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If all these countries oppose Israel settlements, then settlement never abate?

EU, Turkey condemn Israeli settlement plans in West Bank

Israel’s settlements undermine viability of a two-state solution and the possibility of lasting peace, states say.

Houses under construction are seen in a Jewish settlement near Jerusalem known to Israelis as Har Homa and to Palestinians as Jabal Abu Ghneim [Baz Ratner/Reuters]
Houses under construction are seen in a Jewish settlement near Jerusalem known to Israelis as Har Homa and to Palestinians as Jabal Abu Ghneim [Baz Ratner/Reuters]

The European UnionUnited KingdomFrance and Turkey have condemned Israel’s latest approval to expand illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On December 25 and 26, Israel’s Higher Planning Committee approved the construction of 2,191 housing units in Israeli settlements.

The EU stressed that Israel’s decision undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the possibility of lasting peace in a written statement on Thursday.

“The European Union’s position on Israeli settlement construction and related activities is clear and remains unchanged: all settlement activity is illegal under international law,” the statement reads.

France on Thursday condemned the move and called on the Israeli administration to reconsider the decision which “heightens tensions”.

“The settlements endanger the two-state solution, which is the only solution that would allow for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The UK said the recent decision is “unacceptable and disappointing” and urged Israel to cease such actions.

“Such actions are illegal under international law and call into question Israel’s commitment to any future peace agreement with the Palestinians,” Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt said.

196 illegal settlements

Early on Friday Turkey’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement rejecting Israel’s “illegal decision” saying that it “carelessly continues to violate international law, especially the relevant United Nations resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Israel’s settlements in the West Bank are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, according to the UN, which forbids states from transferring their citizens to occupied land, as well as a presumptive war crime under the 1998 Statute of Rome that set up the International Criminal Court.

Israel’s Planning Committee approved the nearly 2,200 new housing units a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced early elections for April 2019.

Israel ‘moving rapidly’ towards annexation: UN envoy

Plans for 82 new homes in the Ofra settlement near Ramallah – where a shooting attack occurred earlier this month – have also reportedly received the green light.

According to Palestinian figures, roughly 640,000 Jewish settlers now live on 196 settlements (built with the Israeli government’s approval and funded by the US funds) and more than 200 settler outposts (built without its approval) across the occupied West Bank.

The vast majority of the international community considers the West Bank and East Jerusalem as “occupied territories” and consider Israeli settlement-building activity there to be illegal.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process collapsed in mid-2014 due to Israel’s continued refusal to halt West Bank settlement building and accept pre-1967 borders as a basis for a two-state solution.

While Israel’s settlement projects have regularly drawn condemnation from Palestinians and in Europe, the US administration under President Donald Trump has taken a largely uncritical public stand.

According to Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel has refused to comply with more than 40 UN Security Council resolutions and about 100 General Assembly resolutions.


Mon cher Ado/Farouk. Part 82

Hier , mon cher Farouk , il a bruiné à Berlin toute la journée .avec une température qui tournait autour de cinq degré , ce qui était acceptable pour un mois de décembre . (Farouk n’a pas besoin de decrire Berlin, mais peut etre il est busy pour observer?)

Cela ne nous a pas empêchés de déambuler dans les rues de Berlinen . Walid , mon fils, me tenait par le bras pour m’empêcher de ralentir , parce que j’ai tendance à traîner un peu le pas . (Parfois, on oublie ce qu’on fait)

Bref, après une bonne marche assez allemande (marche militaire?) , nous nous sommes arrêtés dans un bon restaurant ,que Walid connaissait déjà , pour recharger nos batteries .

Après cela , nous avons commandé un taxi pour aller vers la porte de Brandebourg : impressionnante ! Enfin , rassasiés de tout, nous voilà de retour à l’hôtel .

Une heures de repos (une heure seulement?) s’imposait avant de ressortir pour aller dîner au marché de Noël , qui proposait , à part les saucisses et la soupe goulache, une bonne fondue avec des blancs de dinde que j’ai trouvés succulents ,surtout accompagnés par un verre de vin chaud qui vous injecte un peu de vie . (Il parait que ta femme ne vous accompagne’ pas?)

