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Sequelles des accidents vasculaire: Agraphie, alexie...?

What I am reporting is Not from any medical journal, but what the author Charif Majdalani described in his book “L’empereur a pied

The father Fayez Jbeili, a big shot in commerce and with vast relations with the trade industry and political people, suffered a vascular accident.

Months after this health problem, Fayez reported to his confident of drive Lotfi, and nobody else, Not even to his wife or children, what he remember:

“En sortant de son bureau, il avait eprouve’ de l’etourdissement, puis une violente douleur a la tete, et puis plus rien. Il ne se rappela jamais avoir pris la voiture, les urgences. Il avait ete’ ballotte’ dans des histoires sans noms, ou’ se metaient les figures de son frere Naufal et de son fils cadet Raed. ”

During 18 days, Fayez regained a semblance of consciousness, not comprehending where he is or what he was doing, or the direction of his bed and where he was sleeping. His perception of space was perturbed and he had to sleep it.

It was extremely hard to speak or do any gesticulation., it was as hard as moving a mountain, but he was angry. Fayez could no longer recognize letters, characters or numbers: he reverted to an analphabet.  All the languages that he was conversant in were foreign to him. And he could no longer write anything.

Any kinds of computation was out of his scope. Actually, when he looked at dailies, he felt terrible dizziness. A mirror that vibrated engendered dizziness.

Months later, Fayez took the habit of returning to his various enterprises: he faked to be busy and asked his directors to read and sign the documents. Ideas and thinking were exercises that involved all his body that he could Not shoulder.  Thus, instead of remaining in one place, Fayez would go on “inspection” tours, faking that he is pretty normal and aware of the difficulties of his business.

Many directors and comtables became rich at his expenses and the competitors were arranging and waiting to take over many of Fayez businesses.

One day, while being driven by Lotfi, Fayez recognized the big characters of a few shops. He then managed to read the big characters in the dailies, but Not the smaller ones.

By the by, Fayez got aware of what his elder son, his lawyer and the two mafia persons associated with him (Chalala and Johnny Isa) were fomenting to out him on the ground of senility.

The two mafia characters were beaten badly and the lawyer was precipitated from his building. One militia politician called him up to to express his disapproval and Fayez retorted that these are the proper punishment for setting a son against his father.




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