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I made dreams Real for others. Mine has to wait

Note: Re-edit of “A Dream Real (written in 1999 and posted on October 25, 2008)

1.   My fellow Realtors make fun of me, of my choice of name.

Advertising Dr. Adonis is intimidating, it scares people off.

A few, maybe.  Many call on me.

They keep me busy, friendly, alert and happy.


2.   Dr. Adonis has no business selling homes.

Dr. Adonis was meant to teach, to be employed.

Dr. Adonis joined the rank of the selfish, the greedy.

Dr. Adonis is banished from the elite gangs.


3.   I got to know the mind of the Realtor.

You see one, you see all.

Like you, I don’t like him.

He sells your houses for fees.


4.   Long hours, long days and nights.

I sell a friend what he will call “My Home”.

I make his cherished dream come true.

I am associated with a few dreams, long lasting dreams.

Kids have their own rooms; I never had mine.

Kids play in the basement; I sleep in part of one.


5.   I call, I mail, I follow up and I serve.

I serve and call no more:  I just drop by.

Big hearts, big smiles open the door for me.

I have no home of mine:  Home is where that heart is.


I am a Realtor.  I don’t like him.

I sell dreams, Real ones, at last.

Note: I had a PhD in industrial engineering and thus I opted for Dr. Adonis. Many used to call me for physical checks on account that they thought that I was a physician

Have you been feeling bored? During this pandemics?

Note: Re-edit of “Bored. Boredom. An environment, you got to invent excitement September 18, 2015″

An environment, no matter how hard you look around,

Nothing is to be found to hang on to it,  for any hint of excitement.

Pain is more powerful than death

And boredom is next to pain in power.


Too hot to go for a walk.

No car to flee the premises of confinement

The idea of laying down and imagine a hot sexual encounter is too an old trick to sustain

The idea to figure out a day dreaming project is an old hat.


You already know that the Witch Wang will Not function

Alcoholic people are bored people.

A few addicted smokers need this break to figure out the next task

To reschedule a general plan for the long day.


Housewives keep dusting, vacuuming, rearranging…

Bored. Boredom

Zeh2en. Shi bi zahe2

Kind of feeling healthy with no pains

Any mild pain would do to focus your mind on

One constipation per week that would last a day and a night

A stomach ache once a month, the kind of gases, that no farting will do to alleviate the uneasiness.


This feeling that something is rotten inside.

Or the intestines is too dry to absorb extra gases

Just lay down and hope to sleep it off.


In downtown, many marches, demonstrations and sit-in.

By youth movements that have gotten fed up of a locked out future.

Treated like chattel by militia/mafia leaders who still control the political system.


Even hunger strikers whom the government had ignored for 10 days.

Joining the hunger strikers is a great idea.

Now I need a ride, but no one to volunteer.

Mother would not mind if I joined the hunger strikers,

On condition that I include quitting smoking.


7erak madani. 7erak shababi. 7erak for social changes.

Great events taking place, but nowhere to go.

7erak to vanquish boredom.

To imagine hope in the horizon.

To cling to any reform, before illusion sets in.


Bored. Boredom. A state when it dawns on you that life sucks.

Lucky the people who die early on.

Before they get convinced that life simply sucks.

Before they experience utter boredom.


Living with an elderly mother who would welcome a good storyteller

I know no stories and I’m a lousy story teller. No patience for stories.

No one visiting us to hope that mother will spend quality time.


The purpose of the very few who pay us a visit is to raise mother’s blood pressure

And increase her frustration and despair.

Waiting for the night fall so that mother go to bed.


The night is my free time and hope for good movies and documentaries to fill the time.

I refuse to get up before 9 am: the days are too long to suffer

I have been mulling a second life change

On another continent and far away from relatives

Never to return, or be in contact with any one I knew.


Does life provides a second chance for older people

To try a new life?

Note: This song was posted 5 years before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemics. In January, mother passed away, before the pandemic was revealed. Do you think that the feeling of boredom transformed since then?

Mama. I can’t breath…Last words of George Floyd before he suffocated

These are the last words of George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died as a US police officer pinned him down, kneeling on his neck for 7 minutes, until he suffocated:

“It’s my face man
I didn’t do nothing serious man
please I can’t breathe
please man
please somebody
please man
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
man can’t breathe, my face
just get up
I can’t breathe
please (inaudible)
I can’t breathe sh*t
I will
I can’t move
I can’t
my knee
my nuts
I’m through
I’m through
I’m claustrophobic
my stomach hurt
my neck hurts
everything hurts
some water or something
I can’t breathe officer
don’t kill me
they gon’ kill me man
come on man
I cannot breathe
I cannot breathe
they gon’ kill me
they gon’ kill me
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
please sir
please I can’t breathe”

Then his eyes shut and the pleas stop. George Floyd was pronounced dead shortly after.