Ce matin je suis sorti de l’hôtel , pendant que la troupe dormait encore , pour aller prendre un café au bar d’en face et bavarder avec le jeune serveur d’origine Russe :

Un charmant jeune homme qui venait du fin fond de la Sibérie , et pour te dire , mon cher cousin, qu’en Allemagne , on ne manque de rien : il n’y a pas que des turcs , il y a même des Russes et des Allemands .

Another laundry list for survival in a barbaric society

Read what speech Pope Francis wrote in yesterday’s sermon.

” you can have flaws, be anxious and always angry, but remember that your life is the largest company in the world. Only you can stop him from failing.

Many appreciate you, admire and love you. Remember that being happy is not having a sky without a storm, a road without accidents, a work without fatigue, relationships without disappointments.

Being happy is finding strength in forgiveness, hope in battles, security in moments of fear, love in discord. It’s not just to taste a smile, but to think about sadness.

It’s not just to celebrate success, but to learn lessons from chess.

It is not only to feel happy with the applause, but to be happy in anonymity.

Being happy is not a fate of fate, but a success for those who can travel in themselves.

Being happy is stopping becoming a victim and becoming the author of your destiny.

It is crossing the deserts so that we can find an oasis in the bottom of our soul

It’s to thank god for every morning, for the miracle of life. Being happy doesn’t suck your own feelings.

You can talk about you. It is the courage to hear a “no”. trust is on the lookout for criticism, even if they are not justified. It’s to kiss your children, to pamper your parents, to live poetic moments with friends, even if they hurt us.

Being happy is letting the creature live in each of us, free, happy and simple.

You have to have maturity so you can say, ” I made mistakes “. it’s having the courage to say ” I’m sorry “.

it’s to have the sensitivity to say ” I need you “. Is having the ability to say “I love you”. may your life become a garden of opportunities for happiness… in spring, a lover of joy.

In Winter, a lover of wisdom. And when you make a mistake, start again. Because only then, you will be in love with life. You will see that being happy is not to have a perfect life. But use tears to irrigate tolerance.

Use your losses to strengthen patience.

Use your mistakes to sculpt serenity.

Use pain as a plaster of pleasure. Use obstacles to open intelligence windows.

Never give up… never give up on people who love you. Never give up happiness, because life is an amazing manifestation (performance) or (opportunities?). ”
Pope Francis

Why Hating the wrong party who did Not practice Fassaad?

Hezbollah and the Tayyar movement of the current President Michel Aoun were Not involved in the major looting of the budgets since 1993 and spreading fasaad in all institutions.
Why the militia/mafia leaders are doing their best to heaap their highway robbing activities on those who were Not part of their political “power”?

مبارح كنت سهران مع جاري ، شاب ابن بيت ومهذب وخلوق ، بس مشكلته انه لما بده يقوّص بيرمي رشقي وعشوائي!!
خبرني عن غضبه لما شاف تغريدة شاب ابوه مسؤول بتنظيم حزب ألله ومن صورة نائب سابق عن حزب ألله ومن تصريح او موقف لنائب حالي بحزب ألله!!

كره التنظيم وكره المقاومة وكره الطايفة وكره حاله ( يمكن معذور وما بينلام)
ولأني بحبه زدته من الشعر بيت ، وخبرته عن مشاهداتي كمان:

شوف يا صاحبي …انا بيوم من الايام وقبل مواقع التواصل شفت زلمي وصله خبر استشهاد ابنه الصبح ، نعاه المغرب عن منبر وهو واقف متل الجبل ، هالزلمي مش فاسد ، ومش عم يقود تنظيم فاسد ، هالزلمي اسمه حسن عبدالكريم نصرألله

انا شفت عدوي سنة ٢٠٠٠ منسحب وخايف بسبب حزب ألله المش فاسد

شفت سنة ٢٠٠٦ الفاسدين (اللبناني قبل الغريب) اجتمعوا ليكسروا حزب ألله المش فاسد
شفت ورقة ببيت اهلي فيها اعتذار من شباب المقاومة لأنهم اضطروا يخلعوا الباب ليتخبوا داخله من طيارة استطلاع عم تلاحقهم بآب ٢٠٠٦ ، هالشباب مش فاسدين

