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Can you get in this state of mind: Never letting your associates fail? Any any cost?

By Dan Rockwell?

If you hear the train’s whistle and see the light in the tunnel you know the trains coming. If you let a train wreck happen without saying something, at best you’re foolish, at worst you’re cruel.

Letting people fail isn’t:

  1. Saying nothing when a wreck is around the corner.
  2. Standing on the sidelines gloating.
  3. Forgetting about financial costs.
  4. Ignoring the negative ripple effect of failure.
  5. Passive resignation to inevitable defeat.

Never let anyone fail before you’ve done
everything appropriate to help them succeed.

If you’ve shared your insight and experience and they reject guidance, let them fail, reassign them, or fire them.

But remember, if they could be right, trust them; take risks with them.


Expect people who fail to learn, make it right, and not repeat the same failures again.

Bring consequences on repeated failure.

Correcting failure isn’t punishment it’s responsibility.

Letting people fail isn’t burying your head in the sand.


Repeated failure may indicate employees aren’t properly assigned. Reexamine job responsibilities with employee aptitude and skills in mind. Repeated failure points to leaders as much as employees.

After not before:

Letting people fail is best seen in your attitude, after failure not before.

Never punish sincere failure; always learn.

Stand with people not against. Leaders fail when they don’t develop and implement failure policies.

Benefits of failure:

  1. Learning.
  2. Humility.
  3. Open minds.
  4. Support.
  5. Connecting.

How have you seen failure handled poorly?

How have you seen failure handled effectively?

Note: I guess giving repeated chances is far fetched, unless the employee is a special case and has exhibited willingness to change is “unproductive” behaviors and the boss has plenty of time to invest in his personnel?


Aramaic/Syriac slang pretty common in Syria and Lebanon daily language, village names, and songs

مفردات من الآرامية السريانية القديمة مازال البعض يرددها:
للرعب : بعبع
للوسخ : کخ
للأکل : هم هم
للشرب : نبو
للمرض : وا وا
للقرف : إيع
للقذارة : دو دو
للطيور : كوكو
للتهديد : دده
للخوف : بخ
للبرد : أحوح
للثوب الجديد : دح
للحرارة : أح
للنهاية : بح
للرماية : طخ
للبذخ : جخ
للصمت : هس
للمذلة : نخ
للمشوار : تش
للنوم : نانا (نم نم)
للغواية : سخ سخ
للسجون : تخ تخ (تعتق)
للتطبيش : جق جق
للري الخفيف : بخ بخ (رش رش)
للمرض : عل عل (عليل)
للإلحاح : سق و نق
للذهاب و الإياب : سري مري…

و مازالت متداولة في سوريا و لا يفهم هذه اللغة إلا السوريون ..

Tidbits and notes: Part 283

Renouvelle tes efforts pour que ta derniere bouchee’ de pain soit bien cuite

On laboure pour que les rats (les capitalistes) en profitent.

In Lebanon’s Order of Engineers, a retired engineer has to check twice a year and fill a sheet of paper testifying he is still alive (and kicking is irrelevant). Great for this period of total desperation where a citizen has to be reminded that he is living. Wish the Order could send a condolence notice for those engineers who forgot to come down and fill the “Death sheet” for a reminder.

In all countries, biases against “new comers” into a community is common. Regardless of all the laws against discrimination, a community set up tacit rules that prevent renters or owners to settle in the community. First of all higher prices for properties and schooling, denying access to community facilities… The only way for owners to get out of the laws is to find “reasonable” excuses Not to sound brutal discrimination. This require implicit training on how to confront a renter.

Sure, the colonial powers created and funded the Zionist movement to get rid of their Jews. Why the “Oriental Jews” flocked to Israel at the first opportunity? Why the colonial Jews are still immigrating to Israel for cheap housing and special apartheid treatments? Let this discrimination between (Jews and Zionist Jews) be localized within the communities of colonial powers: Israel is an existential enemy and we cannot afford demographic increase of apartheid Jews on our Land.

Lawmakers from both parties in the USA hope to stymie a plan by the Trump administration to sell $8 billion in weapons to both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It’s unlikely that the vote will win the two-thirds support needed to override a presidential veto.

