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Religious stories: Nutcases in awe of jokers’ fiction storytellers…

Note: Re-edit of 2012 post

Even the most confirmed nutcase among clerics would never claim that stories in religious books were generated from eye-witness people…So why all clerics refuse to admit that all these stories are fiction?

What’s wrong with fiction stories?

Fiction stories are the norm and the most appreciated form for readers and writers…

Why clerics of religions and sects insist that these horror stories were inspired by a God?

Stories of sacrificial ceremonies of virgins, kids, animals…sprinkling blood and semen around tents of potential enemies…And killers nutcase emulating the stories by the letters, through the ages?

Religious stories were fiction stories based on common daily customs and traditions among tribes, clans and communities. They were believable because they were describing life-styles, common to the period.

They were told from generations to generations by appointed storytellers, in “broken-telephone” fashion, edited and transformed to match the customs and tradition of a newer period…

It was the custom of appointing a higher-power as the cause or genesis of whatever happens in life and to community events…

This higher-power was tailor-made by each tribe and community to represent its interests and securing its continuity and survival…

Many civilizations transformed the verbal transmission of the myths into writing, and these civilizations were considered to have acceded to truth and the light…Why? Very few people could read, much less  write, and the clerics had the monopoly of this magical power.

Even today, the written material conserves a magical power of high credibility: You hear people say “It is written in black on white…Here, you read for yourself…”

Any book relegating pages of reference “source materials”, even if never read by the author, extends the illusion of credibility to any manuscript.

For example, Prophet Muhammad labelled the tribes in the Arabic Peninsula who didn’t yet read from a written Book, such as Christian or Jewish sects, as having not reached the truth and the light, and thus were called ignorant “Jahel”.

The Babylonian, Egyptian, and Phoenician civilizations did that, though what is found is in stone tablets and not many of them remain.

It happened that a group of Jews who settled Alexandria (Egypt) in 200 BC decided to gather, codify, and re-arrange the Hebrew fiction stories into easier to handle written materials.

Mind you that all these fiction stories and myths were common to the civilization in the Near-East region, and not much editing was required for the content sources.

The higher power was selected to be called Jehovah (the warrior God idol of the Jews in the City of Jerusalem during the Canaanite civilization), and many prophets were added to the string of the biographical history.

Since then, hundred of sects split, sorting out and re-editing the fiction stories they preferred, as representative of their culture, the accredited stories, the apocryphal (hidden truth), the heretic, the devilish…burning the books that do not suit the sect…

Why governments have to keep subsidizing clerics and their institutions? Are current fiction stories not good enough or versatile enough?

Why Presidential contenders have to use religious beliefs as the main dividing line in the campaign?

Why children in schools have to memorize these fiction stories and be graded accordingly?

Are current fiction stories for kids not good enough?

Can we stop these charades?

Can we live in peace?

Tidbits and Notes. Part 437

Antibiotic-resistant infections are caused by microbes that have evolved immunity to the drugs that are supposed to destroy them, sometimes leaving doctors with no good treatment options. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 2.8 million such infections happen in the US every year, killing more than 35,000 people. The World Health Organization calls such infections a “global crisis” that could cause 10 million deaths worldwide by 2050.

If you shred, salt and pack those same cabbages in jars they will last more or less indefinitely, and, in the process, become much tastier.⁠

Carlos Ghosn managed to land in his home country Lebanon: He said he was escaping a “rigged Japanese justice system.” Apparently, the prosecutors in Japan win 96% of the cases: the defense lawyers have no chances for exposing their clients’ cases.

Trump is practically impeached and he knows it. There is NO functional US President. The ones governing the USA is a club of hard liners in the main institutions appointed by Trump and using Trump as their Mascot. A job Trump adopted in all his successive bankruptcy periods for the big companies.

USA will be withdrawing its troops from Iraq before the Iraqi parliament meet to demand its vacation. US wants to liberate its soft flanks in Iraq and Syria so that it strikes Iran with long distance weapons and destroy its infrastructure

“Wisdom comes out of dialogue. You have to develop a capacity to expose your own ignorance so that they may discover their own wisdom.”

Desk toys for sale have hundreds of high-powered magnets, all small enough for toddlers to swallow and could shred the intestines

Huawei said it had a pretty good year, despite being blacklisted. The company expects a revenue of $122 billion in 2019, up 18% from 2018. But its chairman warned of a tough 2020, in which “survival will be our first priority.”

For most of human history, China was the world’s most advanced technological power. ⁠Until western colonial powers invaded world’s countries

An vast scale attack on the MOK military compound in Jordan will send the strongest of messages that the Resistance Front has expanded its reach area: No more safe haven for cool planning and executions of the US/Israeli strategic groups. In my mind this target should be the first and most viable target for avenging the blatant assassination of Kassem Suleiman and al Mouhandess in Baghdad airport.

Trump decision by assassinating Kassem Suleiman is binary: Either the Resistance Front decides to negotiate or he will have to withdraw his military forces from all the Middle-East: Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon. Either way, Trump will be remember with The “Trump Gamble Effects”

Trump wouldn’t mind personally to withdraw his troops from this quagmire in the Middle-East: at least he will be saved from the constant headaches of his “hard liners” in cohort with Israel


What after all that noise in Lebanon mass upheaval?

To the rest of the World from Beirut upheaval

De Beyrouth au reste du monde

Beyrouth : La ville bruit de micros et de caméras venus de loin. Mais ils ne sont pas là pour la révolution.

Pourtant on a fait beaucoup de bruit. On a beaucoup crié aussi. Chanté et martelé.

Mais le vent n’a pas porté nos demandes. Le vent n’a pas soufflé nos appels.

Les reporters du monde, savez-vous vraiment ce qui se passe ici ? Savez-vous que tout un peuple défie une hydre aux mille têtes ?

Savez-vous que ce combat ressemble à une résurrection ? Sentez-vous la colère des Libanais ? Allez-vous descendre à la place des Martyrs ?

On a mis des tentes parce qu’on a très vite compris que la bataille va être longue. On a mis des tentes et on défie la pluie, la peur et la fatigue.

(Cette grande tente blanche pour nous abriter du froid et reunire les 7iraak en dialogue et pour que les etudiants puissent reviser…Et puis les baltajiyya de Nabih Berry ont detruit la grande tente 

Allez-vous respirer la ville ? Beyrouth a des rues pleines de fureur et de détermination. Beyrouth a des rues sombres parce qu’on nous a volé la lumière.

Beyrouth a des rues pleines de rumeurs parce que les mots ici ne valent plus rien. On les prend, on les retourne, on les viole, on les abuse et certains politiciens se croient les rois des formules.

Alors que la vraie formule aujourd’hui, celle qui a unit le peuple est faite de deux mots simples qui ont juste envie d’envoyer les abuseurs de mots dans l’oubli.

Ne rangez pas vos caméras, Beyrouth a des choses à vous dire.

Le reste du monde : Comment peut-on se précipiter ainsi dans le chaos ? Le monde a perdu ses hommes de paix.

Et dans l’odeur de poudre et le bruit des missiles, aucun homme de religion pour dire que la guerre n’est pas une bonne idée.

Pour prôner l’amour, la solidarité et la tolérance où iront-nous chercher ces voix ?




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