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One Freedom, skip the sauce

Posted on: April 17, 2020

One Freedom, skip the sauce

Give Me One Freedom No Sauce July 15, 2009

1.   I have a job to do.

A researcher has to collect data,

For the sake of facts.

A scientist has to arrange facts in patterns,

For the sake of patterns.

A mathematician has to simplify patterns into an equation,

For the sake of formulas.

A politician has to cater for local politics,

For the sake of leadership.

A writer has to tell us what he thinks we know, in style,

For the sake of old fashion news.

Give me Freedom and skim the Responsibility.

2.   I have to change dresses for the seasons

To discover “What is the meaning of life”.

I pursue my job in one season

And hold my grounds on moral values in another.

I have to do my job well.

And I have to be a man as well.

I cannot die in bitterness

Knowing that I was just a living creature.


Man has to learn to take stands

One small stand at a time

Leading to his Grand Finale.

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