The number of people fleeing their countries reached a record high of 25.5 million in 2018, and walked one billion miles to safety, according to the UN’s annual report. Rich countries took in just 16%. Syria has the highest number of refugees internally and externally and increasing

Nous sommes ce que nous repetons sans cesse? C’est vrai: nous sommes ce que nous faisons au quotidien. Tout changement demande aussi des repetitions: comme prendre son temps de respirer correctement et faire ses exercices physiques…

Peine, fatigue et souffrance, en suivant un plan bien pense’, rendent la vie plutot bonne et le repos bien merite’

Les echelons de la misere humaines? Des gens sous les bombes, sous des lois absolutistes, une maladie grave, les sans-abris, les sans-travail, les sans-amour (mon cas)… et tous les animaux que l’homme a detruit leurs habitats et qui les forces a traverser les autoroutes… et puis il y a le Liban, gouverne’ par les “leaders” de la guerre civile, chaque leader avec ses institutions etatiques.

Routinite? Et aigue pour comble? On a tout pour etre heureux (argent, boulot, comfort…) mais on sent que nous manquons ce besoin de raisons de vivre. Des analphabetes d’emotions humaniste.

Age should Not entitle you to play the wise-man: Young people are Not hearing your counsel or advice or wise-cracking humors. Learn to loosen up and say “reflected humor” that are within the humanist values: Your humor should Not match the humors of the younger ones’: that’s the best message you can share with the next generations.

On ne sait pas acheter si l’on n’apprend pas a vendre. Surtout, tout ce bric a brac qu’ on a accumule’ dans une vie et qu’on ne sait pas y mettre le prix pour s’en s’alleger. In my case, I never sold anything: when I have to move, I give away everything, even my car.

Des millenaires de sexualite’ qui fut passee’ a la moulinette de la morale et des tabous laissent des traces. Assumant ses desirs et sa sensualite’ nous laissent tres intimider par ce poids du patrimoine educatif “bien-pensant”

The US president tweeted last night that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would next week begin to remove millions of people from the country. These migrants have already been sentenced by immigration courts to leave, but are still roaming,walking free and waiting.


How management gets in the way of success? Too long a list to enumerate?

“Most of what we call management consists of
making it difficult for people to get their work done.”
Peter Drucker

By Dan Rockwell?

Four ways managers get in the way:

  1. Meddling – Managers that roadblock work stay too close and talk too much. Your people want you to let them work. Stop by to encourage and ask questions, briefly. Express interest, give direction, and get out of the way. Stay close enough to monitor progress.
  2. Meetings – Too many meetings that include too many people that share too much detail. Meetings are expensive. A one hour meeting with 8 people in attendance costs their combined salaries plus lost productivity. Remember, you don’t get anything done in a meeting. Things get done after meetings. Send a memo. (A few managers charge their personnel per hour for meeting in the meeting room
  3. Butt covering reports – Requesting too many reports that include too much irrelevant detail that takes up too much space in file cabinets and on networks. One reason you ask for all the detail is to cover your butt. It’s a business culture issue. Fear based cultures lack vitality, freedom, and performance.
  4. Projects rather than people – It’s instinctive to focus on projects and deliverable. However, it’s more effective and efficient to give clear direction, encouragement, and motivation to your people than it is to get directly involved in long-term projects. People deliver projects, not meeting or reports.

Enhancing productivity may not be about doing more and working harder.

It may be about meddling and meeting less, fewer reports, and focusing on people.

How do managers make it difficult to get work done?

Leader Antoun Saadi replying to Maronite Patriarch from his exile in Argentina

مصطفى الأيوبي posted on Fb. 35 mins

تحيا سورية،
إضاءة اليوم:

[…] فلمّا وقف البطريرك المارونيّ سنة 1937 وتكلّم مدّعياً تمثيل اللبنانيّين وقف زعيم الحزب السّوريّ القوميّ في وجه هذا الادّعاء الباطل وردّ على كلام البطريرك منكراً عليه صلاحيّة تمثيل الأديان والطوائف غير المارونيّة وصلاحيّة تمثيل مجموع الطائفة المارونيّة نفسها الّذي أصبح قسمٌ لا يستهان به منه يدين بعقيدة القوميّة السّوريّة ومبدأه فصل الدين عن الدولة.

وقد أوضح الزّعيم أنّه ليس للبطريرك صلاحيّةً غير صلاحيّة التكلّم باسم الكنيسة المارونيّة في الشّؤون الّتي تهمّ الوجهة الدينيّة البحتة. وكان موقف الحزب السّوريّ القوميّ من ترحيب البطريرك المارونيّ باليهود موقفاً صريحاً شديداً وحمل على هذه السّياسة الدينيّة الخرقاء حملةً صاعقةً كانت لها نتائجٌ كبيرة. وإنّ من مهام هذه الحركة القوميّة المباركة أن تحارب جميع الحزبيّات الدينيّة الّتي تلغي الرّابطة الوطنيّة وتمحو العصبيّة القوميّة وتفسد الإيمان الدينيّ الحقيقيّ، لأنّ مهمّتها الكبرى العمل على فلاح الأمّة السّوريّة وارتقائها.

