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This 21st century started Islamic, supplanted by Covid-19, and maybe China?

Note: Re-edit of “The Century of Islam, (March 11, 2009)”

The 20th century was the communist century, particularly of the Soviet Union and China, as the nemesis for the liberal and capitalist world. 

And the Afghan cataclysm that started in the 1980’s, and which is still going on, changed the geopolitical framework and pressured the Soviet Union to disintegrate.

And the change of power system in Iran in 1979 and the 8-year savaged war between Iraq and Iran. Actually, Khomeini decided before his death to declare cease fire, otherwise, his successors will feel like continuing this senseless war that profit the colonial powers. This war was meant to create a fault ridge between the Sunni and Shia sects and all other religious sects in the Middle-East. A nasty divide that the colonial powers have been foamenting and investing in it to the hilt

The 21st century was predicted to be the century of Liberal Capitalist America after the fall of the Berlin Wall: “Liberal capitalism” was advancing globalization and the free flow of capitals to national markets by international financial companies.

And the new US strategy of dismembering Yugoslavia into several weak States and this lengthy civil war in that Serbian region.

And Iraq invading Kuwait in 2003 once the US ordered Saddam to divide Iraq into 3 States. And the Bush Jr. administration irradiating the Iraqi people with toxic and nuclear munition and open pits for burning plastic materials, for a period of 5 years that contaminated generations of Iraqis.

After the September 9, 2001 Twin Towers attack, supposedly planned by al Qaeda, the Bush Jr. Administration spewed his venom for a decade on Islam, as the major enemy to democracy and for a stable World Order.

And the prediction of the End of History.

The implementation of US-type of “Police of Democracy”quickly ended with the worst financial crisis of all time (2008), and the emergence of many players in world economics and politics.

And the Barak administration encouraging and supporting extremist Islamic organizations like Al Nusra and Daesh to enter Mosul and control northern Syria.

And this created civil war in Syria that started in 2011 and is an ongoing morass to all concerned people with millions of displaced and refugees.

This century was showing the definite characteristics that it is of Islam.

The superpowers have targeted Islam to be the main nemesis for stable world order:

The superpowers need to create a focused enemy for its people.

Before I broach on current events and realities, a little history is in point.

Islam was the world civilization for over 9 centuries.  Three centuries of Eastern Arab Empire that was first located in Damascus and then in Baghdad.  The Arab/Islam Empire shifted its center of gravity in the next two centuries to the west or the Maghreb Empire, and particularly in Spain or Andalusia.  

Two centuries of Islamic domination were marshaled by the Ottoman Muslim Empire in Turkey in the 16th and 17th centuries; and another two centuries of the Muslim Mughal Empire in India, and one century of the Islamic Safavid Empire in Iran in the 18th century.

These civilizations waned after Portugal and Spain circumnavigated the Oceans to bypass Egypt for direct trade with India and Far East Asia.

In fact, the various Crusaders campaigns failed because they could not conquer Egypt, where the major trade routes intersected before reaching Europe, the main target and purpose of the crusaders financial backers.

Christian Europe owes it to the Muslim Empires to be saved from the multitudes of invasions originated in Mongolia and Central Asia by the Mogul and Tatar hordes.

After the Indonesian dictator Suharto died, his successor Bahr el Din Habibi invested over one billion dollars to develop a small civilian airplane.  The “Financial Times” mocked the new President for investing on airplanes that can be purchased with much higher quality and performance.

The West was purposely belittling what they perceived as the new challenges coming from the largest Muslim Nation in matter of knowledge and technology. Habibi meant to build new generations of Muslims that can manufacture instead of being simple consumers.  Habibi said “Money comes and goes. Human brains can be purchased but how can we secure loyalty to a nation and to citizens?”

The Ottoman Empire was later weakened by relying too heavily on its mercenaries the “Inkisharia” (soldiers raised from foreign slaves), as the Arabic Empires were destroyed from the interior by relying on foreign mercenaries.

Pakistan had to build the first Muslim Atomic Bomb in order to challenge India’s bomb.  As Zhu Fikar Ali Bhutto said “we will have to build the atomic bomb even if we end up eating grass”. Actually, Bhutto was overthrown and put to death because he challenged the West for building the bomb.

Iran is facing constant pressure from the West for manufacturing its own arms, munitions, missiles, atomic power generators, and space satellites.

India has more Muslims than Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt combined.

The middle classes of Indian Moslems and Chinese Muslims are nearly as large as the total US population.

Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and Nigeria are almost continents of their own in size and populations and they are acting and behaving as self-sufficient nations.

The West has to start trading knowledge and technologies without any pre-conditions if it seeks peace, security, stability, and prosperity.  War is a losing option for both parties and no one can hope to emerge winner anyway

I have mentioned in several articles that the 5 nations in the UN with veto power are negotiating to partition Sudan for its huge raw materials, oil reserves, and water resources.  This adventure is doomed to fail unless they negotiate a fair deal with the people in Sudan and the most populous Muslim nations in Africa such as Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya in Africa.

And Covid-19 pandemics spread and changed this “sustained growth” notion, cleared the air from pollutants in urban cities and megapolis, as well as improving the quality of potable water.

And oil prices fell drastically and producing nations having no idea how to stop the gushing of oil (lest the wells are totally degraded) and where to store all these humongous quantities.

