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Tidbits and notes. Part 435

The ancient city-state of Athens could Not swallow the concept of free expressions in public. Athens political structure was mainly controlled by the oligarchy and the rich conservatives. And the famous “philosophers” like Socrates, Anaxagoras and Protagoras charged extravagant stipends from all these adventurer aristocrats, seeking political status through fomenting successive wars to keep the empire cowed and the subjugated city-sates paying their due taxes. All these “philosophers” ended up exiled or punished with death for their ideas.

“Moi, je denonce les idees des autres ignorants. Le chien a une ame: il peut distinguer les humains amicaux et ceux hostillent a son existence” Diogene

Every period has its main litmus test of patriotism and progressive positions, especially for public figures of intellectuals and politicians. “What is your stand on the Palestinian cause” was the main litmus test for decades. It has come back after Trump pronouncement on Jerusalem

If Hezbollah support to reconvene Saad Hariri as PM, then my suspicion will increase that Hezbollah is in acute economic and financial difficulties: this party would be ready to enjoy the Haririyat’s Ponzi scheme for a while longer. To gain time? But Lebanon is set for a long and harsh period. The sooner we get out of our fantasies the better society will come to term with the reality of our defective policies.

I learned that the tent in 3azariyyi was discussing the feasibility of finding a peace treaty with Israel “tatbee3 ma3 Israel“. Is that a timely purpose of the mass upheaval (7iraak)? Stick to the fundamental emergencies and don’t meddle in foreign policies right now.

A week before the mass upheaval (al 7iraak) started in October 17, Jobran Basil (Lebanon foreign minister and leader of Tayyar )declared that turning the table on our defunct political and economic system could become an inevitable outcome. Question: If the President was the first in delivering his speech before Saad PM, the next day of the 7iraak, and told us the economic plan is to be changed to a productive system and opening the trade borders with Syria and Iraq, how this 7iraak would have unfolded?

A US federal judge blocked a Los Angeles law requiring businesses seeking city contracts to disclose any ties to the NRA.

The donations to the Vatican: Uses about 90% of the funds on its administrative budget.

EU is the first economic power in the world and the UK wants out?

Most hotel chains don’t own their  properties, but rather provides capital and training to hotel owners who re-brand to its specs. It then takes a portion of their revenue. Agarwal’s company in India is valued at $10 billion, surpassing Marriott by room count.

In a world where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap, in a world of media where the former audience are now increasingly full participants, in that world, media is less and less often about crafting a single message to be consumed by individuals. It is more and more often a way of creating an environment for convening and supporting groups.

1993: Internet pioneer Rick Gates suggests that a free, open-source encyclopedia could exist on the internet (he called it “Interpedia”).

Life style in Lebanon will change, and soon

The Lebanese will sooner or later forget to deal with the US dollars.

The foreign domestic helpers will return homes for lack of dollars, as will be the case with foreign workers such as the Egyptians and even the Syrians. The Graduate Lebanese will handle the gas stations instead of them and may return to plow whatever lands they didn’t sell.

It will take a couple of years of hardship before we get down to earth and change our lifestyle and mental fixation.

لا شكّ بأنّ ما حصل، وما يحصل، وما سيحصلّ في لبنان، سيغيّر نمط تفكيرنا ، وسُبُل حياتنا إلى الأبد…

– سننسى كلياً فكرة التعامل بالدولار… ولن نتعامل مطلقاً إلا بعملتنا الوطنية … الليرة اللبنانية… وهو واقع حال كلّ دول العالم، التي تتعامل داخلياً بعملتها الوطنية فقط…

– ستبدأ العاملات الأجنبيات في منازلنا بمغادرة لبنان بسبب عدم وجود الدولار… “وما عادت توّفي معنا مدام”… وستعود ” المدام ” إلى لعب أحدّ أهمّ أدوارها ، وهو دور ستّ البيت، وربّة المنزل، ومربيّة أولادها…

– سيدأ العمال الأجانب، وجلّهم من المصرييّن، بترك محطات البنزين، ومغادرة لبنان… ” والله يا بيه ، ما يصحشّ كِدا…”، وسيضطر شبابنا ، ” وصبايانا”، إلى العمل في تلك المحطات ، لتأمين مصاريفهم اليومية، وأقساط جامعاتهم… وهذا ما يحصل في كلّ دول العالم…

– سنعود جميعنا إلى قُرانا وإلى الأرياف للعمل في أراضينا ، لنزرعها ، ولنأكلّ من منتوجاتها…

– سيتفيّر وسيتبدّل نمط تفكير شبابنا، وسيخفّ وهج العنجهية الشبابية، وسنتعلم التواضع والتواضع…

ولكيّ يحصل كلّ ما ورد، سنحتاج إلى سنوات من العذاب الفكري…

ففورة ” الحياة السهلة” التي كان اللبناني يعيش فيها… قدّ ولّت إلى غير رجعة…

وستأكل لقمتك … بتعب يديّك…!!!

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