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So many Questions for the curious type. Questions we have to settle for answers that are barely convincing

Posted on: February 21, 2020

So many Questions for the curious type

Note: I re-edited this article of 2011 “Questions, questions…Quit it! What do I know?” Actually, I am re-editing older articles that viewers are reminding me of them. Adding, correcting and updating.

At what moment eyes see?

“My new-born girl, my new-born grandchild taught me how seeing come to be.  The first few days, the new-born had vague vision.  The looking eyes focused on me, gradually acquiring primitive thinking.  Suddenly, I recognize an elaborate thinking in the eyes:  The new-born is seeing me! The vision has a meaning now” (Medical professor Yves Pouliquen).

(You can’t shed this feeling Not to be true, whatever sciences confirm)

What is the power of beauty?

“Beauty has immense power of illumination:  It is a counter-poison to reality.  Beauty permits you to appreciate reality and to love living.  Beauty resides in the domain of the dreams, an invention of the mind, a mental construct to survive.  The two dreams of beauty and love are real since we are capable of dedicating our life to them.  Beauty necessarily contains a large portion of what we consider as truth”.  (Academician Jean-Marie Rouart)

(Falling in love is transferred to failing to sleep, but Love is a notion that is consequent to consistent caring and compassion)

Are we born a man?

“We are born female.  We are inducted into manhood by rituals and customs.  It is a harsh process of indoctrination” (Eric Zemmour)

(I tend to rally to that conjecture since we are taken care of by mostly women in our upbringing. Obviously high testosterone level  might change the done in adulthood by succumbing peer-pressure and emulating the male antics)

Is writing a smile or a lament?

“Writing is our way of nodding agreement to what has taken place.  Writing is an approving prayer, a positive confirmation” (Author and politician Marc Lambron)

( I say: Voyons! Un bon livre vaut une vie: ce serait une vie pour les future generations)

Is life a real product, a scenario, or a stage production?

“Life is remodeled and sculpted every day.  Life is revisited constantly:  the dialogue, the sequence…in the stage production and are altered at each new location.  You change the location of the scene and the entire script acquires a different meaning, an alternative perspective on life” (Movie director Elie Chouraqui)

Does the past reserves surprises?

“It is mostly past recollections that extend surprises for the transformation of our stories.  Feelings are constantly metamorphosed:  What seemed like glorious best moments can become the worst events in our memory.” (Author Jean-Paul Einthoven)

Still pictures or videos?

Once we click on the camera the picture is already from the past.

If we could learn how to analyse still pictures and the emotions that transpire, our diaries and auto-biographies are enhanced in frankness and openness. Why pictures in auto-biographies are of the happy moments among family and friends?

Are we trying to hide our real feelings from the intelligent readers?

Note 2:  Those quotes are extracted from the book “Two or three things I know about them…” by Sabine de Boustros and Loris Moutran


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