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Speech of Hitler lambasting Roosevelt: As Germany declares war on the US on Dec. 11, 1941

Note: A re-edit of 2013 post.

Hitler was Not from any Elite Class circle by a long shot. The colonial powers elite classes used Hitler as a mascot Clown to popularize and spread their apartheid ideology and genocide on large scale in their colonies, through Hitler virulent populist national rhetorics, until Hitler constructed his close-knit circle of Nazi “leaders” .

Hitler knew that Roosevelt (one of the 10,000 ultra rich) favored England, but the US President was unable to counter the 80% of the US public opinion, which was very reluctant of intervening in this war.

Roosevelt has agreed to lend Churchill on credit for military hardware purchases, foodstuff and raw materials, most of the 33 million tons of supplies that England needed every month, just to survive.

Before and for a long time after the start of WWII, the US companies were exporting all kinds of products and rare raw materials to both sides, and accumulating huge profit.

Ribbentrop (German foreign minister) insists that Japan should not give Roosevelt any excuse for the USA to enter the war: We are in the same boat with you, and the US produces more military hardware than all the belligerent forces engaged around the world…”

In Nov. 23, 1941, Germany foreign minister Ribbentrop meet with Japan’s ambassador Oshima and told him:

“We know today for certain from the intransigence of the US, that the negotiations with Japan will end in failure.  If Japan decides to go to war against the USA, that option will be favorable to the Führer, and Germany will join Japan in declaring war on the US…”

On Dec. 6, 1941, Roosevelt had written to Japan’s Emperor Hirohito:

“We, State leaders, have the sacred duty of restoring the traditional friendship between our two countries”

Four weeks later, on Dec. 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed half the US naval fleet in Hawaii.

The US airplane carriers were not in sight of the Japanese planes and were saved from certain sinking. That was a fatal mistake that would turn the tide during the Midway sea battle.

A week later, Hitler declares war on the US and delivered this public speech:

“I accuse Roosevelt of crimes against international laws.

Roosevelt comes from a rich family and lived the privileged life that democratic States facilitate the existence of the rich classes, this class labeled the 10,000 ultra rich.

Roosevelt lived WWI in the shadow of his protector (President) Wilson, amid the sphere of the war profiteers and exploited the miseries of the poor classes riddled with soaring inflation and engaged in vast speculation deals

I was a simple soldier in WWI, and I got injured, and was released as poor as ever.

Roosevelt is intent on switching his policies from the internal public opinion demands to external affairs, aided by his Jewish cohort the Frankfurter, Baruch, Cohen and Morgenthau…”

Initially Germany’s policy was to keep the US neutral in the conflict. Germany was interested in Continental Europe, including Russia as its Vital Space.

On Feb. 1941, German foreign minister Ribbentrop had met again with Japan’s ambassador Oshima.

Ribbentrop tells Oshima that the Führer is considering to extend his vital space eastward, toward Russia, and that he accepts the risk of a war with Russia.

Hitler came to believe the view that Roosevelt is the main danger in the US and that the Jews in the White House were strongly influencing his foreign policies. Hitler said:

“The American have no future. The USA is a rotten country. The racial problems and the vast inequalities are rampant. The US inspires me with aversion and deep disgust. Half Jewish, and half niggers: This is the US society in a nutshell. How can a community founded on solely generating money and stand up among the nations?…”

It is to be noted that, when Germany declared war on the USA, it was already in deep trouble after occupying large swap of lands in Russia and facing serious counter-offensives from the Soviet armies, in this cold Russian winter…

Germany was fighting the two largest powers in the world at the same time.

If Germany coordinated its attack on Russia with Japan, the entire war scenario would have changed. Japan was already in Manchuria and occupied Korea and the coastal parts of China

But Hitler wanted all of occidental Russia to belong solely to Germany!

Note 2: It is obvious that Germany and Japan had clear ideas on the danger of antagonizing USA, but they could no longer afford the forceful tacit trade of the USA in favor of their “enemies” and military support.

The best Christian minds and most Nationalists in the Middle-East have been forced to emigrate

Note: The author of this post Sami Ayoubi claims that the Christians in the Middle-East, from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, have emigrated Not because of religious persecutions of other Islamic sects, but because they preferred to live in a Western cultural environment.

