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Where Lebanon from here? Structural political change is an obvious requirement. What intermediary reforms?

Posted on: December 7, 2019

Where Lebanon from here? Structural political change is obvious. What intermediary reforms?

Lebanon is a very tiny State (about 10,000 sq. km) with a reduced population of less than 5 million and 19 officially religious sects  having the sole monopoly of individual registry.

With the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 (by a majority of a single vote in the UN), Lebanon has but a single land trade route to the rest of the world through Syria.

Since the creation of Israel (our existential enemy) daily trade and communication of our people have been blocked.

Unless political close relationship is established with Syria, there is no possibility to encourage the productive sectors in industry and agriculture or even in financial sectors.

The current financial fiasco in Lebanon has proven the tight interaction between Syria currency and Lebanon overvalued currency (linked to the dollar since 1994).

The impact of Lebanon tenuous currency has directly affected the currency of Syria since most of their entrepreneurs deal with Lebanese banks for their imports.

Our highway robbers of militia/mafia “leaders” are controlled by their Godfather:

  1. Nabih Berry has been chairman of the Parliament since 1994 without discontinuity. He is every-time elected by the entire deputies, give or take a couple of deputy. The reason for this is that Nabih has supported every deputy to acquire a monopoly of a consume good, energy, financial transaction, services… Berry has transformed our Ponzi scheme system into an anomy system.
  2. Nabih Berry considers himself the sole interpreter of the Constitution, although we have no idea which constitution is to guide us: the initial constitution of 1943 or the constitution of the Taef ( Saudi Kingdom) in 1992
  3. Actually, the Constitution is basically scarecrow that nobody abide by and is repeatedly baffled on the basis of urgent trade-off among the sectarian parties. We do have officially 19 religious sects, each one maintaining the citizens’ private registry.
  4. What Berry and most of the deputies elected by the sectarian parties and enjoying astronomical privileges is to wipe out, by a general amnesty, all their highway robberies during the last 30 years, and escape facing justice. The mechanism is to create special Courts elected by the parliament deputies itself.
  5. As long as Berry is still in power, Lebanon will never experience any reforms or any kind of change in its political system

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