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Any prophecies for hanging which Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders”?

If this mass upheaval escalates into a bloody revolution

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Prophecy of Reign of Terror: La Harpe to Jacques Cazotte

Who in the audience will be decapitated during the French Revolution?

This caption should be asked during Lebanon mass upheaval, once the upheaval devolves into a bloody revolution.

Jacques Cazotte  (1719-1792) who published “The Amorous Devil“, which started the fantastic kind of literature, was a member of the group that met in 1788 with La Harpe and several illustrious people at a dinner.

Many were academicians and of the aristocratic sphere.

La Harpe stated:

“You, Condorcet you’ll die in prison. Chamfort, you’ll cut your veins to death. Nicolai, you’ll end at the  scaffold (echafaud, guillotine),

You, de Malesherbes on the scaffold. You Bailly sur l”echafaud.

You, duchess of Gramont along with many of your genders you’ll end at the scaffold…

And only the King Louis 16 will be granted the grace to confess before being beheaded

It turned out that even Cazotte ended up at the guillotine.

The reign of Terror of the revolution during Robespierre lasted 2 years (1792-93) and witnessed 17,000 citizens of all classes being decapitated.

Only 15% of these victims were from the noble or aristocratic classes.

Every morning, two to three carriages filled with convicts were sent to the guillotine.

Marshal Rochambeau, hero of the Yorktown victory during the American insurgency was saved at the last minute because the carriage was already full and the guard shoved Rochambeau aside saying: “Your turn is tomorrow old Marshal”.

Tomorrow happened to be the day Robespierre himself was guillotined and the old Marshal lived a very comfortable live in his castle.

“The lover of former king Louis 15, Madame du Barry said to the  butcher: “Please, give me a minute more

Many illustrious scientists were decapitated such as Lavoisier, the discoverer of the proportion of Oxygen in the air.

The butcher kissed the hand of his Queen Marie-Antoinette before activating the guillotine.

In Lebanon mass upheaval, I cannot claim that famous academicians and scientists will meet and someone among them will deliver a horror prophecy: Most of them had emigrated long time ago and never returned.

I can conjecture, if our militia/mafia “leaders” don’t die before them, the potential criminals that should be hanged amid the piles of waste that they couldn’t resolve are:

Former Presidents: Michel Suleiman and Amine Gemmayyel

Former Army chief: Kahwaji

Former Prime ministers: Seniora, Mikati, Salam, Saad Hariri

Parliament chief: Nabih Berry

Militia leaders during the civil war: Walid Jumblaat and Samir Ja3ja3




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