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Who are the US taxpayers funding illegal Israel settlements?

How American taxpayers are funding Israeli settlements?

At 2 a.m. a group of Israeli settlers, protected by riot police, moved into 25 apartments in 7 Palestinian-owned buildings in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Some of these apartments were vacant or recently constructed.

In other cases, residents were away from home for the night.

In one case, a young man had purchased an apartment to move into with his bride following their wedding.

Instead, the couple is now enmeshed in a legal struggle with the settlers who have set up residence in their marital home.

The biggest surprise of all? You,  American taxpayers, may have helped fund this takeover.

A Rabbi explains it according to Jewish law:

In the Talmud, the students of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai ask why the Torah deals more severely with a burglar than with a mugger.

Their teacher’s response:

A mugger, who robs face-to-face, fears neither human beings nor God. But a burglar, who sneaks in when no one is looking, is afraid of human beings but shows no fear of God.

In its use of subterfuge, shadow companies, and dead-of-night incursions, Elad represents the worst kind of thief.”

Elad, the settler group that organized this incursion, raises $6 million a year in the United States through the Friends of Ir David Foundation.

As a nonprofit, donations to FIDF are tax deductible: Funders can write off their gifts, which means that all of us who pay U.S. taxes helped subsidize the new settlement.

That’s in direct opposition to official U.S. policy, which seeks a two-state solution and prohibits American aid to settlements over the Green Line.

Even more directly, if you’ve travelled to Israel (as nearly half of American Jews, and a staggering number of Neocom Evangelical American Christians, have), you may have visited the Ir David archaeological site, which includes Hezekiah’s tunnel and other finds from Biblical Jerusalem.

A huge percentage of its 500,000 annual visitors are American, and it’s a hallowed stop on tours organized by synagogues, churches and schools.* That $15 admission fee paid by all those people?

Money for settlers.

Even the excavation of Ir David has damaged or destroyed Palestinian homes, while infuriating archaeologists who complain that Elad prioritizes politics over responsible archaeology.

Elad has a long history of working to transform Silwan from a Palestinian neighborhood into a Jewish one.

The idea is to make “facts on the ground,” in the parlance of the conflict, that will obstruct the possibility of any two-state solution that includes a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

Elad evicts Palestinians from their homes by exploiting legal loopholes or incomplete property records, it builds entirely new settler compounds, it uses archaeological sites to establish Jewish claims to certain strategic parcels of land, and it even erected a new visitors’ center on a contested piece of real estate.

New fortified buildings topped by Israeli flags tower over the homes of longtime residents. Settlers walk through the neighborhood carrying guns, accompanied by armed guards.

Meanwhile, the municipality virtually always denies Palestinians permits to build new homes or to renovate their old ones.

Those Palestinians who dare to build anyway have their homes demolished, and—to add insult to injury—receive bills for the demolition and the cleanup of rubble.

In this case, Elad claims to have purchased the apartments legally, via a U.S.-based shadow company.

The Palestinians dispute these claims.

While it will take some time to sort out the legal issues, we can say this: A person who has legally purchased a new home does not generally move in under cover of night, flanked by riot police.

And Americans, Elad donors and pilgrims to Israel, are, in some indirect but important way, complicit.

Jewish law strongly forbids aiding or abetting a thief.

In one of the most important guides to Jewish law, Moses Maimonides rules that

It is forbidden to purchase stolen goods from the thief. . . for anyone who does such things or similar ones strengthens the hands of sinners. . . it is [also] forbidden to derive any benefit from a stolen object.”

New Federal charge: Spitting “bioweapons” on faces of cops?

Florida man who spit in cop’s face now hit with federal bioweapons charges

By Justin Rohrlich. Geopolitics reporter

Federal authorities have charged a man who allegedly spit in the face of a police officer and falsely claimed to have coronavirus, with perpetrating a “biological weapons hoax.

At the end of March, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) distributed a memo to prosecutors that said, in part, that coronavirus “appears to meet the statutory definition of a ‘biological agent,’” and that “the purposeful exposure and infection of others with Covid-19” could be possible grounds for terrorism charges.

Critics argue that’s a step too far.

Under US law, a “biological agent” means “any microorganism…or infectious substance, or any naturally occurring, bioengineered or synthesized component of any such microorganism or infectious substance, capable of causing…death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism.”

The DOJ has aggressively cracked down on coronavirus-related fraud, but this is the first bioweapons-related coronavirus prosecution for the region around St. Petersburg, Florida, where the crime took place, a DOJ spokesperson confirmed, and among the first federal cases of its kind nationwide.

According to a complaint filed in Florida district court, the incident occurred as James Jamal Curry, 31, bonded out of jail after an arrest on domestic battery charges.

During that initial arrest, which took place outside the home of Curry’s girlfriend, prosecutors said he intentionally coughed on a cop’s arm while being loaded into a transport van. “Well I got the corona,” Curry allegedly told the officer.

The next evening, Curry’s girlfriend called police to say Curry was again outside her apartment, in violation of a non-contact order.

Cops arrived and apprehended Curry, who they say resisted violently.

Once in the backseat of a police cruiser, Curry tried to kick out the rear passenger window. After being placed in leg restraints, he attempted to smash the window with his head.

When one of the cops reached into the car to grab Curry, he reportedly spit in her face. “A mist of spit struck her in the face and entered her mouth,” the complaint says.

The police officers draped a spit hood over Curry’s head. According to the complaint, Curry then said, with a laugh: “I have Corona bitch, and I’m spreading it around.”

At the jail, Curry was tested for Covid-19. A week later, according to the complaint, the results came back negative.

The federal hoax charge carries a maximum sentence of five years. DOJ declined Quartz’s request for further comment.

Note: In Israel, ultra Orthodox Jews spit and cough when they meet police officers, especially the kids. They constitute the largest section contaminated by Covid-19 in Jerusalem and other few towns.




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