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Why USA has an entitlement problem?

Now Alyssa Ahlgren, a graduate student in the USA is sitting in a cafe in New York and looking around and enjoying all the prosperity and facilities she is enjoying’. Ahlgren is baffled when a congresswoman claims that the new generation is Not that lucky to enjoying the prosperity that the US citizens are entitled to.

Yes, USA has an entitlement problem and that is why it is the only country/empire launching multiple pre-emptive wars around the world since 1946.

And the US administration and institutions are convinced that it must police the world to coincide with its “interest”, an interest which is totally matching its elite classes and the world view of its Silent Majority.

And still, there are areas in social classes where the USA is Not considered that prosperous to them, commensurate to its potential to do the good to all its citizens.

Hi Alyssa Ahlgren, the prosperity you notice around you is because of other forms of slave work that the USA Capitalism has been subjugating other people to do its bidding. And prosperity is actually Not perceived by many classes who are literally discriminated against to enjoy the potential wealth and facilities.

I believe that the Silent Majority in USA is fundamentally racist because it refuses to listen or care for other world views. This mental and reflective isolation is a most dangerous attitude in systems claiming to be “democratic”.

Actually, it is the oligarchic class (elite class that made fortune out of monopolistic systems) that encourage this isolationist tendency in remote villages to secure their votes.

Kinds of questions… Manipulative questions?

Questions may make others feel uncomfortable even manipulated.

By Dan Rockwell?

I felt disappointed when I was told, “Sometimes when you ask a question I think you already know the answer.” Ouch!

It’s true; I frequently have an answer in my head. But, I don’t have the answer. I’m interested in yours. I love asking questions.


Why be concerned about manipulative questions?

Some people ask general questions and then creatively apply responses. They might ask, “What do you think about the Tech Department?” You respond, “They’re improving their turn-around time.”

Your answer becomes, “The boss thinks you’re slow.”

Backstabbers and manipulators make us weary. The issues, in this case, are integrity and trust, not questions. Additionally, it’s wise to answer general questions generally. (If your question is Not specific, it means you failed to do your due diligence)


Questions are an exploration.

When coaching, for example, my answers don’t matter. Of course it isn’t always that simple.

It’s normal for a coachee to ask, “What do you think?”

When exploring solutions or options I keep my answers to myself. , I avoid polluting your thinking by giving my answer, first.

I can see where someone, after hearing the option I had in mind, might think, “Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”

How can you ask questions without making others feel manipulated or uncomfortable?


  1. Begin by saying, “I’ve been considering options for the “xyz” project and wonder what you think.” This signals others that you’re exploring.
  2. Respect and explore answers. Say, “If we choose your suggestion, what are the next steps?”, for example.
  3. Withhold judgment. When I already have an answer, I tend to use it to evaluate yours. That closes my mind. Open minds go further than closed minds.
  4. Create a list of options together and explore each one. “Let’s create some options that move us forward.”

How can leaders ask question, most effectively?

What are some of your favorite questions?




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