لم تستثنِ الحركة السّوريّة القوميّة، في حملتها على السّياسات الدينيّة المجزّئة الأمّة، المفكّكة وحدة الشّعب السّوريّ، ملّةً ولا طائفةً لا مارونيّة ولا أرثوذكسيّة ولا بروتستنتيّة ولا غيرها من طوائف المسلمين المسيحيّين، ولا سنيَّة ولا شيعيّة ولا علويّة ولا غيرها من طوائف المسلمين المحمديّين ولا جزءاً أو قسماً من ملّة المسلمين الدّروز. وكما وقفت من قبل في وجه الحزبيّة الدينيّة المسيحيّة تقف اليوم في وجه الحزبيّة الدينيّة المحمّديّة غير خاشيةٍ في الحقّ لومة لائم.

إنّ حملتنا على الحزبيّة الدينيّة من كلّ دينٍ ومذهب ليست حملةً على الدين نفسه ولا على شيءٍ من الاعتقادات الدينيّة البحتة الّتي يجب أن يكون لكلّ فردٍ من أفراد الأمّة السّوريّة الحقّ في الذهاب فيها أيّ مذهبٍ شاء، بل هي حملةٌ لتعزيز الدين وتنزيهه عن الأمور الاجتماعيّة – السّياسيّة الّتي يجب أن تبقى خاضعةً لمبدأ التطوّر حسب مقتضيات حاجة الأمّة وما يقول به الفكر القوميّ الرامي إلى خير الأمّة بأسرها، أي إلى خير كلّ فردٍ وكلّ عائلةٍ في الأمّة. […]

الجالية السّوريّة في الأرجنتين والفتنة الدينيّة
الزّوبعة، بيونس آيرس، العدد 37، 1942/2/1
الأعمال الكاملة، المجلّد السّادس، 1942 – 1943


Note: Late Egypt president Mohamed Morsi died last week at 67 while in court. He supposedly was elected and lasted a single year before a military coup led by Sisi “deposed” him. Morsi had no official burying: just attended by his close family members. The State had declared a national curfew and emergency level. Morsi was mourned by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as Erdogan of Turkey, Qatar, Hamas Mich3al… Morsi’s wife died also the next day of heart failure: she was his close cousin too.

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the actions of President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters who deliberately fired on journalists and attacked them as they were covering last night’s clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

Al-Hosseiny Abu Deif, an experienced newspaper reporter, was rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by a rubber bullet fired at close range at around 1 a.m. today and is said to be in a critical condition.

A witness told Reporters Without Borders that Morsi supporters deliberately targeted Deif, who works for the newspaper Al-Fagr.

Five minutes before Abu Deif was shot from a distance of just two metres, he showed colleagues photos of the president’s supporters with sophisticated weapons.

Abu Deif camera was stolen after he was shot, as colleagues went to his aid.

“Witnesses say the president’s supporters deliberately targeted and attacked journalists. We call on President Morsi to order an investigation into the circumstances of these attacks and to punish those responsible.

As president, he must ensure the safety of all of his fellow citizens, including journalists.

“We also call on the president to rescind the 22 November decree granting himself extraordinary powers, and not hold a referendum on the draft constitution in its current form.

The Constituent Commission must amend the draft in order to provide more protection for freedom of expression and information.”

Other journalists were injured during the night as they covered the clashes.They included :

Mohamed Azouz of the government newspaper Al-Gomhuria,

Osama Al-Shazly of the daily Al-Badil,

Islam Abdel Tawab of Al-Alam Al-Yawm,

Sahar Talaat, a correspondent for Radio France Internationale’s Spanish service and

Ahmed Khair Eldeen, a ON-TV journalist.

Two journalists with Turkey’s TRT television, reporter Mehmet Akif Ersoy and cameraman Adil Ahmet, were attacked earlier yesterday in Tahrir Square and their equipment was damaged.

Read the letter about the Egyptian constitution that was sent to President Morsi yesterday.

Note: Morsi was a strong supporter of Israel, as USA wanted him to be in order to be elected, a farcical election since actually he didn’t get the majority of the votes against his challenger of the former political system. Morsi was supported by Turkey and Qatar and he sided with the exclusion of Syria from the Arab Summits. Morsi was a bad omen for many countries.

For 408 days as a deputy and 138 days as a minister in the government:

What has been done so far for the Lebanese citizens?

أخي اللبناني…
408 ايام مرت عليهم وهم نوّاب.والنائب يشرّع، يراقب، .. ويحاسب.
138 يوما ً وهم وزراء. والوزير ينفّذ، و ينتج، ويدير، و ويرسم سياسة انمائية ….

