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Ajdad (grand-parents)wants to change: Already perceived a senile elder person

Posted on: September 4, 2019

Short story: Ajdad wants to change as he was reminded that he is already perceived an elder person

Ajdad grew up unpretentious, and was perceived a stuck up child.

Ajdad cared for nothing in particular in order to ask questions, much less pertinent questions.

This naive kid grew up more naive with age: The more he knew about people and the universe, the more confused he felt and had no idea from where to start his questioning with other people…

Ajdad grew to be over 60 year-old and he is keeping himself fit and young, Not in matter of speed and aerobics, but for endurance and flexibility.

And time passed pretty quick for Ajdad to realize that he is banished from the youth community, even the over thirty-something.

At his early age, Ajdad didn’t felt this strong urge to communicate and question his peers or relatives.

And he was perceived as an unbearably pretentious person to associate with or keep any steady link with him.

He became highly critical and cynical since he gathered many higher educational degrees in many field of study, especially in rational thinking and experimental designs.

Adjad accumulated a vast comprehensive knowledge on many issues, and he persist on patronizing libraries every day, to read and write.

Though Ajdad is starting to listen and learn about human interactions and traditional biases.

He is letting his funny and ironic hidden “streak” spread when he meet “strangers”, and love to make people laugh hard, at his own expense.

Ajdad may grow to be 90, but he is Not likely to find a single close friend to keep him company, as the trend keeps speaking loudly since his early age.

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