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” I write (I’m revolt)”: Egypt author Alaa el Aswany

Why do I write the text of alaa el aswany, author of ” the yacoubian building ” and ” I ran to the Nile ” to which I added a note between interlude (I’m revolt)

” I write (I’m revolt) because the difference between what we have and what we deserve has become unbearable.

I write (I’m revolt) because I don’t agree: I am against what is happening, against injustice, dictatorship, religious extremism, hypocrisy, corruption and oppression.

I write (I revolt) to create my world of mine, and share my world with my readers…

I write (I revolt) to create a life that looks like our daily life but is deeper, more meaningful and more beautiful. (More just, fair and equitable?)

Through my characters, I try to show that we are different in skin color, religion, social class and culture, but we are all first human beings with the same feelings, dreams and suffering.

Mothers love their children in the same way, two young people love each other in the same way, children laugh and cry the same way.

In fact, we are all made the same way but we often forget this truth.

I write (I’m revolt) to transmit the voice of the people who suffer, people who are marginalized and forgotten by everyone.

I write (I’m revolt) because the world is divided, but not between Muslims and western people as George Bush believed, nor between white and non-White people as Donald Trump believes.

Our world is divided between those who remain human and those who become inhuman. (Elite classes who transcended the human nature to become above human suffering and needs? Sort of Demi-Gods in privileges)

On the human side, we find artists, children, mothers, ordinary people who work honestly to earn a living, live and raise their children.

On the cruel side, there are all those who see life in numbers and not in values, all those who practice hate and not compassion and care.

All those who dehumanize others, who do not see them as human beings but as elements belonging to a hostility group, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, eastern species, or west.

On the cruel side, there are arms sellers, war general, terrorists, Kings of the multi-national companies, western politicians who support dictatorships for the economic interests of their country…

They are the hypocrites, liars and the intellectuals who sold themselves to the dictatorship.

I write (I revolt) because literary beauty never exists in the void, but in the defense of human values (dignity, compassion, care, community association…)

I write (I revolt) for all these reasons “. (and even more)




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