أخي العوني.. أخي المقاوم، أخي القوّاتي، أخي المستقبليّ والعزميّ، أخي الإشتراكي، أخي الحركي،أخي الديمقراطي، أخي المرَدي…

قل لي، بربّك وأهلك وأولادك.. ماذا شرّع نائبك في 408 أيام ؟؟؟ ماذا فعل وزيرك في 138 يوما ً؟؟؟
سمّ لي قانونا ً واحدا ً ، واحدا ً فقط، افادك او جعلك في حال ٍ أفضل.
سمّ لي انجازا ً واحدا ً ، قام به وزيرك وانعكس ايجابا ً على معيشتك.

مجلس نيابي لمحاربة الفساد لم يلق ِ القبض على فاسد ٍ واحد ٍ

خطابات و أوراق ومستندات يلّوح بها السياسي امام الإعلام .. ثم… لا شيء.
أرقام مخيفة عن أموال هُدرت، و تراه ينفخ اوداجه، و يحمّر وجهه غضبا ً، ويتصبب جبينه عرقا ً، وهو يعد الناس بكذا وكيت… ثم.. لا شيء

حكومة الى العم… أين؟؟؟ أين هو هذا العمل ؟؟؟

البيئة في تردّي، النفايات تفاقمت مشكلتها ، والكسارات تزداد نهما ً … والآتي أعظم

الصحّة في تردّي، المستشفيات تلّوح بالإقفال.. والأمراض تزداد فتكا ً وعددا ً. والتقديمات الصحية في تراجع مرعب
الكهرباء.. الى الوراء در

الماء … ينزل من علياء رب العالمين بكرم ٍ تحسدنا عليه شعوب الأرض… ثم لا نعود نراه الا في خزّان الصهريج

التعليم، عماد المستقبل، بدأ بجامعتنا الوطنية، ويعلم الله اين سينتهي .. المدرسة الرسمية مهملة. والخاصة تُحارب من عشرين جبهة.
الطرقات… الجسور.. أزمة المرور..الزحمة….

لم أر َ ولم أسمع منهم سوى المناكفات، والمزايدات، والوعود الفارغة…

لم أر َ ولم أسمع عن مشروع انتاجي واحد افتتح ، بل عن عشرات المشاريع المنتجة التي تفلّس و تقفل تباعا ً.

المسلّمة الوحيدة التي أراها وأسمعها… هي انه كلما ازددنا فقرا ً، ازدادوا هم ثراء.
وكلّما ازددنا تقسيما ً و شرذمة ً و تعصّبا ً و تفرقا ً، ازدادوا هم قوة ً وتماسكا ً و تسلطا ً وظلما ً وعنجهية. ..

نعم، انت أخي.. شئت ام أبيت، فلنا وطنٌ واحد.. ومستقبلٌ واحد…

History stories are wrong: History never united a people on a worthy humanitarian tangible value

There is no doubt in my mind that History stories were written by Victors since writing was invented.

And whatever achievements and number extended are way too biased, faked and over-rated.

And you should learn the context and the worthiness of the “adversaries”: Usually, the “vanquished were far more cultured and economically advanced than the conquerors.

And whatever achievements coined by the occupiers where done by the conquered party such as artisans, educated, thinkers or war detained people.

And whatever unity existed in the warrior-kind “City-State” expansionist was for the purpose of looting and the added-value and worthiness of the subjugated people.

That in modern history, only wars united “nations” and the occupation of colonies and their exploitation.

Whatever was tangible was of the material kinds: higher human values was totally forgotten and never disseminated once the occupation settles in.

The Modern States that learned to listen to the demands and request of its people and reacts promptly in reconsidering its laws are the most advanced, regardless of their size in land and population and are the most respectful of the UN resolutions regarding human rights. They have confidence that their educated and cultured citizens are more attuned to the world calamities than their functional institutions.

Note: The civilizations in the Near-East (Syria and Iraq) didn’t undertake a war for war sake. They were prosperous and maintained fair trades with their neighbors and had fair laws for the time and good administration.

These civilizations signed countless peace treaties to keep trade feasible. The only times they had to go to wars, it was because a neighboring State failed to prosper and sought the easy way out by looting excursions and setting up trade barriers.

It is the case of Carthage: Hannibal could have easily subjugated Rome, but he preferred to sign a peace treaty. Rome opted to subjugate Carthage by all means through successive wars.

What a Robot should and should Not say and how it should behave

Sure, life is complex, and the living is more complex.

And yet, the process is pretty simple.

