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Are Superstars talented? Can these kinds of talented people save the day?

By Dan Rockwell?

Superstars aren’t the answer:  they may be a few of our problems.

Isn’t it thrilling when high performers join your organization? Finally, someone can bring home the bacon like no one else. Wrong!

Superstars who believe they save the day are selfish hogs. Organizations don’t need swine they need strong teams that deliver results together.

Individual contributors – superstars – might help for the short-term but eventually they cripple organizations and destroy morale.

High potential:

Real high potentials work well with others; they don’t work in isolation.

Team players are better than individual contributors.

Team players:

  1. Develop organizational capacity.
  2. Share the spotlight.
  3. Sacrifice for the team.
  4. Build morale.
  5. Have humble spirits.
  6. Encourage.
  7. Listen.

Dig deep:

Highly talented individuals who work well with others produce results and lift organizations.

Control yourself the next time you interview a super star. Ask, “How well have they played with others?” Perhaps the real job interview should be with team-mates. How well did they work with others?

  1. Disagree agreeably?
  2. Speak honestly?
  3. Work behind the scenes?
  4. Contribute to the success of others?
  5. Back-stab?

It’s easy to find yourself starry-eyed with talented super stars and high potentials. Beware, you need more than talent; you need talented team players.

How do you spot highly talented team players?

What can leaders do to enhance team work?

Associating people with food, sadness with Lemon Pie, pregnancy with strawberry cake…And Qatar, Saudi Arabia… wrote:

“Have you ever found yourself associating people with the food they bring to gatherings?

Like Rudy, he’s banana pudding with real whipped cream and Nilla Wafers.

Or J is spinach/artichoke dip, or basil, cheese torta (a freaking work of art) and cherry crisp.

Wein is sausage biscuit/meatball thingys, and that’s cool because she’s a vegetarian but she thinks about what other people like first.

M and I equally divide being the queso, and veggie/fruit trays (she has 2.75 kids, I’m just not a great cook or planner). Another friend is black bean and corn salsa.

‎Regret Regret Ya Allah U knows Better ♥

I’m giving this cake a lot of thought, and I think I can trace the inspiration back to a book I read about a year ago called, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender.

It’s about a young girl who can taste the emotions and feelings of anyone who has prepared her food.

This ability begins on her 9th birthday when her mother bakes her a lemon cake filled with particular sadness.




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