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And how Julia, the undaunted, passed away at 92?

Posted on: March 24, 2020

And how Julia, the undaunted, passed away at 92?

I decided to relate this story, with the intention of Not pressing “publish” for a long time.

It was urgent for me to recollect the fresh facts and impressions of the demise of mother Julie.

A week before she fell in the bathroom, Julie was Not feeling well. I could Not tell what was ailing her and she could Not express how she felt.

I knew she was Not well because she slept a lot and wouldn’t mind that I bring her the food tray at bed.

Julie used to feel dizzy more than usual.

When she fell, laying on the ground and waiting for someone to discover her, I used to help her stand on her feeble legs  and walk her to bed. I cover her up and wait until she recovers from whatever ailing her. An hour later, she is up and giving me worries.

That evening, Julie fell in the bathroom when I was Not home. I discovered her laying on the floor and moaning. Moaning means she is in pain. I called on my nephew to help me out carry her up to her bed.

I figured out she was removing a top, got dizzy and fell on the lavatory.

Not knowing if anything was broken, I called the Red Cross to transport Julie to the emergency.

This time around, I decided to take her to Bhaness hospital and called the bone surgeon to be the main physician in this case.

Four hours later, the x-rays showed 3 broken chest bones. And mother was hospitalized and we returned home after midnight.

The next day, the bone physician told us that mother has also some kidney failure, but this can wait after she recovers and her bone heal within 3 months.

In the meantime, mother is to take Panadol for her pain and suffering. And we were dispatched home.

For 3 days and nights, Julie was in constant pain at home.

She barely slept a wink and I could Not sleep a wink.

She was unable to swallow any soup or drink

One night, she made room in the bed next her and wanted me to lie next to her and hug her. This was totally unusual for this prude and tough girl.

I wanted to hug her and then I felt that my side of the bed was wet. And I decided to let her sleep alone and in pains. Always alone.

Julia would never accept to wear any kind padding (couche) and would rather suffer moving to the restroom.

But she had to swallow her pride and let me clean her up and cook for her.

Three awful nights and days, Julie was in acute pain and I trying to believe that it was a case of just broken bones that need time to heal.

I felt totally helpless and suffering for her. This home treatment crap was no longer a valid option.

We managed to find an “excuse” that it is the dialyse physician who should be in charge.

My brother-in-law and I shouldered her and Julie descended the stairs patiently. This undaunted woman was so weak that she leaned her head on my shoulder for a few breaths.

We finally drove her to Beit-Chabab emergency because her condition was no longer sufferable or acceptable to be at home.

The physician looked at the blood test and the second item demonstrated that Julie had a urine infection. The physician was beside himself and said: “She should have been treated at the hospital for this infection”.

That was a total chock for me and I wondered if the bone surgeon had no communication with the blood test physician or if any serious communication was done before releasing the patient. No antibiotics were prescribed after Julie was released from Bhaness,

To the insurance request of what Julie is suffering from, the physician said: “She is in coma already

Julie was hospitalized for 3 days and then moved to ICU section. Her urine output was very deficient and less than minimal: kidney not functioning anymore. For 7 days, Julie was Not allowed to eat or drink out of the risk of deficiency in swallowing.

The dialise physician decided to intervene with a dialysis session. Julia suffered in these procedure sessions as she never before. But all her organs were already failing.

At 11:30 am before she passed away, we connected Julie with her daughter and preferred niece in London. She moved her hand to kiss the picture. She even moved her hand downward to remove the padding that she couldn’t stand. And I said: this is a sign that she is improving.

At 1:30, we received the call that she died.

Julie decided it was no longer worth it to live totally dependent.

She was supposed to be able  to walk to the restroom and to the refrigerator to find something to eat when she wakes up several time at night.

Even when she was functional, barely anyone would visit with her, and occasionally she would cry silently telling me that no visitors are showing up.

Actually, in my 20 years since I returned from USA, no one paid me a visit. I who lived with her and took care of her. Even when she had a hip surgery and could Not move. barely anyone visited to extend any help.

My sister was oversea, and only Hanane was available and we would have lunch in mother’s room, on a portable light table that I bought for these occasions.

All those cousins whom Julia did her best to help, accommodate, shelter and feed in order for them to finish their schooling and who did well.

Anyone who has a point of view of what happens after death, he must include all the living creatures, even the tiniest of insects, lest he is practicing the lousiest of racism of the charlatans.

Death is a continuation of “Life cycle” on earth, as it is everywhere else.

Note: You may read who was Julie

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