Note 1: The “Arabic Spring” revolts against dictators and absolute monarchies have set the tone for democratic systems in the Arabic States.  The major underlying factor for this mass indignity is the realization that western governments encouraged dictator and absolute monarchy regimes for an entire century in order to maintaining the “Muslim” people subjugated and unable to grow and develop.

Note 2: Sudan had a referendum for partition, but it does not seem that problems will vanish any time soon in Sudan:  The exploitation of oil and mineral resources will resume unabated, and turmoil in north and south Sudan will be enhanced even further.

A government was Not supposed to be for profit: Return the wealth to the citizens

Almost every State has foreign debts and internal debts to public institutions. Why the collected taxes from citizens are “invested” so that the elite class reap the profits?

Mind you that the US has $30 trillion in sovereign debt and increasing steadily and rapidly. Japan comes second. Even oil producing countries accumulated astronomical debts.

Where all the “Fresh Money” evaporated? And how much these Money are covered with real wealth?

اكبر عملية نصب… في تاريخ البشرية
يقال وما يقال ان الدين العام وغيره من الكلام الفارغ
كل الدول على الكوكب مديونة وعليها دين عام هائل مثل لبنان وأكثر منه بكثير
ومن هذه الدول الولايات المتحدة واليابان

عمل الدولة هو في الاساس عند نشأنها، تكون مفلسة فتقوم بطبع العملات وترميها في السوق.

الدول لا تربح وليس الهدف من انشائها هو الربح!

الدولة دائما هي المفعل الذي يحرك السوق
وعليها ان تبقى مديونة وليس لشعوبها ان تكون مديونة.

فالاوراق دائما تنتقل من الدولة الى المجتمع ولا يعود لها سوى بعض العائدات والضرائب.

ان ما يقال ان لبنان او الدولة اللبنانية مفلسة هو ابتكار مافيوزي

فالدولة اللبنانية غنية بعقاراتها واملاكها والعقارات الاميرية ومواردها الطبيعية ومؤسساتها كافة

وهذا الدين هو لا شيء بالنسبة لاملاكها وقدرتها وطاقاتها والضرائب التي تجنيها

ان عجز الدولة عن الدفع هو اصطناعي
لأن ادارتها اقتصرت على سحب العملات الصعبة من المواطنين الذين عملوا في الخارج والداخل بكد للحصول على العملات الصعبة.

ارقام بسيطة دون الدخول في تعقيدات الاموال.

ان ما تبقى من اموال بعد المصروف والدين والهدر، حسب تصريح المركزي هو ٣٠ مليار دولار احتياط
دون احتساب ما لدى المصارف من عشرات المليارات.

فلا يوجد مصرف لديه اقل من ٥٠٠ مليون دولار
ما يعني اقل تقدير ٣٥ مليار $ مع المصارف(٧٠ مصرف)

أن قيمة احتياط الذهب وحده اصبحت اكثر من ١٥ مليار دولار

هذا بعد الافلاس الذي يزعمونه!

المجموع هو ٨٠ مليار دولار لا تزال موجودة مقابل الليرة اللبنانية (تغطية الليرة بالذهب والدولار فقط ولم تحتسب التغطية التجارية لأن العملات تكون مغطاة ايضا بالميزان التجاري والحركة الاقتصادية)

٨٠ مليار $ موزعة على الشعب اللبناني عدده ٦ مليون نسمة=١٣٣٣٣$ لكل فرد لبناني من اطفال وعجزة وشباب وعاطلين عن العمل..
على سعر دولار اليوم وهو ٣٣٠٠ في السوق السوداء
ما يساوي ٤٤ مليون ليرة ليرة لكل فرد

أي انه فرضيا وزعنا الاموال الكاش على الشعب بالتساوي يكون لكل عائلة لبنانية من اربعة اشخاص ١٧٦ مليون ليرة لبنانية مغطاة بالذهب والدولار على اقل تقدير!
يعني اذا نام الشعب على ضهرو سنين
بيقدر يعيش ويصرف!

اما اذا تكلمنا عن موجودات الدولة العقارية من املاك خاصة واملاك عامة وهي لا تحصى تساوي مليارات الدولارات ويستوجب احصاؤها بدقة

ولما كانت الاملاك الاميرية وحدها مساحتها حوالي ٣٠٠٠كلم مربع أي ٣ مليار متر مربع يساوى المتر ما لا يقا عن ١٠٠$ وهي اراضي ذات مواقع خلابة واقتصادية وتحتوي على ثروات طبيعية

وقيمتها الاجمالية لا تقل عن ٣٠٠ مليار دولار
هذا ما عدا الثروات الغازية المرتقبة والبترولية

واذا اردنا تقييم هذه الثروات فأنها تجعل من الدولة اللبنانية من اغنى دول العالم!

كل هذا موجود، واعلنوا افلاس لبنان وعسرة المصارف!

السؤالات المطروحة: وين الافلاس؟؟ ولش حارمين الناس من مصرياتها

ان الضمانة الوحيدة للشعب اللبناني هي القضاء السريع وعليه التحرك بسرعة ضمن القوانين النافذة حاليا لفضح الاسماء وتوجيه التهم
ولماذا انتظار قانون جديد لمكافحة الفساد يسنونه على قياسهم؟

أوليس الافضل البدء بالتحقيقات الآن قبل ضياع الأدلة
وأكيد التحقيق مع كلن يعني كلن.




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