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Tidbits and Notes. Part 283

Anyone who believes Israel is our existential enemy and Syria should Not be degraded and divided by USA and colonial powers and believe in the separation of religion from civil laws is a potential Souri Kawmi. All other issues should be opened for free discussion and open communication. It will require plenty of time and energy to discuss positively, but it is about time for walk the first mile.

Iran gave EU a 60 days ultimatum to side economically with it. I suggest Iran to be ready to announce the production of a nuclear bomb by that time, otherwise, USA will take a chance to take the risk of an “owe and dazzle” attack on Iran 

It is Not worth reading the fundamentally “rootless” authors: They cannot worry about any society. Worst of all, those “rootlessly” living authors in their own country and just dream of leaving it.

L’alternative pour une paix durable c’est de diviser le monde entre la majorité ecrasante de ceux qui croient au destin et la minorité du libre-arbitres. La minorité aurait une chance de s’épanouir. A ce moment, les barriéres peuvent s’élevées. Mais les barriéres sont déja lá, avancant a une vitesse assourdissante

La conversation intellectuelle est eminement erotique, surtout quand on apprend a ecouter et a poser des questions pertinente sans ironie.

It was the British who consistently supported with finance and weapons the Wahhabi tribes since the 19th century. Egypt Mohammad Ali and his son Ibrahim crushed this Wahhabi insurgency that disturbed all the neighboring tribes, Iraq and Syria and Mecca by looting and assassinating everyone in their path. The British rearmed and financed the Wahhabi again.

There is No such thing as an idiotic kid who cannot be impressed by adult’s heart when it delivers suggestions and positions.

Il est des heritages qu’il est preferable de liquider

Monterrey Bay in California seems clean, but the pollution levels are profound. Researchers recently found the concentration of micro-plastics in the bay’s depths rival the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s filthiest stretch of ocean.

Located between Hawaii and California, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a shifting mass of trash covering about three times the size of France. 618,000 sq miles (1.6 million sq km).

Pregnancy is one of the most awesome feats of humanity. The metabolic rate adapts to the level of exertion in both endurance athletes and expectant mothers.

Everyone knows that a good normal shit is the most sexy period of the day but no one dare declaring this truth.  When you badly need to piss and feel ready to releasing the water then, you feel sexier than ejaculating.

Mission Accomplished? And why you refuse to own the subsequent horrors? The cases of Iraq invasion, other pre-emptive missions, and secret services operations…

An experiment is designed to study the behavior of the values/responses of a dependent variable (for example data collected) as the values/stimuli of an independent variable/factor are changed, manipulated, or presented randomly or in fixed manner.

La Liberté de m’exprimer sans mensonge, mon drapeau et ma patrie

You hear fantastic stories of leaders, prophets, or messengers marching with a large following of disciples trailing after them.  I am one to immediately wonder “What happens when the leader has to go? Like to piss or take a shit?”  Do followers line up with him to take advantage of this glorious break? 

The “average” person may need to be nudged into cruelty, (trusting that this cruelty won’t be fatal or handicapping), but it can still be done disturbingly quickly. It is the system and how the system set up the rules and regulations. The question is: how do we evaluate an average man?

You worked, you should be paid for. Never trust an institution that make people work for “free”, even slaves were paid indirectly. This is “sokhrat”.



Defeat comes in tiny steps. Jerk-holes usually become jerks slowly.

You show up five minutes late for a meeting, but no one says anything.

You lose your temper and like a toddler having a tantrum, you get what you want.

Anger eventually becomes your default strategy for pressuring people into conformity.

You lose respect incrementally.

Second and third chances seem like permission.

But kindness and compassion are opportunities to improve, not permission for persistent irresponsibility.

You send a text message in a meeting. Before long, its common.

People feel devalued because you exempt yourself from common courtesy.

You come to expect special consideration. Ego blinds you to the tolerance of others. After all, you’re the boss.

Kindness evokes gratitude in the humble and entitlement in the arrogant.

5 small habits that reform jerk-holes:

Small blemishes grow into giant boils. But small improvements eventually blossom.

#1. Act like it’s your first day on the job.

Three or four times a week, dedicate one hour to reconnecting with your inner novice. Show up five minutes early for meetings, not five minutes late, for example.

#2. Become the boss you wish you had. If you work for an incompetent leader, learn behaviors to avoid. Stop interrupting, for example.

#3. Never give yourself permission to do anything you wouldn’t honor if your subordinates did it.

Would you tolerate a subordinate answering an email while you are talking to them? What gives you permission to do the same?

#4. Apologize.

Humility says, “I screwed up.” Arrogance minimizes small indiscretions.

#5. Recommit to learning and development.

  1. Read books.
  2. Get a coach.
  3. Seek feedback.

Tip: Stop thinking of another person while reading this post.

You cannot habitually violate the rules of influence and succeed. You might get results. You might make money. But every time you disrespect others – you diminish yourself.

What small allowances diminish a leader’s influence?

What small improvements expand a leader’s influence?




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