شفت ام عم تضب شنطة ابنها يللي يمكن ما يرجع من الجرود ، الإبن مش فساد والام طاهرة
شفت بنت عبطت ابوها وودعته الوداع الاخير قبل هجوم الزبداني ، هالأب ما كان فاسد والبنت بريئة
شفت جثة اندفنت بلا راس
شفت راس رجع وحده بلا جثة

شفت جريح مقعد
شفت جريح ضرير
شفت اكتر من الفين نعش مارقين بالضيع والقُرى

شفت كتير كرمال احكيك هالكلمتين وكرمال تطلع تجمع كام لايك على حساب مهاجمتك لنهج طويل عريض ، وعجبك او ما عجبك بس هالنهج حماني وحماك ، يمكن انت ما طلبت الحماية ، بس للاسف لحماية ضهري لازم ضهرك كمان يكون محمي!!!

لأني بحبك حكيتك هالكلمتين ، ولو ما بحبك كنت ما رديت عليك ، لأن الحكي متل قلته من ال ٨٢ الناس عم تحكي لما كان التنظيم بالزاروبة ، هلق هالتنظيم وصل للفرات

ولأني بعرف معدنك و طهارتك ووجعك عم قلك صوّب منيح لما ترمي ، لأنك من حيث تدري او لا تدري عم ترمي على اهلك و اخواتك و ترمي حالك .

انت شفت شي طبيعي جدا و عملته فساد !! ماشي الحال ، بس قوّص على شخص لما يكون غلطان ، ما تقوّص على نهج ….حزب ألله مش شخص

سامع صوت هالطيارة؟؟ هيدي يمكن عندها هدف بمكان بسوريا ، على علمك ليش ما بتقصف هون بلبنان؟؟
بس تعرف ليش الطيارة بتخاف تقصف لبنان معناها بلشت تفكر صح

Mon cher Ado. Part 78

Au-début du siècle dernier , il n’y avait pas de voitures dans le monde , et encore moins à Beit-Chabab . Les gens aisés se déplaçaient à dos d’ânes . (Ceux qui ont pu acheter des anes et des “ja7esh” fesaient les trajets a Zahle et Damascus pour amener des produits necessaire aux villageois)

C’était le moyen de transport le plus commode à la montagne . Mais pour cela , il fallait avoir un âne , n’est-pas ?
Oui mais, les paysans dans leur immense majorité étaient pauvres et se contentaient de peu.

(I posted a novel where common people were forbidden to own horses: these animal transport with carriages were reserved to the nobility in order to tame any armed upheavals)

C’est pourquoi ils se déplaçaient à pied , car l’âne coûtait cher . C’était la Cadillac de ce temps-là .

Mais dans notre village , comme dans tous les villages du Liban , certains paysans qui à force de trimer dans leurs champs , et de traire leurs vaches et leurs chèvres , ils ont fini par accéder à la fortune , et ainsi , ils se sont acheté un âne .

Dès cette époque , les habitants aisés de notre village ont commencé à s’instruire et à voyager dans le monde , mais ceux d’entre eux qui n’ont pas su évoluer avec le siècle , et bien , ils sont restés analphabètes , er ont gardé leur statut , pensant que le monde était statique , que rien ne changerait dans leur mode de vie .

Ce fut le cas de Nasri notre voisin , le vacher . Alors que la plupart des habitants de Beit-Chabab , vers le milieu du vingtième siècle s’instruisaient et allaient faire fortune dans le monde , et construire de belles demeures , et se déplacer en voiture , lui, notre voisin le vacher, il continuait à traire sa vache et à se déplacer à dos d’âne , privant ses enfants de tout , y compris de l’instruction la plus élémentaire .

C’est ainsi que son dernier né , qui était de mon âge , a vécu comme au début du siècle , analphabète comme ses parents , mais fier de pouvoir se déplacer à dos d’âne .