Right now, we have a choice. This can just be one more tragic death at the hands of US police — or the moment for change.

Note 1: George didn’t commit anything wrong. He just asked a girl to put a leash on her dog. The girl called the police…

Note 2: This time around, it is civil war until the entire Trump administration resign and an early election is decided.

Damascus under canon and airplane bombs in 1925: During French mandated power

Note: Re-edit of “In Damascus under the bombs, Year 1925 by Alice Poulleau”  May 19, 2013

In 1925, the French journalist and painter Alice Poulleau finished writing her book “In Damascus under the bombs”, a collection of 3 years of diaries,  and was published in 1926. The book was banned by the French authority in every colony and territories occupied by the French troops. The book was re-published only in 2012.

The Syrians revolted against the French mandated power in 1924-26 and the troops pounded Damascus for 48 hours with heavy artillery shells and air raids. Entire blocks in Damascus were devastated and over 1,500 civilians were killed within 48 hours of insane hatred and arrogance of the occupying troops.

Alice dedicated the book to the mothers in France and Syria who suffer the same afflictions. She blamed the French writers and journalists who never set foot in Syria and never witnessed the calamities and horrible massacres and yet, insisted on diabolizing (devils) the Syrian people, relying solely on the High-Commissariat reports.

The devastation hit the antique and ancient souks of Hamidiyeh, the block of the street of Midhat Pasha, the Via Recta, which was later called “Harika” to being burned to the ground…

It was the French mandated power that incited sectarian passions among the various religious entities in order to divide and rule. The occupation power favored the minorities such as the Christians, the Alawites… in the administrative positions…

Alice worked in the Nile Delta and occasionally pushed forward to discover parts of Palestine, such as Rafah, Gaza, Ludds… and further on into Haifa, Mount carmel…

In 1923, Alice had this revelation to investigate Syria and Lebanon. She visited the Houran province, Damascus, Baalbek, Beirut, Sidon, Tyr, Bissan (south of the Sea of galilee), Samak…

Poulleau was under the spell of so much beauty and mythical environment until she got in contact with her French countrymen, officers and soldiers in Syria.

Her wrath grew by the days against the arrogance and ignorance of her French citizens in Syria.

Her encounters opened her eyes to the calamities that the French brought in into Syria…

As Alice returned to Egypt in 1923, she wrote:

“I had this persistent and strong impression that France never attempted to investigate the level of acceptance of the Syrian people to the mandated power, and simply relied on the reports of the High-Commissariat.

I felt this growing disenchantment and the growling of discontent among the Syrians relevant to the one-sided decisions, mismanagement and high-handed reactions due to their baffling of human rights of the Syrians and their dignity…

This was the reason for me to return the next year 1924 to Damascus and witnessing the slaughter hood two years later…”

Note: More summaries and translation of these diaries will be forthcoming. 1,500 Syrian civilians died within 48 hours of bombing and air raids of the Capital Damascus by the French troops.

A group of the Lebanese upheaval published its own Government demands: As Hassan Diab was appointed PM

I didn’t finish reading this document but I had to post it for anyone who is interested in finding out the various viewpoints in that “7iraak)

Lihaqqi Bayan Wizari

Li 7akki (My right) to publish my own version of what the mass movement demands

Hussein El-Kotob <> wrote:

Hussein El-Kotob

AttachmentsSat, Feb 8, 8:18 PM

to me
Attachments area


Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” are asking nothing: Just sustain the status quo, please

It is the sectarian political structure of 18 officially recognized religious sects that prevent Lebanon from creating a secular State and undergo serious reforms at all levels in its institutions, economy and finance.

لا بدكن تعملوا دولة متل الخلق

ولا بدكن توقفوا السرقة
ولا بدكن تدفعوا ضرايب
ولا بدكن توقفوا إقطاع

ولا بدكن تسحبوا الغطا عن اللي عم يسرق وينهب ويفسد
ولا بدكن تحترموا شريك الوطن
ولا بدكن دولة مدنية

ولا بدكن انتخابات رئاسية من الشعب
ولا بدكن قانون انتخابي عادل
ولا بدكن تطبقوا الطائف

ولا بدكن لامركزية ادارية
ولا بدكن كونفدرالية
ولا بدكن فدرالية

ولا بدكن تعطوا الرئاسة صلاحيات
ولا بدكن……..

