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Trip to Boulder (Colorado): Attending a convention for Human Factors Engineer Society

Posted on: April 2, 2020

Trip to Boulder in Colorado

Note 1: Repost from my autobiography  to Convention of Human Factors Society in Boulder

Note 2: I opened a special category on my blog “Travel/Excursion” to collect all my trips stories.

During my stay in San Francisco I took the bus Greyhound to Boulder because my adviser sent me a letter that he was to deliver part of my dissertation to the convention of Human Factors Society of 2002

And I wanted to attend this convention for a change in scenery.

It was a long trip of two days and we passed through Salt Lake City and I visited the temple of the Mormons. We crossed a long stretch of salty land.

There was snow and the University of Boulder was lovely.

During the second day of the convention my advisor failed to show up and I had no copy of my dissertation and I felt frustrated for not being prepared to deliver anything.

Actually, I was invited by the chairperson of the session to do the presentation and I felt totally stupid. I declined the offer.

The convention offered my side trips which I accepted. For example, a tour to Palm Spring and the US Olympic training center.

I had the opportunity to tour Denver by night and boarded the spacious and large bus that crosses Main Street.

The return trip was long.

A week later I was to battle a discrimination case.

There was this girl who claimed that I harassed her sexually and the case was dropped after weeks of hassles. She had no one to testify on her behalf.

The girl was pissed off that I got the position of assistant to the manager. I had no hints of the power struggle that went on before I arrived to this hotel.

I wanted to resign but the manager convinced me that when I finish serving the entire year then I would be eligible for unemployment benefits of around $450 a month.

I finished the year and started to look for a steady job commensurate to my education.

I thus joined an office on Van Ness Road and funded by the City of San Francisco that aided with unemployment cases, such as writing CVs and how to tailor make your resume, and checking on the latest openings for work.

This facility was useless since during Bush Senior unemployment was deep and widespread.

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