Oui , mais un jour , avec le peu d’argent qu’il économisait en vendant des tomates et des concombres de son jardin , il s’est acheté une mobylette qu’il utilisait jour et nuit même pour monter et descendre les escaliers du village , et cela en chantant à tue-tête , surtout la nuit quand il passait devant notre maison pour exorciser le sort et chasser les loups qui rodaient dans le quartier , car notre maison se trouvait en bordure des la forêt .

Aujourd’hui , je pense à lui et à ce qu’il a pu enduré avec beaucoup de sympathie , car il a dû souffrir toute sa vie à nager à contre courant à cause d’un père qui n’a pas su évoluer avec le siècle . Pauvre de lui …

Israel’s occupation mindset and lust to kill has to be ended

Activists stage a rally condemning the Israeli violence at the Gaza Strip’s eastern border in Brooklyn, New York, United States on 14 May, 2018 [Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency]

Activists stage a rally condemning the Israeli violence at the Gaza Strip’s eastern border in New York, US on 14 May, 2018 [Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency

The history of the Palestinian cause since the 1948 Nakba has been linked to a lengthy list of legal and moral violations against innocent people; a lot of their blood has been spilt.

This has produced the greatest level of human suffering of modern times, to which the international powers have contributed by harnessing the law in favour of rogue terrorist gangs.

Having such powers behind them, those gangs were able to establish a country upon the remnants of a peaceful population of an ancient civilisation reflected in their land, identity and culture.

The rest of the indigenous people (Palestinians) were driven off the land at gunpoint, in a stark example of what we now call ethnic cleansing.

This is the first time in modern politics that we have ever witnessed such a “surrogate” state, which uprooted the existing population and has sought ever since to eradicate their existence and history.

Israel has lived up to its stated intent to be an “outpost of [Western] civilisation against barbarism” having been planted in a region which shares the faiths, language and general culture of the Palestinians.

In order to accomplish the international conspiracy and criminal intent of this “surrogate” state, the process has been carried out regardless of the history and culture of the land in which it was established, against the wishes of the indigenous population it must be said. Since taking over 78 per cent of historic Palestine, the occupation state has shredded the remaining land, “in a way that prevents the achievement of its unity, and the construction of its independent political entity.”

READ: Reporters Without Borders asks ICC to investigate Israel war crimes against journalists

Israel was built upon the terrorism of Zionist militias who held no red lines as sacred and proceeded to kill, displace and plunder the people and their resources.

For the past 70 years, Israeli governments have continued in the same vein, preventing — by force when deemed necessary — the Palestinians from leading a peaceful and dignified life in their own land.

In doing so, the occupation authorities have trampled on international laws and conventions, claiming an unprecedented degree of exceptionalism that allows Israel to act with impunity. Its war crimes and crimes against humanity continue to go unpunished; in this, its international backers in Washington, London and other Western capitals are complicit.

The 70th anniversary of the Nakba – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

The establishment of the State of Israel was accompanied by systematic massacres in order to empty the land of its existing inhabitants.

The massacre of Balad Al-Shaykh in 1948, for example, saw 600 Palestinians killed, most of them women and children; their corpses were found in their homes.

The well-known massacre of Deir Yassin, also in 1948, reflected the extent to which the sanctity of human life was disregarded by the Zionist terrorists, and demonstrated their criminality and inherent hatred for the local people.

Estimates differ of the number of casualties, but the International Red Cross reported that 150 corpses were found in one cistern alone, apart from the bodies on the streets, some of which had been badly mutilated.

As was the case across Palestine, when the people were killed or driven out of their homes, whole villages were then demolished and wiped off the map.

Massacres by Israeli troops continued throughout 1948 and beyond. The village of Abu Shusha was “depopulated” the day before Israel was created, while Tantura was attacked by the nascent Israel Defence Forces (IDF) 10 days later, with dozens of the local people killed and hundreds more forced out of their homes. Similar attacks on Palestinians took place in Qabiya in 1953, and Qalqilya, Kafr Qasim and Khan Yunus in 1956, to name but a few.

The whole history of Israel’s occupation of Palestine is filled with massacres of the Palestinian people. In part, this is because the state ideology, Zionism, requires as much of the land to be taken as possible, with as few Arabs on it as possible, so that Jewish settlers can be moved in to colonise the occupied territories.