طيب شو المطلوب؟
تضلوا أسياد ونبقى عبيد وأهل ذمة؟

ما بتزبط الكل ياخد حقوقو ويدفع واجباتو؟
ما بتزبط الكل يحترم حالو ويحترم غيرو؟

ما بتزبط ما يكون في إقطاع وسرقة ونهب وفساد؟
ما بتزبط الكل يكون متساوي قدام القانون؟

ما بتزبط يكون في لا مركزية ادارية؟
ما بتزبط يكون في انماء متوازن؟

ما بتزبط شعبنا يطلع من الكذب والنفاق؟
ما بتزبط نروح عالدولة المدنية؟
ما بتزبط……. (اللايحة طويلة… بس زهقت انا وفقّس)

وهيي لو بتزبط… مش بحاجة ت نغير ولا نظام
عنا قوانين ممتازة بس العبرة بالتنفيذ


Shifting from Steady Growth to Economy of Sobriety?

Note: re-edit of “Economy of Sobriety (August 1, 2009)”

There is a growing political economics trend for substituting the traditional steady growth and productivity policies into an economy of sobriety.

The Slow Food and Slow Cities movements, along with many European communities exercising self autonomy in the economic policies of their districts, are practicing on a smaller scale the concept of “living better for less”.

The latest economic downturn (2008 crisis financial and current Covid-19 pandemics) is re-confirming that the previous policies are hindrance to global resolutions for global problems.

The middle class has increased 3 folds within less than two decades.

China and India have added over 300 millions to the 200 millions in the USA, Europe and Japan.

This quickly increasing middle class is demanding equal standards of living as in the USA ,simply because they can afford to purchase the same consumer goods for their comfort and are doing it.

World resources in minerals, rare minerals, oil, and wood .. are depleting and no longer accessible to sustain the current rate of consumption. 

Regular people are not interested in the concept of “faster is better” or “more performing is better”:

1. they would rather fly safely at more affordable fees;

2. they would rather that customs and airport regulations quicken the pace and alleviate faster the hassle.

3. The regular people would rather have moderately performing equipment that last longer and that are more robust under less than standard conditions in the developed nations.

4. Regular people cannot afford to re-invest for products considered obsolete within a couple of years.

5. Regular people would rather not to have to repaint or maintain their plumbing and electrical lines frequently.

6. Regular people would rather have potable water running on schedule;

7. Power utilities providing electricity less irregularly rather than the  increased rate for the luxury families of high consumption.

8. Regular people want public transportation arriving on schedule, accessible, and available in cities and in rural areas.

9. Regular people are not that interested in caviar and luxury items; they need flour, rice, sugar, and seasonal vegetables and fruits marketed locally and not exported overseas.

10. Regular people need a wider network of public libraries and public schools.

11. Regular people want the teachers to be paid right in order to be retained and compete with private expensive private schools.

12. Regular people need preventive health institutions.

The industrial nations have got to support sustainable economies in Africa, Latin America, and in the Middle East and desist from mass exploitation of natural resources and human miseries.

Kuwait, Qatar, and Libya (before the colonial powers decided to break it up) are already investing billions in agricultural businesses in Africa; they are renting lands for 99 years and hiring thousands of Africans in jobs they are proficient in and within their own States.

There is definitely an anthropological crisis: the traditional growth policies are uneconomical, anti-social, and anti-ecological.

Decentralized economies serving restricted regions are more sustainable and are solicited by citizens.

Institutions have to be revamped in that direction and up-down laws are no longer cherished.

In fact, less restrictive local laws are the best recourse to taming the monster of global totalitarianism in the making.

Catastrophic crisis are not teaching anything in behavioral change: they simply increase the level of fear, anxiety, and apathy.

Continuing in the same trend is tantamount of letting this monster of totalitarianism starting sniffing around for another round of human calamities (already all States are abusing of “emergency laws” during this pandemics).

Most probably, totalitarian regimes, established in order to control outbursts and uneasiness, will mushroom in industrialized States because

1) they can afford these kinds of institutions,

2) they have already the sophisticated and all encompassing control institutions, and

3) they have practiced it several times in many nations within the last decades.

Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union experienced it efficiently.  France applied it to spread its public secular system of education in order to unify its nation. The USA applied it during the two Administrations of George W. Bush.

Currently, China is the most effective totalitarian regime. 

Millions of workers are transferred and displaced by a simple order of the politburo; millions succumb to eugenic practices on simple obscure laws; millions die in mining accidents and famine; gigantic dams are disturbing millions of people without recourse or participation by the citizens.

