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If available, shouldn’t women who feel to want to drive be given a couple practical sessions?

Posted on: February 28, 2020

If available, shouldn’t women who feel to want to drive be given a couple practical sessions?

Therapist friends and others: bear this long status and share your opinion!

Clown me in team did a project assigned by an international organisation in lebanon.

The trainers worked with a group of women following a social therapy and art based pss program.

In this process, and specifically at the end ( last session or two) the participants get to choose a project they’d like to do that would be meaningful and that would make them happy. In a way, they get to decide for themselves what could be helpful for their mental health and “problems” they are facing.

They decided they want to learn how to drive, because their husbands or family in general never thought that women should drive.

The International organisation refused to give the permission and their arguments were:
1- security ( understandable Of Course with what was happening in that area )
2- they said one session of learning how to drive would not teach women how to drive so it’s useless. Also women don’t even have cars so why should they bother anyway.
3- they also said this is a beginning not an end of a project. They wanted closure and they wanted it to be at their center.

Now I argued endlessly with them on point two and three! I was so furious actually especially that they are supposed to be an organisation focused on mental health and psychosocial support.

Today they even sent us corrections of our final reports still stressing on those points.

Pls tell me if I am wrong in arguing that since the project is sthg those women really wanted then at least its process and effect are way more important than the “now I know how to drive” result.

And beginnings are always more interesting than ends! Aren’t they?

Let me know what you think
Love to the team on the project Cown Me In Sara Berjawi Viveva Letemps Abir FAkhryl

Note: I lean toward the conjecture that many women are just curious: one or two sessions will show them how far they are willing to resume driving for real. Otherwise, this handicap will follow them for life, as no more support will come forward.

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