Those Palestinians who stayed behind and refused to move off their land have faced systematic attacks over the decades, by the forces of the state as well as illegal settlers.

In 1990, a Jewish group calling itself the Temple Mount Faithful went to lay a cornerstone in the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa, where the group hopes one day to build a temple on the ruins of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Protected — as such incursions continue to be — by Israeli security forces, the settlers were met by Palestinian worshippers, 20 of whom were killed in the confrontation, with 150 more wounded.

The Ibrahimi Mosque was attacked by a lone gunman wearing his IDF uniform in February 1994; settler Baruch Goldstein shot and killed 29 Palestinians as they prayed in the mosque and injured dozens more. In 2002, the IDF surrounded the Jenin Refugee Camp before attacking the inhabitants. More than 50 Palestinians were killed, along with a number of Israel soldiers. Early claims put the number of those killed in the hundreds.

These massacres are well known, but are not the only Israeli crimes. What has been called “Jewish terrorism” was killing Palestinians (and British Mandate personnel, by the way) in the decade before the establishment of the state of Israel. Terrorist groups such as the Irgun and Stern Gang are infamous for their crimes. An estimated 7,000 Palestinians are believed to have been killed by such gangs.

Explained: The Nakba 70 years on

Furthermore, Israel has not been content with attacking and killing Palestinians in the occupied territories alone. Its armed forces and agents have killed Palestinian individuals around the world, and facilitated the massacre of civilians in the Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps in Beirut in 1982.

Up to 3,500 Palestinian women, children and elderly people were slaughtered by a Lebanese Christian militia let into the camps by the IDF. Israeli soldiers actually lit the scene with flares and stood by while the massacre ensued. The victims lay in the streets for several days because the killers closed the entrances of the camps until they finished their crime. As on other occasions, bodies were mutilated and personal belongings were stolen.

The Israeli mindset appears to be one of territorial conquest and bloodlust. The IDF shows no mercy, even when the Palestinians protest against their virtual imprisonment by the occupation.

In 1987, when the First Intifada (Uprising) erupted, stone-throwing youths were met with live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets; if caught, they often had their arms and legs broken by the Israeli troops. When the Second Intifada broke out in 2000 in response to Israel’s assassination of key Palestinian individuals and other violations, the occupation security forces shed the blood of more than 4,000 people; a further 38,000 were wounded.

Nakba journey - Palestinians fleeing during the Nakba in 1948
More than 1 million Palestinians were displaced in 1948
Relive the journey of Nakba refugees

The Third Intifada began as a wave of protests by Palestinian youths in response to the criminal acts of the occupation authorities and extremist settler groups, the most notorious of which was the 2015 Duma arson attack against the house of the Dawabsheh family in Nablus. Most of the family were burnt alive, including an 18-month-old baby, Ali. A year earlier, in July 2014, 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burnt alive by Jewish settlers in Jerusalem.

11-year-old Gazaian Abdurrahman Nevfel (R), who lost his leg after Israeli soldiers opened fire on "Great March of Returns" demonstrations at Gaza Strip, is seen with his crutch in Gaza City, Gaza on 12 May, 2018 [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency]

11-year-old Gazaian Abdurrahman Nevfel (R), who lost his leg after Israeli soldiers opened fire on “Great March of Returns” demonstrations at Gaza Strip, is seen with his crutch in Gaza City, Gaza on 12 May, 2018 [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency]

CCTV and the cameras of human rights groups have recorded the cold-blooded killing of young Palestinians on the pretext that they were trying to stab soldiers and police officers. The evidence in many of the cases, though, suggests that these claims were false and the victims were actually unarmed. In one case, the victim was already seriously wounded and motionless on the ground when a soldier approached and shot

him in the head, killing him instantly. The soldier in question served just nine months in prison for manslaughter.

Since 2008, Israel has launched three major military offensives on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, killing thousands in the process, including hundreds of children. Military incursions occur on a regular basis, often for no reason other than that the IDF can do what it wants to do, when it wants to do it. Israel has also imposed an immoral and illegal siege on Gaza for 12 years, an act of collective punishment that is a crime against humanity.

