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US Reportedly Give Israel Green-light For Full-Scale War On Gaza

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:25 P.M)- According to News reports, the US have given Israel a green-light to launch a full scale military operation against Gaza.

Approximately 7 hours ago, a rocket was reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip, hitting a home in the North of Tel Aviv and injuring 7. Israel blamed Hamas for the rocket fire, however there has been no confirmation of who fired it.

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, was on a trip to the United States and was due to deliver a speech to the Israeli Lobby group AIPAC on Tuesday. He has announced the cancellation of this speech and headed back to Israel, declaring that Israel will now strike the Gaza Strip.

Hamas have allegedly communicated, through Egyptian contacts, to Israel, that they will respond to Israeli aggression.

Israel have placed the Golani Brigade on standby, stationed the military surrounding Gaza and declared the surrounding settlement villages, close to the perimeter of Gaza, as closed military zones.

Israel have also informed Hamas, through Egypt, that “any retaliation to our attack on Gaza will result in a full scale war”.

Israel will commence its attack upon the Gaza Strip in the coming minutes/hours.

Note 1: I have the impression that both parties US/Israel and military factions in Gaza are trying hard Not to foment passions on social media. Apparently, US want a full-fledged occupation of Gaza, but Israel knows better Not to. So far no Red-Lines have been crossed outrageously. Probably, the warning of Hezbollah of Lebanon to get engaged was received seriously in Israel.  

Note 2:

This Monster called Zionist organisation was created, funded and facilitated by all the colonial powers who wanted the poorer Jewish classes to get out. The best strategy is to let the “leaders’, educated and rich Jews to convince these poor Jews to immigrate to Palestine. We cover all the expenses of your transfer: better die in misery in Palestine where you’ll be closer to your God and in your mystical land…

The richest Jews, like the Rothschild, bought cheap lands, mostly swamps, and made these poor Jews work for them as slaves. Most of initial waves died of malaria, cholera and diphtheria…




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