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Tidbits and Notes. Part 261

Posted on: March 9, 2019

Tidbits and Notes. Part 261

Accomplis ton deuil: surtout tous ces manques de succes, et votre manque de reconquerir votre self-confidence.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Thus, Shorten your comfort zones periods and have the 8 lives of a cat?

“Pas mal de gens vivent tourner vers l”avenir”, qui veut dire le Lendemain

When kids realize their whole life is already online by parents sharing  photos. Some kids lay down ground rules for their parents, insisting upon veto power. Others just live in dread of the next embarrassing post.

Ingenious deal of Denmark with the EU: keeping its own currency while being linked to the Euro for export reason. The Euro is a German currency since printed in Germany and many countries lived under the threat of German invasion for a century and it is a matter of patriotic symbolic pride. The currency of England was Not linked to the Euro which kept it linked to the dollar.

Cotisations paralleles: Les “professeurs’ des lyces qui font faire de menus travaux et services aux eleves, de quoi les dedommager de leur emploi non renumere’

Le naturel brouillon: ne pas classer et organizer son “garage”, son cafouillis. Bien que ces “garages” bien ordonnes ont un charme. Mais ne touche pas a organise’ ma maison.

Le plus ont travaille, le plus on est convaicus que tout est dependant.

Iraq is the strategic location for the energy resources in the Middle-East. And Syria is the cultural center and national pride for this region. Bush Jr. quickly forgot Afghanistan in order to keep a close eye on Iran and sustain its economic embargo since the USA could Not invade or occupy Iran. 7ashed Sha3bi changed the done: give it time and Iraq will convince USA that it does Not need its presence to unite

The year 536 kicked off the coldest decade in more than 2000 years. A mysterious haze settled over most of the northern hemisphere and threw much of the world into an 18-month period of constant darkness. A volcano in Iceland and the Ilopango supervolcano in El Salvador erupted. It was the doorway to the dark ages. Harvard medieval historian Michael McCormick told Science magazine that it “was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive.” Time to take the toll.

100 million: Total deaths from bubonic plague between 542 and 546. 5,000–10,000 Deaths per day in Constantinople alone in 542 from bubonic. Byzantium empire was reeling from plague and famine.

As I predicted: Guido of Venezuela has defected to Columbia and has become a traitor like Hadi of Yemen. The trouble is that Guido and the USA has to rely now on mercenaries to wage war on Maduro. 

C’etait une period ou’ les gens etaient bons enfants, et le mepris etait trop rare.

Plenty of luck in any battle: as long as due diligence has been conducted professionally

Syria has the #1 reserves in gas and oil, inland and on the sea, in the Middle-East. The USA will spend $billions to maintain military bases in Syria and Iraq and keep supporting various terrorists factions to destabilize Syria. At the end, USA will pay the market price for every gallon it import. US institutions are hard-wired Not to contemplate fair and just negotiations.

Israeli apartheid, colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians are crimes against humanity and remain unquestioned to this day.

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