Human rights organisations agree that these are acts of genocide, with whole families wiped out and buried in the rubble of their homes.

Gaza’s infrastructure was already weakened by the siege when the Israeli offensives destroyed much of it altogether. The IDF killing machine did not distinguish between combatants and civilians. The statistics collated by international organisations confirm that the majority of the victims in Israel’s 2008/9, 2012 and 2014 offensives were civilians including elderly people, children and women.

READ: Gaza death toll rises to 61

Israel’s contempt for international law and human life has been witnessed again this week, with snipers shooting dead more than 60 Palestinians demonstrating for their legitimate right to return to their land within Israel. Since the Great March of Return protest started last month, more than 100 Palestinians have been killed by the Israelis — many of them shot in the back, hundreds of metres from the border fence and posing no risk to anyone — while thousands more have been wounded, often in life-changing ways.

This lust for killing is appalling, and has been condemned by the international community, although to their shame the US and others have sought to shift the blame onto the Palestinians themselves. The sight of Israeli soldiers and civilians celebrating and cheering whenever another Palestinian fell to the ground mortally wounded is sickening. Such behaviour can only be fuelled by their racism and hatred of all things Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and Christian.

Such is the demonic nature of the Zionist mindset, which rejects the Other, especially when that Other is a Palestinian standing up for his or her rights. The tyranny of the Israeli occupation of Palestine is unacceptable in the 21st Century and should be both condemned and ended by right-minded people the world over.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

Mon cher Ado. Part 81

Mes chers Georges Rassi et Charles Helou , hier j’ai revu à la télévision Rio Bravo avec John Wayne et Dean Martin…(J’avais 2 des Rassi et un Charles Helou au freres Furn-el Chebbak et au Sacres Coeurs. Mon “Charles Helou” fut #1 au matheleme Francais)

Ce film , on l’avait vu la première fois au collège des Frères Maristes à Jounieh , ainsi que le fameux film Alamo .

Je ne sais pas si Georges Rassi passait les week-ends au collège ? Charles dont les parents comme les miens étaient en Guinée , ne sortait pas les week-ends du collège .

Alors , les samedi soirs, après le souper, frère Reverien se chargeait denous projeter un film dans le théâtre qui se trouvait sous l’église , entre la cour des minimes et celle des petits.

Ce qui me fit vraiment plaisir , c’est de revoir la scène où , enfermés dans le QG du chérif John Wayne , Dean Martin c’était mis à chanter accompagné par Walter Brennan le boiteux qui jouait de l’harmonica , et Rick Nelson qui jouait de la guitare , c’était mythique…

Ces années là étaient vécues agréablement car nous avons été gâtés par les Frères qui ne lésinaient pas pour nous rendre heureux dans cette prison de luxe .

Salut les copains !!!😘😘

Tidbits and Notes. Part 257

“What acts like apartheid, is run like apartheid & harasses like apartheid, is not a duck — it’s apartheid

More than 200 Palestinian prisoners have died inside Israeli jails! . . . Israel arrested 337,000 Palestinians since 1987

100,000 British troops were dispatched to tame the first Intifada of 1936: The Palestinians demanded and were denied municipal elections

En Uttar Pradesh (Inde), le viol est une epidemie et une arme puissante: les soeurs de celui qui fraye avec une femme mariee’ sont violees, la femme de l’homme qui a des dettes est violee’, les soeurs de celui qui se marie avec une femme d’une caste superieur sont violee’….

In a world where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap, in a world of media where the former audience are now increasingly full participants, in that world, media is less and less often about crafting a single message to be consumed by individuals. It is more and more often a way of creating an environment for convening and supporting groups.

The question we all face now is, “How can we make best use of this social media? Even though it means changing the way we’ve always done it.”

