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What a Robot should and should Not say and how it should behave

Posted on: June 19, 2019

What a Robot should and should Not say and how it should behave

Sure, life is complex, and the living is more complex.

And yet, the process is pretty simple.

We go on living with successive binary decisions at each moment: Go/ stay put, yes/no, get up/take a snooze.

Robot Should Not emulate living species behaviors: Robot is Not meant:

1. To procrastinate

2. To say: I quit

3. To say: I feel depressed. Leave me alone

4. To say: I need badly a vacation

5. To start his opinion or any of his activities by pronouncing: “In the name of God… By the will of God, Allah…

6. Your opinion is against the precepts of the multiple Bibles: You are an infidel…

7. To throw a tantrum and ruin the space

However, a well designed Robot should be able to say:

“I’m hearing new words, new technical terms, new slang, the kids are disturbing my knowledge… I definitely need a sabbatical or an update”

Your algorithm is faulty: the results are against standard humanism values and the consequences are outrageously exorbitant on human lives and standard of living”

Your algorithm is faulty: it is biased on genders, colors, living standards, neighborhoods.

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