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An inefficient incinerator in Beirut to be adding waste to our deteriorated air quality?

What I’m about to tell you is inspired by a true story that took place in the last few days in our land of the orient with a named wary fox who just lost his refrigerator after five years of good and loyal services.

He is not the only Lebanese in failure, the cemetery of appliances and Electronics in Lebanon is littered with innocent victims of an electric current as failing as the leaders of the country. (Actually, only Syrian repairmen are available for kitchen machinery)

Is it that today the city council of #Beirut has gathered in large pump to debate an important dossier. It is determined neither more nor less to install an incinerator of household garbage in the Lebanese capital.

If the project sees the day, up to 200 tons of waste could be burned every day at the noses of the Lebanese and the example will be followed by other municipalities.

They will tell you that there will be ” Filters “, that we will be in the ” standards ” and that we will do as in ” Sweden “, anything!

We live in a neglected country at the highest level, where standards are never respected, ridden by corruption, ravaged by incompetence, guided by ignorance, overextended to 150 % of its GDP, with a human density of 600 Inhabitants by km2 whose electricity is very poor quality and which collects four divergent opinions to fix a fridge?

The Municipality of Beirut (with one $billion strong budget) has been trying for a year to produce a film in France and Lebanon to “highlight the solutions followed ( abroad ) to transform waste into energy”, instead of ordering a documentary on the sorting of trash Housewives in Switzerland, where everything is sorted to the oil of frying by the people themselves.

But precisely, this is where the bat hurts, the sorting does not interest the municipality of Beirut, no more than it interests the ministry of the environment and even the government and Lebanese Mps.

Before it’s too late, let’s say No to household garbage incinerators in Lebanon, yes to recycling and reducing the volume of waste.

Personally, I’m totally for the #decay. Otherwise, we must prepare to assume the morbid consequences of the installation of these stove at the bottom of our windows.

Why Lebanese employers like to hire Syrian refugees?

Would any Lebanese agree to work under these rules?
1. Address your employers as ‘mister’ or ‘madam’ and always smile.
2. Offer your help constantly even if you’ve finished work.
3. You can sleep 7 hours per day after taking your employer’s permission.
4. Keep your mobile with your employer and not have a pass-code on it.
5. Under no circumstances are you to go out alone.
6. Do minor work for your boss on your day off.
7. If your employer wants you to go and work in another place, you must agree.
8. You are not allowed to carry cash.
You’ll be paid $150 a month. Sound good? Sign up now. Don’t rush. Form an orderly queue.
#salibaabusers #oneoftheworstagenciesinLebanon

Note 1: Refugees don’t have the spirit to stand up for their rights. Lebanese citizens too don’t stand up for their rights: they just mouth them, to spite themselves. Small business Employers, all over the world, are mostly racists in their excuses for making profits

Note 2: A comment from Faten Maka: Lebanese agents deceive women coming about the terms and once they arrive, they are trapped. Do you think anyone in their right mind would go to Lebanon if they saw this paper before getting on the plane?

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