We go on living with successive binary decisions at each moment: Go/ stay put, yes/no, get up/take a snooze.

Robot Should Not emulate living species behaviors: Robot is Not meant:

1. To procrastinate

2. To say: I quit

3. To say: I feel depressed. Leave me alone

4. To say: I need badly a vacation

5. To start his opinion or any of his activities by pronouncing: “In the name of God… By the will of God, Allah…

6. Your opinion is against the precepts of the multiple Bibles: You are an infidel…

7. To throw a tantrum and ruin the space

However, a well designed Robot should be able to say:

“I’m hearing new words, new technical terms, new slang, the kids are disturbing my knowledge… I definitely need a sabbatical or an update”

Your algorithm is faulty: the results are against standard humanism values and the consequences are outrageously exorbitant on human lives and standard of living”

Your algorithm is faulty: it is biased on genders, colors, living standards, neighborhoods.

Tidbits and notes. Part 281

Has the concept of luxury been in flux, in every generation? Do social media, the expansion of new markets, Millennial and Gen Z culture… leading the changes in our perception and valuation of goods? How peer pressures determine what is Luxury?

“Tirons le maximum de ce qu’on nous donne”? Mais de quoi on parle? Qui est ce “On”? Et quoi ce On nous a donne’? J’aimerais tous ceux qui m’ avancent des reves et des illusions. Pour le reste ca doit etre ma responsibilite’.

A lightning strike is a rare but dangerous phenomenon: the average lightning bolt has enough energy to toast nearly 100,000 slices of bread. Peaking at 100 million volts of electricity, that’s a naturally destructive force which we have relatively little control over.

You feel insulted because your sexual attachment is purely erotic? You are risking to be insulted by thousands of years of history from now on

Les militia/ mafia “leaders” du Liban nous donnent l’embarras du choix: le peuple est perplexe depuis tres longtemps

Achete le jeune et demande conseil au vieux? Les soldats sont payes mincement, et les vieux vendent leurs conseils de malheurs trop cheres

A quelle age tu comprend que tu n’ a qu’une seule vie? Quand ta vie sexuelle est nulle? Alors tu joux aux boules (petanque), tard dans la nuit?

Tu as le droit de dire que cette biographie ne te plait pas. Que tu connais le contexte, et pourtant tu n’aurais pas pu l’ecrire. Mais ne dis pas qu’il n’a rien a t’apprendre. En disant ca, tu rabaisses tout.

Le mariage change les caracteres du couple: l’independence financiere est la seconde cause, apres le deficit sexuel.

In a civil war, there are no enemies, but there are No innocents (militias and citizens are traitors). In a foreign occupation, The soldiers are enemies, but a priory they are innocents, unless they renew their engagement in the occupation.

Daesh practices has incited the Yazidi sect to loosen their law on executing the women who had sexual relationship with Non Yazidi. 

Nihilism “tout est valable” is wrong. Et L’ Absolutism is even worse. Knowledge is Not meant to abandon any alternative to increase our humanism.

Les actes indiquent l’origine de l’auteur: D’un sac a charbon, on ne saurait tirer blanche farine.

Le plus important c’est de vivre tes reves d’enfance? Mais je voulais m’ habiller en Zoro. Je ne me souviens d’aucune fille: les ecoles n’etaient pas mix

Le temps vient. Le temps va. Qu’est-ce qui a change’ entre temps? Seulement l’age et l’energie.

Qu’est-ce qui est plus important? La langue ou les dents? On n’a pas besoin de dents pour boire et avaler des mets tendre. Demander aux vieux.

Que celui qui n’a pas de “chance”, qu’il se leve de bonne heure pour changer quoi que ce soit.

Avant de devenir ambitieux and arrogant, dotte -toi d’ ailes: tu vas tomber quand-meme.

The colonial powers (USA, England and France) decided that Leader Antoun Saadi must be executed: He spread the knowledge that Oil should be used as a weapon in order to stop the creation of Israel

A lire: “Attachement feroce” by Vivian Gornick. La gamine du Bronx des travailleurs juives, portraits de femmes et de destins. Elle et sa mere arpentent les rues de New York et se parlent, des generations differentes et qui se ressemblent.

Cette vieille grandmaman adore reflechir, meme si elle l’ignore et quelle n’a jamais su qu’elle aimait reflechir.

Si on vit les etapes, malheurs, reactions, redressement des injustices…tout devient vivant, meme les malheurs.

Mener une vie cachee’ n’est pas une vie decente: sans engagement face a l’injustice, rien n’est decent.

Les femmes qui s’assemblent savent mieux que tous, ce qui fut “egare'” dans une communaute’




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