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What this dream told me?

Posted on: April 23, 2020

What this dream told me?

Note: Re-edit of “It is a Fact”  (Written in 1999 and posted in October 2008)

The sun was peeking into my new Morning.

My consciousness barely awakening

In a twilight drowsiness

And out of nowhere, a huge banner flashed in my mind,

It said “You shall die“.

My mind was blank before I read it,

It was blank for a long moment afterward.

My semi waking conscious scrambled

Into filling in real and imaginary activities,

“What am I to do today”?

Appointments that I am to tend to, today.

The concept that all of us shall die, was clear to me.

A Fact to others,

Still a Fact to me,

In the distant future,

Rushing wildly now

To tell me that it is a Fact.

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