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Our recklessness in wiping ourselves and every living organism

Posted on: October 29, 2019

This precarious existence of human species

A few conditions for the emergence of our species.

Observers have identified two dozen fortunate breaks we have had on Earth to create just the living organism.

Not to mention the hundreds of conditions for the formation of human species that is Not within this scope.

If the Sun was larger, it would have exhausted its fuel before Earth could be formed because the larger the star the more rapidly it burns.

If we were two light minutes closer to the Sun we would be like planet Venus that cannot sustain life; Venus surface temperature is 470 degrees Celsius and all its water has evaporated driving hydrogen away into space.

If we were 1% further from the Sun we would be like frozen Mars.

If our core didn’t contain molten liquid we would Not have magnetism to protect us from cosmic rays.

If our tectonic plates didn’t collide to produce more gases and continually renew and rumple the surface with mountains then we would be under 4,000 meters of water.

If our moon was not large enough, one fourth the size of Earth, then Earth would be wobbling like a dying top with unstable climate and weather.

It is to be noted that the Moon is slipping away at a rate of 4 centimeters a year, relinquishing its gravitational hold.

If comets didn’t strike Earth to produce the Moon or asteroid to wipe out the Dinosaurs, or

If we didn’t enjoy enough stability for a long time, human would not be what they are. commented:

Wilson’s remarkable book reminds us that every living thing is the result of millions of years of evolution. We have all arrived here together: the perfect possum, the perfect bear, the perfect fox, the ‘almost’ perfect human.

Now however, we are living in a precarious moment wherein our species, Homo Sapiens, supposedly the ‘smart’ species, is recklessly and mindlessly on course to destroy the rest of life on earth, not by means of a nuclear war but by eating, killing, poisoning, and crowding out all wildlife everywhere, including in the oceans.

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