“The mainstreaming of mysticism also overlaps with the broader interests of millennial—think yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and New Age spirituality. With that foundation, it might not be a stretch to show up for pagan holidays or new moon gatherings, or begin to explore the more serious spiritual concepts at the root of these practices.” (Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz on witchcraft and “mysticore” in the age of Instagram)

The multilateral trading system “receives its inspiration from economists, is shaped primarily by lawyers, but must operate within the limits that the politicians set,” ‘s Anabel Gonzalez

Israel believed that it could kill and assassinate Palestinians without due judicial process: This wave of Palestinian reprisals will continue until some kind of basic common sense hit the Israeli society

Le plus souvent, on cesse d’aimer quand le partenaire refuse frequement de se battre pour une vie de qualitee’.

La Verite’ (truth) ne concerne pas les avocats, la Justice et les politiciens: Les interets cherchent une “verite'” plausible et logique.

Une personne stigmatise’ est un individu afflige’ dont on a attache’ un attribut qui le differencie de la caser dans la catagorie “Normal”

Discrimination: Toute distinction operee’ entre les personnes en raison de leur origine, sex, situaton familiale, grossesse, apparence physique, patronyme, etat de sante’, handicap, orientation sexuelle, age, opinion publique, activites syndicales, ethnicite’, race, religion determinee’… No, there are No normal people, we are all discriminated against.

The colonial powers managed to construct a minimum denominator splitting of the Muslim world in order to decide which countries to ally with. You have got the Shiaa of Iran, the Wahhabi movement of the Arabic peninsula and the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Turkey and Qatar sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Gaza. 

The Carpenters (Karen and Richard), the Bee Gees ( The Gibbs) and Abba were criticised early on by music magazines as too honey. 30 years later, as their bands split and fade away, documented research demonstrated that most current bands have mined their works as the most perfect in voice harmony and lyrics and sensitivities matching early childhood.

Children imitate parents behaviors: Thus, keep reading instead of playing with smart devices

At the end of 2017, China shut its doors to imports of recycled material, citing environmental concerns. That has led to unprecedented disruption in a global industry and thrown the very purpose of recycling into question. (Question: Is China still importing carton and paper from USA for recycling?)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant? It’s cropping up in all manner of products, including lattes, ice cream, and dog treats—even Coca-Cola is reportedly working on a CBD-infused beverage. and CBD is “about as poorly regulated and understood as a product this popular can possibly be.

Small successes fuel courage. You need to be initiated with the fear of failure and overcome it gradually.

Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing their country are expected to enter Peru today to make the cutoff for temporary residency cards.

Mon cher Ado. Part 80

Mes amis , en cette veille de Noël , mon Coeur se serre a l’idée que la vie nous a joué de vilains tours en nous éparpillant aux trente six airs du vent , et qu’étant éloignés les uns des autres on ne puisse pas nous retrouver pour fêter ensemble la naissance du Christ .

Encore heureux qu’on puisse communiquer par ces moyens modernes qui nous rapprochent , qui suppriment les milliers de kms qui nous séparent , et nous permettent de communiquer et de nous voir, tels des lilliputiens , à travers la petite lucarne de notre iPad ou de notre iPhone …

Ça me fait penser à mes grands-parents et mes parents qui avaient émigré loin de leur pays et restés des années durant sans pouvoir communiquer avec ceux qu’lls ont laissés derrière eux au pays , ni bien entendu les voir , et les serrer contre leurs Cœurs …. (Comme mes parents qui nous voyaient , 2 garsons et une fille, un ete’ sur deux)

Comme ils ont dû souffrir de l’absence des êtres chers , en se demandant , année après année , s’ils sont toujours vivants ou s’ils les ont oubliés , et réciproquement. (C’est nous qui ne les reconnaissaient pas quand ils arrivaient: on s’enfuiyaient a nos ecoles)

Car à part le bateau , qui faisait la navette entre les continents , et qui ne parvenait pas à naviguer jusqu’au village , suspendu à plus de six cents mètres d’altitude , pour charger les lettres inquiètes d’avoir de leurs nouvelles .

Bref, on n’est plus en ce temps malheureux et nous pouvons nous estimer chanceux d’avoir ces moyens qui nous permettent de nous souhaiter un JOYEUX NOËL en direct.