The third world states will always enshrine dictators, state political parties, and oligarchies but they will never afford totalitarian regimes for lack of sustainable institutions.

The best you might expect of third world states is organized chaos and periodic clamping down on dissidents.  There will be time when the “industrialized citizens” will opt to immigrate to Third World States and live in sobriety just to recapture the taste of freedom and liberty.

Note: Remember this article was posted more than a decade ago. And nothing changed drastically enough to hope for a more sustainable world in economics and finance.

You flashed in my mind, Love

Note: Re-edit of “Emotions weaken my constitution, Love. May 2, 2011”

You flashed in my mind, Love.

My eyes never crossed your path:

Are you tall, blonde, svelte, green-eyed…?


My ears never heard your voice, Love.

Is you voice soft, passionate, warm, cadenced…?


How could I find you?

The moment you knock on my door, Love

Would you be fluttering with white wings, red, yellow?

Would you be blossoming in springtime violet, blue attire, Love?


Would you be crawling in my night dreams and waking dreams?

Would I be ready to sense your presence?


I am not one to hoard things.

All I care is to experience new sensations, once, one at a time.


Emotions weaken my constitution, Love.

Would you be gentle with my feelings?

Am I hard in the hearing?

Am I fuzzy in the vision, Love?


Do not despair, Love:

Keep talking, nudging, dancing, swinging, whispering.

Keep me alert, awake, alive, ready, Love.


Are you knocking Love?

As I open the door, do not manage my feelings.

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Why Lebanon is targeted to suffer humiliation by US/Israel?

The US/Israel want the Lebanese people to accept the conditions of the Deal of the Century de Kushner/Pence (Vice President)/and the deplorable Neo-cons.

They want Lebanon to merge the Palestinian/Syrian refugees as citizens of Lebanon and for Lebanon to desist on its maritime rights in block 9 for gas/oil.

The strategy is to sanction Lebanon financially and economically until famine force the citizens to cry Uncle.

هناك أجندة حديثة وضعت للبنان بدأ تنفيذها سبتمبر 2019

1. لرفضه صفقة القرن

2. والأسباب التالية:

– رفض لبنان توطين الفلسطينين
– رفض لبنان دمج السوريين بمجتمعه
تمنع لبنان عن ترسيم الحدود حسب الخريطة الأميركو – إسرائيلية،
– عدم تسليم أميركا إدارة مشاريعه النفطية،
– تلزيم التنقيب عن النفط الى شركة توتال الفرنسية وشركة أغني الإيطالية
– رفض طلب اميركا تلزيمه لشركات أميركية تعمل في إسرائيل
– تسليم الصواريخ الذكية فقط، التي تقلق إسرائيل.


1. تم افتعال حرائق احراج لبنان لإظهار عدم قدرة الحكومة القيام بواجبها، ولحقن الشارع ضدها
2. افتعال أزمة الطحين والبنزين عبر تسويق شائعات، وخروج الناس طوابير للحصول عليهم

3. تحريض الناس 17 أكتوبر عبر الميديا للنزول الى الشارع
4. إقفال أبواب المصارف في وجه صغار المودعين دون سبب مما جعل الناس تتهافت لسحب ودائعها عند فتح المصارف أبوابها خوفا من الشائعات ومن اعادة الإقفال
5. عدم السماح لصغار المودعين سحب أموالهم والتي لا تتجاوز ال 1.5 مليار $، لكنها تشكل 75٪؜ من المودعين

6. أموال صغار المودعين حوالي 1.5 مليار $ كان ممكن إعادتها لأصحابها قبل تحويل اكثر من 10 مليار $ لكبار المودعين الذين لا يشكلون 10٪؜ من المودعين، لكن الهدف إبقاء اكبر كمية من الناس دون ودائعهم لتجييش الشارع عند الحاجة
7. إدارة مصرف لبنان وبعض المصارف اللبنانية وبعض السياسيين في تنفيذ هذه الأجندة والسماح لبعض السياسيين وكبار المودعين تحويل ارصدتهم للخارج خلال إقفال المصارف أبوابها والتي فاقت ال 10 مليار $ لغاية اليوم

8. الطلب من الحكومة السابقة تقديم استقالتها، وكلنا نذكر تصريح الرئيس الحريري اننا أمام 6 شهور خطرة تنتظرنا، كان ذلك في ديسمبر 2019
9. استخدام الدولار كسلاح أساسي في المعركة مع العلم ان لا أحد لغاية الان يعلم سبب ارتفاع سعر الدولار، اللبناني ليس لديه فائض أموال لشراء الدولار، وليس لديه إمكانيات سفر بفترة الكورونا، لا إمكانية للإستيراد حالياً

