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Tidbits and Notes. Part 260

If the economy of the colonial powers, especially current China and India, grow a less than 1%, nature might have a chance to recover

Acquiring self-confidence is very different than having the courage to act as “what we are”. Self-confidence is a hard work that requires following a procedure for a set of daily exercises when we confront and communicate with people.  Self-confidence means Not to continue behaving as a fool who wallow in his limitations and faults. 

Tous ces “Tom” des mouvements de Liberation se sacrifient avec une conscience superieure de la Liberte’. Oui, ils voulaient aussi changer les couleurs et les noms de l’Occupation, mais pas se retrancher derriere un system de despotism comme celui pratique’ par l’occupant.

Mandela sin was Not hanging the “Black leaders’ who made it a purpose to loot the budget.

Qu’est-ce qui reste quand on pert tous les senses du mot Esperance? Quand c’est la Cause qui nous abandonne?

L’Histoire d’une persone vaut ce qu’ il fait a present pour l’humanite’

Italy: French President Macron is a very bad leader. Macron is exploiting 14 African countries and forcing them to emigrate; and he is encouraging the destabilization of Libya to plunder its oil resources

Scientific facts need plenty of clear repetition and “understanding” by the interested people before being inducted in the emotional intelligence that has the role of making a decision on an issue.

There are so many super educated people who don’t believe they acquired a single worthy talent to force doors. Sure, every one must have a few talents, but we degrade them as Not marketable. And we keep dreaming of a “worthy” talent that we don’t have and will never acquire. And we fail to use a valid key that would open a door, to view the horizon of an alternative life

“it’s a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.” This is the case of Palestinians living under an Israeli apartheid occupation

“Je suis en colere contre…? Enumerer 100 cause de colere. Le Liban est une terre fertile pour cette exercice.

Identifier vos traumatismes…? Prenez votre temps et ne vous restraignez pas a seulement 50 traumatismes. Pensez a tous ces peuple occupe’ par des coloniaux, avec des lois different pour chaque segregation, aux droits tronques, aux crimes conre l’humanite’…

I like short stories

I am a slow reader: I like to take notes and appreciate the writing process.

Frequently the hour pass-by and I just read 10 pages.


Many big books are done with quickly:

I read the abstract, the first chapter and the last chapter

If I what I read is encouraging, I flip to the middle and figure out the complications in the story.

I either drop the book or I restart from chapter 2.


Of all kinds of literature I like short stories best.

Shorter than novella and plenty of personal experiences.


If your publisher demand books of 300 pages

Assemble the many sub- subjects in the novel as short stories.


The perfect short story should generate two strong emotions:

It should make you cry laughing,

It should make you cry hating or loving

Same difference.


Save us from big books and tenuous reading.




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