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Your second brain: Take care of the good bacteria in the Intestine

Note: Re-edit of “The Intestine: Your second brain.  Care for the good bacteria. May 2016”. 

With this Covid-19 pademics, people are using all kinds of antiseptics on hands, in the mouth… The good bacteria are being killed with whatever viruses are existing on the skin.

Everything that we eat comes from living organisms.

And every living species (including plants) in nature is constituted of sugar molecules, amino acids (called proteins) and lipids (fats).

Are you suffering lactose intolerance, quick cycles of losing and gaining weight , lesions on your thighs, face and other parts of your body that don’t heal, bad breath, gastroenteritis and a whole bunch of health problem?

You are Not taking good care of the good bacteria in your intestine and mouth.
Beware of antibiotics that kill the good and bad germs equally well.

I recommend to read “Le charme discret de l’intestin” by Giulia Enders.
Mind you that the intestine is the second brain.

You care for the good bacteria in your intestine, and they take care of the bad bacteria and germs. For your comfort and health.

Sugar is the only substance that can be transformed into fat without much effort by our small intestine.

If currently 80% of food include sugar, no wonder why people in the West and the well-to-do tend to be chubby.

The same is true to care for the inside of your mouth: First defenses against bad bacteria

To reduce the # of bad bacteria in fruits, vegetable, and in the kitchen:

1. Dilute the fruits and vegetable
2. Let all Dry up (food, kitchen utensils, cleaning sponges…)
3. Regulate temperature to cold level (Below 5 degree) occasionally in the house during the year
4. Clean the surfaces from fatty films with just water
5. Let a few iodine crystal evaporate in kitchen and rooms
6. Rub your body with odorless bacteria

On average, we defecate about 250 gm (per day?).
3/4 of the weight is water.
1/3 of the compact matter is of bacteria
1/3 of fiber that couldn’t be digested. If you consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, the weight might rise to 500 mg
1/3 is constituted of cholesterol, medicine, and artificially colored products…

The consistency of the faecal product has been given a scale of 7. The scale was developed by Ken Heaton and called the Bristol Scale:

Level 1 looks like separate hard nutty lumps

Level 7 is just liquid

Levels 3 and 4 are the norms

Level 3 is like a sausage with cracks on the surface. If the product sinks then it means that it does not contain gases. It is better that it float before flushed down.

Level 4 is the perfect product. It looks as a snaked sausage, smooth and soft.

Anti-biotic (kills the good and bad bacteria) are produced by intensive growth of particular bacteria in huge water containers: it is bacteria that generate antibiotics

Pre-biotic (Before life bacteria) are good bacteria found in fibre-rich fresh food such as artichaut, asperges, andive, green banana, topinambour, ail, onion, poireau, panais, salsifis, seigle, avoine…

The good bacteria highly prefer the fiber ingredients for their growth, which allow them to confront the bad bacteria very efficiently.

Prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides are generated by our body.

You need to add a small amount in powder form for the babies in order to prevent traveler’s diarrhea.

Ailing liver needs prebiotic

Probiotic (For life) are good bacteria like bifido and lactobacillus that resist the digestive process such as the lactobacillus -rhamnosus, lactobacillus -acidophilus, lactobacillus – casei shirota, lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Since antiquity, every tribe learned how to cook and preserve the good bacteria.

For example, marinated cucumber, bread with levure, Swiss cheese types, crème fraiche,

German choucroute, ayran, yogurt, soja sauce, miso soup, kimchi, fermented sushi, lassi (India), foufou (Africa).

Probiotic bacteria have many benefits:

1. They prevent diarrhea that empty the intestine of all bacteria, especially the good ones. It is lethal for babies and older people because it takes much longer to stabilize the system.

2. Good for the immune system

3. Good to prevent many kinds of allergies

4. Good to reduce gases emitted by bacteria, and smell of the fart is Not as noxious as the gases produced by the bad bacteria

What are the functions of good bacteria?

1. Many probiotic bacteria produce small fatty acids, as butyric acid, to lubricate the intestinal villosities

2. They take refuge in locations preferred by the bad pathogen agents and drive them away. They produce small doses of antibiotics to incite the bad ones to vacate the premises. They also produce certain acids to enhance the displacement of the bad ones. The good ones eat the fibre rich in nutrients and force the bad ones to starve.

3. The good bacteria cooperate with the immune system by delivering precious pieces of intelligence on the characteristics of the bad ones so that the system can contain them and attack them efficiently.

If you are a vegetarian and lacks all the varieties of proteins, the plants that contains the 20 amino acids are: soja, quinoa, amarante, spiruline, chia grains, and sarrasin.

Are you allergic to fat and protein-rich food such as egg, milk, peanuts…

Allergic to gluten, lactose and fructose?

You may have a genetic deficiency in particular secretion of enzymes, like the lactase that make babies scream of pain when sucking their mother’s milk

Otherwise, most probably, your intestine (the small 7 meter long intestine) is being fragile from over antibiotic medication or lacking the necessary adaptability in old age.

Occasionally, the small intestine is unable to break down particles of food, and the lymphatic conduit (immune system) absorb these particles and dump them straight to the heart (bypassing the liver as the blood conduits do).

The immune system target these particles as enemies.

Even tasting some of these food alert the immune system to confront and attack what we are eating.

Beware of consuming too much fructose (supposedly the sugar in fruits)
Are you eating 8 bananas or 6 apples a day? That is more than 50 g (high number)
The western nations and the well to do consume about 80 g of fructose, added in ketchup, salad sauces, fruity yogurt…

Fructose overdose generate many ailments in the stomach, terrible gases, allergies, and depressive mood due to blocking the serotonin

To get rid of body odors, rub the body with a lotion of odorless bacteria that repel stinky bacteria

No need to use soap when taking showers: Plain water is totally enough to reduce substantially the number of bad bacteria and keep a thin film of fat on the skin to trap the offensive bacteria
Usage of soap worsen the defenses of the skin.

Do you want to avoid hemorrhoids and diverticula?
Adopt the stooping position as in the Muslims’ WC

If you insist on using the western throne position for defecating, raise your legs by posing your feet on a stool and bend you back forward so that the intestine is in direct straight position for quick and totally satisfying experience.

The cover in Western installation should be designed to include two side feet-shaped support that rise by the simple weight of the legs.

When the cover is up, the two feet will retract back to take the shape of the ceramic seat.
The elevation should consider the lightest of legs.

Note 1: The French say “Turkish WC”, the Turks as Greek WC, the Greek as Bulgarian WC, the Japanese as Chinese WC…
The Islamic natural WC, hard for the elder people, is available in the 5 continents and in every mosque and Islamic world and regions where the West could not spread their kinds of WC

Note 2: I have this hypothesis:
If you wear eye glasses designed to keep the eyes humid, you’ll save many hours of fatigue and exhaustion during your working day

Note 3: In one hour, our organs consume 100 Watts bulb
We salivate about one litter a day. Saliva contains many useful ingredients (see follow up article on the mouth)

Note 4: We have two sphincters: one external and one internal.The internal is ready to let go anytime, The nerves of the external is linked to our brain that gives order for the go ahead




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