10. ان حركة سوق الدولار الداخلية لا تتعدى ال 100 مليون $ شهرياً، تحل أزمة وسعر الدولار يعني مبلغ لا يتعدى ثمن مبنى التاتش.
11. الضغط على الناس عبر رفع سعر الدولار واللعب في لقمة عيشهم، تحريك الشارع للضغط على الحكومة، معارضة الفاسدين لها، الميديا والشائعات،

محاولة توريط الجيش (ما يجري بالشمال) كل ذلك سيدفع الحكومة للخروج من المأزق اللجوء إلى صندوق النقد الدولي (هذا ما سيجري) والذي سينهكنا لنسلم بشروطه القاسية
– زيادة ال TVA
– ضريبة على البنزين
– زيادة الكهرباء
– خنق المواطن اللبناني الذي عليه ان يتخلى عن عنجهيته وان يتخلى عن الكماليات التي اعتاد عليها، ليعود ويعيش في نظام اقتصادي ضعيف لا يشغله سوى تأمين لقمة عيشه، مثل دول كمصر والأردن وتونس والسودان وسوريا والعراق والمغرب.

كل ذلك سيعيدنا للرضوخ إلى الشروط الأميركية:

* الموافقة على توطين الفلسطينين
* دمج السوريين في المجتمع اللبناني
* التنازل عن حدود مساحات برية وبحرية تحتوي على حقول غاز
* السماح للشركات الاميركية التنقيب عن النفط
* تسليم إدارة النفط اللبناني لأميركا
* التخلص من الصواريخ الذكية فقط.

هذه الأجندة يجري تنفيذها بالعراق أيضاً لكن بنسخة عراقية

أميركا لم تعد تحتاج لتحريك أسطولها البحري الذي يحتوي على 11 حاملة طائرات 8 غير صالحين للاستعمال حالياً بسبب ارتفاع تكلفتهم

فالحروب القادمة هي استخدام الإقتصاد والدولار لمحاربة أي دولة تشاكسها.

والآن ستفتعل اميركا أزمة مع الصين لإبتزازها بحجة نشر الوباء وستدعوا شركائها لمساندتها

لكن ما تتناساه أميركا ان الصين صواريخها عابرة للقارات وان توقف مصانع الأحذية بالصين لمدة 6 شهور يحول اكثرية شعوب العالم لحفاة.

المشكلة بالسياسة الأميركية، حتى لو نفذنا مطالبها ستسحقنا بعد ذلك، كما فعلت بالكثير من الدول، إنها سياسة العم سام الظالمة، نرضى بها ولا ترضى بنا.

هل يمكننا التغلب على هذه الأزمة ؟

نعم، اذا شعب لبنان كله تخلص من:

* الزعيم
* الطائفية
* العودة الى الزراعة والصناعة الوطنية
* تفعيل التصدير، لبنان كان يصدر الألبسة لفرنسا وأحذية لأوروبا بالإضافة للمواد الغذائية والخضار والفواكه
* وقف استيراد ما لا يلزم ( هل يعقل لبلد مشهور بمياهه ان يستورد مياه من فرنسا،

* هل يعقل لبلد إخترع اللبنة ان يستورد أجبان والألبان بنصف مليار دولار سنوياً
* هل يعقل لبلد مثل لبنان ان يستورد أزهار ب 18 مليون $ سنوياً
* هل يعقل لبلد لديه أطيب تفاح بالعالم ان يستورد تفاح من إيطاليا

* هل يعقل لبلد إخترع الأبجدية لا مصنع لديه لصناعة دواء مسكن او مسحوق غسيل.

اذا اتحدنا ووعينا نبني مجتمع اقتصادي، اجتماعي، وطني صلب.
بلاد كثيرة مرت بظروفنا وخرجت منها منتصرة بتضامن ابنائها، مثل ماليزيا وسنغافورة وغيرهم، المهم الإرادة.
دعونا نفكر بلبنان وبمستقبلنا وبمستقبل اولادنا وكفانا اضاعة الوقت على أشخاص سيذهبون الى مزبلة التاريخ ودعونا نبني وطن.

اذا لم نحك جلدنا بأيدينا لن يحكه لنا أحد، العالم تغير لا مساعدات لا قروض لا هبات ولا ودائع دون ثمن وثمن مرتفع.




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