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What is it: Religious freedom?

Posted on: May 7, 2019

What is it: Religious freedom?

Religious freedom is Not about “religious comfort” in the way you want to practice your world view.

If government should protect my right to practice my religion, it does Not follow it is society’s obligation to make that practice easy or carefree.

If a State separate religion from civil laws, it means that the State is Not permitting its civil servants to actively support religious political parties during election periods.

If you cannot swallow the fact that civil laws are prime in your society, we also cannot swallow you insistence on practicing religious laws that are out of date and disturbing the cohesion in a society.

If your faith prevents you from sitting on an airplane next to a woman who isn’t your wife, then move to another seat.

If your faith tells you you can’t go to the same bathroom with some people, then figure out how to order your life so that you use the bathroom in a place that seems appropriate for you.

If your faith tells you you can’t sell wedding cakes to certain people, don’t go into the business of selling wedding cakes.

If you want to enforce your women in the house to wear the veil outside, don’t make them wear suffocating dresses in hot weather or wear dangerous swim suit for swimming.

If you fast during Ramadan, you don’t have to lambaste anyone else for refraining from fasting.

Practice your religious belief in the confinement of your house and no need to preach the practices of your religious sect.

You are Not a physically handicapped person and we are Not obligated to satisfy your mental handicaps

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