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Mostly, redundant Prophets

Posted on: April 18, 2020

Redundant Prophets (written in October 30, 2007)

Tormented youths, hearing voices, experiencing apocalyptic nightmares,

Seeking desperately a corner of a desert, preferably when available nearby,

In desolate locations, in complete isolation,

To exorcise their demons and to find peace of mind.

Some of them see Archangel Gabriel in person, or his shadow

Talking to them in a centaur voice, urging them to fear the Unique God, and pray and glorify his Name,

And proselytize in his Name.

Some are not that lucky in fame,  and never see a divine apparition,

But this is of no consequences, for the benefit of the Silent Majority.

Many could have ended faked prophets, but they relented

For their good mental stability and reduced level of exacerbated anxiousness.

The difference between Prophets and crazies can be traced 

To the genetic laziness of Gabriel;

Or most probably to the glut in redundant prophets.

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