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It is worthwhile to bring history to compare among critical situations: Syria

Posted on: September 10, 2019

It is worthwhile to bring history to compare among critical situations: Syria

I repeat: There are a few historians who compare current Syria with Syria during the 11th century: Damascus was the center of power for the Sunnis against Aleppo that was mostly in the hands of the rebel sects (Karamitah, shiaa varieties, Alawit, minority sects…).

If the Syrian regime overcome this worldwide war against it, that would be proof enough that the Sunnis in Damascus are against the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood movement, attached to Turkey and following its orders.

Likewise, the Sunnis in the western part of Aleppo want to be part of a unified Syrian nation, strong central institutions and gradual political reforms

Those constipated about this realization, I suggest to start using small cucumbers (esbo3 al bobo ya khiyaar).

Anyway, the current regime is different from that prior to 2011: too many minorities and national parties have fought for this unified Syria. And the Baath party is reduced to a screen (paravent).

Note: These Islamic movements have forced the regime to reconstruct Mosques in order to wither this cataclysmic environment and the heavy handed economic sanctions by the US and the western colonial powers. But as Syria had no foreign debt before 2011, it still refuses to  be financially indebted and is winning the war.

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