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And all those Mercenaries are “Going Hunting”

Note: I have the pleasure for the readers to remind me of the pieces that I have posted long time ago. I enjoy re-reading them and updating them when need be.

Going Hunting (1998)

  1. I’m going to war.

My government has decided.

I need to release my animal instincts.

For economic reasons,

For political reasons,

For religious reasons.

I’m going to war, today,

For no reasons:

Just kicking butts.

  1. What animal instincts do they fear in me?

I’ve never seen animals killing others

From miles away.

I’ve never seen an animal

Who has just gorged

On hamburger and pizza,

Going a-prowling,

To kill and maim.

  1. Never seen an animal

Returning from the hunt,

In clean and spec fur,

Shining from shoulders to boots.

Never seen an animal

Returning from the hunt,

To eat more and get drunk silly.

They used to find themselves a cool shade

To rest and sleep off the feast.

  1. What animal instincts do they fear in me?

I had a dream of cannibals at war

And I was a reporter of this war.

Once a victor felled his enemy, he would kneel and achieve him.

The victor is serenely and religiously eating his enemy flesh, raw.

For him, the war is already over:

He stops killing other victims,

He is not helping the warriors of his tribe to overcome more enemies.

His enemies will not interfere with his eating;

They stay away from this pair,

Both finally at peace.

For both, the victor and the victim, the war is over.

  1. When the dust of war settles down all the living warriors from both camps

    Prepare a joint bonfire and finish off the remains of their victims.

    They leave the battlefield in peace.

    They don’t carry any leftovers:

    Nature and its beasts need to take their shares of the slaughter.

    What animal instincts do they fear in me?




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