilling. But showing up unprepared felt good while you were dangling your toes in the water.

Enjoyment isn’t fulfillment because fulfillment costs and enjoyment is easy (Not that easy: need general knowledge to enjoy anything Not physical)

I can walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and enjoy the paintings. But I haven’t done the work of understanding art to feel fulfillment.

Self-respect: Self-respect is the noble side of fulfillment. You don’t respect yourself while relaxing, unless relaxation has been earned. Even then, small doses of relaxation are enough.

What did it cost you to earn the opportunity to dangle your toes? If it didn’t cost you anything, it’s quickly boring, not fulfilling.

Anything that comes easy isn’t fulfilling.

The opportunity of leadership is feeling self-respect and gratitude for paying the price.

Fulfillment is inconvenient.

What are the components of fulfillment?

Brazil fascist Jair Bolsonaro wants to bulldoze the Amazon and assassinate the left leaning citizens

Jair Bolsonaro is a former army officer and participated in the previous Brazil dictatorship. I saw him talking and he doesn’t sound right in the mind. No wonder why Trump and Israel Netanyahu love him.

And just months ago, almost nobody wanted to vote for him. How could this happen? A landslide of 58%?

By Ricken Patel – Avaaz 

The fascist Jair Bolsonaro wants to bulldoze the Amazon: He is is now Brazil’s President —

has threatened to kill 30,000 “leftists”, and praises dictatorships.

Rich companies illegally spent millions to flood WhatsApp with fake news supporting him. We can make sure this never happens again by coming together to demand Zuckerberg clean up social media before any more of these kinds of terrifying politicians gain power

Social media algorithms have vast power over our societies, and they’re force-feeding us poison right now.

In Brazil, it was only after millions of people had already been conned by fake news that journalists started to notice! But there is a way out: convince WhatsApp to introduce fake-news filters that can be activated by users that alert them to potential disinformation.

For this to work the platform may need to allow users to make encryption optional, a solution that would both protect our democracy and our privacy.

The amount of fake news currently spreading on all of our social networks is creating a vast and staggering global crisis. 

Facebook continues to have hundreds of millions of active fake accounts! YouTube has 2 billion (!) account-holders watching up to an hour a day, but researchers say its algorithms are driving people to watch extremist, racist, and malicious content.

That’s why our movement is fighting back — urging social media platforms, including WhatsApp, to stand up for citizens, democracies, and real information.

Note: Bolsonaro said he doesn’t see what is the fuss of moving Brazil embassy to Jerusalem: It is like deciding to move Brazil capital to Sao Paulo. He said that he is reconsidering his decision. Meanwhile, his 2 sons are exhibiting T-shirts for Israel Mossad and racism.

Election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil threatens the planet (The Guardian)

Any reason for a large standing army? No way out to find jobs for adolescents?

Any sane society should keep a core of trained soldiers and officers, but a large standing army is tantamount to expressing a complete impotence for providing jobs to adolescents and a structure to assimilating them usefully in society.

A career in the military that extend beyond 7 years is robbing the soldiers and officers the potential for  integrating society as productive civilians and recreating a second life that may satisfy their longing and dreams as imaginative and creative individuals.

Keeping the trained soldiers and officers on reserve when the Nation demands their expertise and discipline is a much better alternative than locking them in barracks for pittance and encouraging indolence and sapping any initiatives and taking daily decisions to caring for their families and kids and themselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that our instinct to hate is much more powerful than to love; our instinct for jealousy much more lethal than friendship, and in general, our negative tendencies much easier to express than our positive attitudes that need to be sculpted and refined.

The ancient civilizations have found a better alternative to atone for their negative sentiments; they used to sacrifice a first born son or the most beautiful virgin in the community at a major festival in the year so that they may comprehend the cruelty of their behavior.

Unless we discover what is of the highest value for us to offer a sacrifice, every now and then, war and killing for ridiculous excuses would be the rule of the game.

So, what could be of the utmost value for modern man, as specie, that its sacrifice would atone for our hateful instincts?

Would it be disintegrating a ton of pure gold?

Sacrificing a Nobel peace laureate?

Destroying the highest tower in the world?

Burning the most prized painting?

Pulverizing the most valued original manuscripts?

Killing the most powerful man in the world?

Stoning the most saint person?

Crucifying the highest priests of the major religions?

Hanging the highest ranking Generals in the G8 States?

Investing the budget of an average developed State in the poorest State each year?

Imploding the Holy Cities and sites of pilgrimage?

I am running out of ideas.  What is of the utmost value for us that need to be sacrificed once a year that would prevent our specie to advance to war?

Let us think of a basket of precious values that would satisfy the idiosyncrasies of the major civilizations.

This is a sermon.  If you deign to reply then let your passion flow.  I am interested to learn clearly where you stand currently on this subject.




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