I beg to differ, Not on account of preference of cultural settings, but because persecutions of the Ottoman Empire in all this region and the purposeful famine it imposed during WW1 have pressured many to immigrate to USA and Latin America and Africa.

Currently, the immigrants to Africa and Latin America of Muslims, during Lebanon civil war and after was much greater than Christians. During the civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990) and the latest civil war in Syria that started in 2011 forced many educated graduates to emigrate.

ISIS slaughter-hood in this region targeted far more Sunni Muslims than other sects and this savage extremist religious “State” exacerbated the immigration process to all out of shear fear.

We must consider the proportions of immigrants according to religious sect and the education level, especially those who graduated from private universities that have links to colonial powers universities for easier transfer of the minds.

Note 2: Christian emigrants from Palestine has reached a critical level due to apartheid Israelis policies of forcing them out of Jerusalem and the prosperous Palestinian towns and cities

سامي الأيوبي posted on Fb. 21 hrs

تناقص المسيحين من الشرق

جبران خليل جبران، وميخائيل نعيمة، وإيليا أبو ماضي، ونسيب عريضة، ورشيد أيوب، وعبد المسيح حداد، وندرة حداد، وليث سعيد اغريب، وأمين مشرق، ووديع ياحوط. و ميشيل نعمان معلوف، وفوزي المعلوف، ورشيد سليم، وشفيق المعلوف، وإلياس فرحات، وعقل الجر، وشكر الله الجر، وجرجس كرم، وتوفيق قربان، واسكندر كرباج، ونضير زيتون، ومهدي سكافي، وعمر عبيد، وسلمى صائغ، ويارا الشلهوب أمين الريحاني، ونعمة الله حاج، وآخرون.
… ..
انهم من أفضل الادباء والشعراء 
اني احبهم واحترمهم وافخر بهم
هؤلاء العقول العربية المسيحية هاجرت من وطنها ..لبنان وسوريا الى اوريا وامريكا الجنوبية والشمالية .

هاجروا اوائل القرن التاسع عشر ..وعاشوا هناك وفي قلوبهم حنين وحب لوطنهم الام ..هذا الحنين عبروا عنه شعرا بديعا وادبا رفيعا وبلغتهم الام وهي اللغة العربية .
دافعوا عن قضايا امتهم وحاولوا قدر ما استطاعوا مساعدة ابناء وطنهم .

انظروا ايها السادة ..انها اسماء عربية ..لم يجبرهم احد ان يسموا انفسهم بها
لاحظوا انه هاجروا مع انكفاء الدولة العثمانية وقدوم دول الاستعمار ..اي لم يهاجروا تحت ضغط ديني او مذهبي
وانتبهوا انهم هاجروا ولم يعودا ..ولو عادوا لزادوا عدد المسيحين افرادا كثيرة

واعلموا احبتي انهم كتبوا كثيرا بحب بلادهم الام وحنينهم الى اهلها ولم نسمع منهم كلمات حاقدة او شامتة او مفرقة .
ما اردت قوله ..ان المسيحين في بلادنا هم نخبة متعلمة وذات اخلاق رفيعة ..
والوطن بحاجة لهم وهم احد خيوط نسيجه الجميل .

لكن حدث وان هاجروا ..
اريد ان اقول اني قرات دراسة تتحدث عن اسباب تناقص المسيحين في السرق الاوسط… شملت هذه الدراسة .سوريا ولبنان وتركيا والعراق وفلسطين والاردن .
اعطت بعض الارقام ..وعلق بذهني ان نسبة المسيحين في الشرق الاوسط كانت عام 1914 هي تفوق 14% من عدد سكان المنطقة

وفي عام 2014… قلت لتكون ما يقارب 4%

اذا يقل عدد المسحين بوجود دول غربية مسيحية حاكمة للمنطقة فتخرج تلك الدول ليليها حكومات علمانية .
اذا لا وجود للعامل الديني دور هنا بالهجرة .
وعليه فان تناقص اعداد المسيحين انما جاء من
ميل الشباب المسيحي للهجرة اكثر من ميل المسلم .
وكذلك الثقافة الخاصة بالنسل ..

فالمسلم يملك ثقافة تحضه على الزيادة وعلى عكسه تماما المسيحي .
وهكذا حدث هذا الفرق




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