Liban/Patrimoine: Le château croisé de Byblos ou de Gibelet

Par François El Bacha – 6 juillet 2018

Situé dans le périmètre du site archéologique, se trouve l’imposant Château croisé de Byblos, également appelé dans les chroniques anciennes Château de Gibelet (ou Giblet) au pied de la vieille ville.

Cette forteresse sera bâti par les Croisés au XIIème siècle, pour être encore plus précis à partir de 1104 sur des fondations d’une forteresse fatamide, elle-même construite sur des ruines phéniciennes et romaines.

Nous pouvons encore apercevoir ses fondations comportant des fûts de colonnes antiques inclus dans les murs. Il ne s’agit pas de la première structure défensive construite sur le site. En effet, le site archéologique comporte déjà plusieurs remparts dont certains construits en – 2 500 avant JcC à droite quand on rentre dans le Château.

Il existe également une forteresse Perse occupée de – 555 avant Jc à – 333 avant Jc.

Les structures du Château de Byblos Des structures du Château, on peut voir une vue sur la ville de Byblos classée au Patrimoine Mondial de l’Humanité depuis 1984.

Il s’agit de l’une des villes les plus vieilles au Monde en terme d’habitation continue. Les estimations actuelles indiquent que ce site serait occupé par l’Homme depuis 7 000 avant JC.

Le nom de Bible vient également de Byblos. D’autre part, le site offre également une vue imprenable sur la Mer Méditerranée et surtout de son port médiéval qui fut l’un des plus importants de son temps.

La dimension stratégique de cette position apparait dès lors. Elle était d’autant plus stratégique que située entre le Comté de Tripoli et la Seigneurie de Beyrouth.

Le Château croisé mélange 2 styles défensifs, le type Castrum et le type Turris avec un imposant donjon central carré de 18m par 22 m de côté, avec des murs atteignant 4m d’épaisseur, qui servait de résidence au seigneur des lieux et de dernier refuge aux assiégés en cas d’attaque.

La forteresse est entourée de douves. On pénètre dans l’enceinte du Château après avoir franchi une sorte de pont, par une porte équipée d’une herse coulissante et des mâchicoulis servaient à sa protection.

Quatre tours crénelées, placées aux angles et reliées par des courtines percées d’archères constituent la deuxième ligne de défense.

Une cinquième tour, ou saillant, se détache entre les deux tours nord. Il s’agit du Donjon central avec une grande salle dont certains murs présentent encore des graffiti d’époque.

Sur les murs du donjon, on retrouve quelques boulets tirés par les britanniques sur la garnison ottomane en 1841. Récemment, un petit musée a été aménagé dans ses salles intérieures. Il regroupe des pièces des différentes époques historiques du site archéologique. Voir la galerie photo L’Histoire du Château La construction du Château de Byblos fut décidée par la famille génoise Embriaco, qui étaient alors les seigneurs de Gibelet.

En 1188, Saladin captura la ville et le château et démantela ses murs en 1190. Plus tard, les Croisés reprirent la ville et reconstruisirent le château en 1197.

Les Croisées abandonnèrent la ville et le Château de manière pacifique, en raison de la pression maintenue par les Ayyoubides en 1302. Eux même seront ensuite remplacés par les Mamelouks.

À noter qu’en 1369, des navires chypriotes venus de Famagusta tenteront de le prendre. En 1516, suite à la bataille de Marj-Dabek, les Ottomans s’emparent de la ville.

Leur règne durera quatre siècles. Ils placeront dans l’enceinte du Château une garnison. Vue aérienne du site archéologique de Byblos À l’issue de la Première Guerre Mondiale, dès les années 1920, Byblos devenant une importante zone d’étude archéologique, le Château sera intégré au site comprenant la nécropole royale, les différents temples et artefacts.

Aux côtés du Château, d’autres structures médiévales existent, notamment le rempart médiéval entourant la vielle ville, le port et ses 2 tours à l’origine, dont il ne reste plus qu’une seule.

Ces 2 tours devaient pouvoir sceller le port à l’aide d’une chaine qui les liaient; l’Eglise de Sayedet al Naja où Notre Dame de la Délivrance; et la Cathédrale St Jean et son baptistère sur son côté

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