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Hell was created for me

Posted on: February 11, 2019

Hell was created for me


I am still an outsider looking in the adult world.

I still abhor the maintenance part of life,

The mechanics of living and lasting relationship.

I am scared of owning a house,

Of getting married and keep maintaining choices

That I feel I can’t sustain for long.


May be that I was not trained properly in childhood

To learn taking responsibilities by learning to maintain.

The adult world is still a curiosity to me

Because, when the time was due to step in,

It was too late for me to learn a new set of behaviors,

In a totally different society, alien to me.


I like to discover the adult world and pay the price

Of my practical ignorance, but it should be at my own expense.

But, could anyone else not share the expenses in my miseries?

Indeed, the village will bear the upkeep and it refuses to admit it.

I am positive that I never fell in love, love shared.


I might not believe in Heaven,

But people like I, Hell was created for them, here on earth.

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