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New poll shows wide support for apartheid policy in Israel

There were further signs that racism has become normalised in Israel after a poll showed that the majority of the people in the country endorsed banning Arab parties from next month’s general election.

In stark contrast, the same poll showed that only a minority of Israelis endorsed a similar exclusion of a Jewish party despite it being an ultra-right racist group affiliated with known terrorists.

Some 54% Israelis said that they agreed with the decision of the Israeli Central Elections Committee to invalidate the candidacy of Ra’am-Balad—a joint electoral list of two Arab parties—and a mere 18 per cent said that they opposed it.

The survey by Yedioth Ahronoth, revealed that only 38% believe the candidacy of Otzma Yehudit’s Michael Ben-Ari – former supporter of supremacist rabbi Meir Kahanist – should be prevented from running.

While 28 per cent of the respondents said they did not want the Kahanist’s – denounced by many as a fascist group – to be prevented from running in the election.

READ: Israel elections obscuring ‘growing apartheid’ in Palestine, professor claims

Israel’s Central Election Committee – the body which oversees the country’s electoral process and is made up of Knesset Members (MKs) from each political party – announced last week that Ra’am­-Balad is to be banned from participating in the upcoming general election on 9 April. The same Committee permitted Jewish Power to contest the election.

The poll conducted this month and described as being representative of a cross-section of Israeli society shows the broad support for the decision.

It is also likely to be seen as a further sign of the growing normalisation of racism within Israeli society.

Only two days ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Israel is home only for the Jewish people, ignoring Arab citizens who make up 20% of its population. The comments were widely condemned as an endorsement of apartheid.

(Mind you that Zionism forced mandated England Not to perform local municipal elections in Palestine because the Jews represented only 20% of the people)

Sympathisers of the Israeli state also joined the condemnation, describing the remarks as an aberration despite the fact that Netanyahu cited the country’s own nationality law to support his claim that Israel is a nation-state for the Jewish people only.

INTERVIEW: Arab representation in Israel politics is crucial for the Palestinian struggle

Known as the “Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” the bill passed last year is now enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Critics say it effectively codifies discrimination against Palestinians through the exclusive recognition of Jewish rights to self-determination in the land of Israel while denying the same right to Palestinians.

Israel’s own President, Reuven Rivlin, attempted to distance himself from Netanyahu’s remarks, but this new poll suggests that racism is not only ingrained in Israeli society, the country’s Basic Laws -which are the closest thing to a constitution – dispel any claim that the Likud leaders remarks are a mere aberration.

Israel has passed the Nation-State Law becoming officially an Apartheid State - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Israel has passed the Nation-State Law becoming officially an Apartheid State – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Mon cher Ado. Part 92

Les souvenirs , mon cher Charlot , se bousculent ce matin dans ma tête, Ils se jalousent .

L’un d’entre eux a retenu mon attention : celui de Hussein , le cireur de chaussures qui passait dans notre village en été , tous les samedis , afin de cirer les chaussures des uns et des autres , car il faillaient qu’elles fussent propres pour dimanche ,le jour du Seigneur .

Moi , j’attendais de le voir arriver avec sa boite à cirage et son petit tabouret , ayant auparavant groupé les chaussures à cirer .

Bien installé , à l’ombre d’un olivier , devant la maison , il entreprenait sa besogne avec le doigté d’un artiste .

Ce qui m’émerveillait surtout, c’était lorsqu’il se mettait , en phase finale , après avoir nettoyé la chaussure et après avoir appliqué la cire , c’était de le voir brosser avec une sorte de brosse en croissant de lune , la chaussure qu’il ressuscitait et qui se mettait à miroiter au doux soleil de notre village .

Aujourd’hui , comme le vendeur de glace , le cireur de chaussures ne passe plus , et notre village souffre d’un manque de chaleur  humaine …


Articles by Leader Antoun Saadi. Part 10

From the 10th Lecture (mou7arat). March 1948

It could be a controversial argument that members of a party need Not disagree on political issues: leave the political decisions and thinking to the specialists in politics.

The tacit opinion is that the leaders of the party are cognizant of the state of affairs and that most political discussions among members reflect the societal disagreements on many issues that are divisive.

مصطفى الأيوبي posted on Fb. 13 hrs

تحيا سورية،
إضاءة اليوم:

[…]مفقود من بيننا التصارح الفكري الخالي من السياسة، مفقود من بيننا الشعور بأنه يجب حين يخاطب واحد منا الآخر أن يضع السياسة في خزانة ويقفل عليها بالمفتاح، لأنه حين نبتدئ نخاطب بعضنا بعضاً بالسياسة فقد قطعنا من بيننا الروابط القومية الصحيحة.

لا يجوز في الإخاء القومي الصحيح أن نتكلم في السياسة. السياسة يجب أن تترك للمتخصصين في السياسة أما القومي فيجب أن يكون قومياً صحيحاً مجرداً من السياسة في كل مجتمع وفي كل حديث مع كل مواطن من أمته.

بدون الوصول إلى حياة من هذا النوع يظل واحدنا لا يدري، أليس يسمع من مواطن يجالسه عبارات ثناء ومديح أو إطراء؟ هل هذا المديح صريحاً ومخلصاً صادراً عن الوجدان بأن هذه هي الحقيقة؟ يظل الواحد يخاف من جاره، يخشى أن يكون متلاعباً بضميره، بشعوره بمهارته الدفلماسية السياسية.

العقلية الأخلاقية الجديدة التي نؤسسها لحياتنا بمبادئنا هي أثمن ما يقدمه الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي للأمة، لمقاصدها، ولأعمالها ولإتجاهها.


المحاضرة العاشرة
الأحد في 4 آذار 1948

Day 7 of performances:  Clown without borders in the Balkan refugee camps

Day 7 of performances:
One workshop and a performance for around 200 people or so. It was beautiful in general, the performances got a lot of laughs and people kept coming and coming.

What struck me the most today are these two kids. One of them was barely two years old, u can see her in one of the pics. She was the most playful one, the one who made everyone dance and the one who was always doing her own thing and living in her own special world.

Oh… how I wished I could be in her world and certainly didn’t want her to come to our world.

The second boy had a harsher story. Him, he was 14 years old, acting like a 20 year old in an old hotel right by the Croatian border, filled with people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and even one from Lebanon.

The kid is from Afghanistan, he left home two years ago, when he was 12. He left alone and he is still alone.

All through the show he was happy, laughing out loud but wanting to act like an adult. I couldn’t help but wonder about this 14 year old boy, in his green shirt, and the so many scars he had on his head from all the beating he went through on borders, living this kind of life, having to bear dealing with adults and mafias and police, living the life of an adult when he’s just a kid.

Just waiting to be free and waiting to help his parents flee the country.

Today I feel so humbled to be able to share joy and laughter with him – today I can only think of one thing: this kid deserves to be happy and playing, for whatever reason, this kid shouldn’t be going through that.
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