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Lebanese “Sous Cloche”: Nothing to have with any government decisions

Social media peer pressures forced most Lebanese to voluntarily stay at home for the next 2 weeks.

The problem is to mind the large families that don’t have spare room for each member, and the 15% of Lebanese who barely can afford to buy their daily bread while most businesses have shut down for lack of banks fundings and loans.

I suspect the government has some kind of an idea who are those the poorest of citizens and is directing organizations and association to provide a survival kit. Otherwise, famine will set Lebanon ablaze, Corona or No Covid-(1 to 19)

And how refugees living under tents are fairing?

And how the Palestinian living in crowded ghettos in Lebanon can contain themselves from the spread of Corona?

اذا لاحظنا ان الدولة اللبنانية اعلنت حالة الطوارئ ابتداء من هذا الأحد ليلا

ورئيس الحكومة البريطانية رفض اعلان حالة الطوارئ بل دعى لاستمرار حياة عادية

والحكومة الصينية اول من طنش على الطبيب الذي دق جرس انذار الكورونا لا بل عاقبته

والحكومات الاميركية اخفت قوة انتشار الكورونا على شعبها

وحدهم اللبنانيون (ما عدى البعض) اعلنوا الحجر الصحي على انفسهم رغم معارضة الدولة

وقامو بحملات لاعلان حال الطوارئ ونشروا طرق الوقاية فيما بينهم وجيشوا وسائل التوصل الاجتماعي الالكتروني
وقاموا بنشر التوعية بشكل كثيف عليها

اللبنانيون اعلنوا حالة الطوارئ قبل الدولة

موقف يظهر تطورا في سلوك اللبنانيين
وهو الفكر الجماعي

وهل هذا من نتائج ١٧ اكتوبر؟
ها هي الدولة تمشي ببطء لتلتحق بالمواطنين

لبنان ينتفض

Forward to Victory my Nation: A poem

Late Zaki Nassif is a renowned Lebanese musician and composer. Nassif composed the music/song for the hymne  of the Party Syria National Social that the Leader Antoun Saadi wrote around 1936.

Late Emile Raffoul is a poet who wrote this poem/song. Both Nassif and Raffoul are from the same town Mashghara and members of the Party.

And so is Jean Dayeh who made it his life mission to dig up the history of the party by visiting the archives of the colonial powers that had mandated powers over the Middle-East.

زكي ناصيف يلحن ويغني قصيدة “إلى النصر يا أمتي”

كنت برفقة أقرباء في رحلة الى الأرز أيام اضطهاد القوميين الذي شمل الفنانين في عهد فؤاد شهاب،وفي طليعتهم ملحن النشيد الرسمي الذي نظمه زعيم الحزب.

فجأة صدح صوت زكي ناصيف ،عبر إحدى الاذاعات،وهو يدعو أمته الى النصر.

وكان فرحي مزدوجا خلال سماعها.فقد فرحت بكلمات القصيدة التي نظمها الشاعر القومي أميل رفول الذي اشترك في ثورة 1949.

وتضاعف فرحي بصوت مغنيها ولحنه وأدائه.
في تلك اللحظة،تأكدت من حقيقة يتجاهلها المستبد الجاهل،وهي أن عين المبدع الجميلة تقاوم المخرز .

وبمناسبة ذكرى رحيل زكي ناصيف ،أعيد نشر أغنيته التي نظمها إبن بلدته،والتي تؤكد عدم تخليه عن العقيدة التي تساوي وجوده .

إلى النصر يا أمتي سيري
فإيمان الجنود
بأرض الجدود
يخلق الفداء

إلى النصر يا أمتي سيري
وظللي كل الوجود
بشمل البنود
وانشدي الإباء

أبيت الممات فكنا الأباة
طلبت الحياة ونحن الحماة
فكنا جميعا شبابا ربيعا
نموت فداء الحياة

إلى النصر يا أمتي سيري
وحطمي ذل القيود
بعزم اليدين
لعزة البقاء

إلى النصر يا أمتي

Who were sacrificed in ancient mass ceremonies?

Epidemics, Pandemics, calamities... Every century has its lot of mass deaths and massacre. In ancient periods, as easy and quick transportation was Not accessible to the masses, epidemics were mostly local.

Even wars were Not that widespread because armies were Not that large (forget what faked history recount of thousands).

Colonial massacres and decimation of autochtone people around the world.

Genocide on scales Never contemplated on ethnic basis, religious, basis, expansionist policies. American Indians in the North and South of the continent, Armenians, Jews, minorities, Christians (Catholics and Orthodox), Muslims in India and Myanmar, Congo, ISIS, Qaeda, Al Nusra, Israel apartheid policies on Palestinians, civil wars….

WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq… Not mention the hundreds of smaller pre-emptive wars by the colonial powers (particularly USA).

And yet, it is the viruses and bacterias that devastated empires far more than stupid wars.

An epidemic every 100 years?

– 1320, the black plague.
– 1520, smallpox.
– 1620, a strange disease.
– 1720, the plague of Marseille.
– 1820, cholera.
– 1920, Spanish flu.
– 2020, the coronavirus.

Not counting Ebola, HIV, Sars, aviary viruses, pig viruses, bovine epidemics…simply because these epidemics were mostly located in Africa

It should never cross your mind that human sacrifice of babies and kids targeted healthy members of the community: They could Not afford it for survival

It is the deformed and handicapped babies and kids that were sacrificed in mass ceremony in order to alleviate parents gilt and tame the intransigence of mothers in front of the pressure of the community.

I dare believe that after the sacrifice, monster orgies were organized intended to grieving mothers.

Mothers had the opportunity to have another go for children, before they sink into a long period of lethargy and apathy.

The pressure of community is palpable in societies were mobility is minimal




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