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Even before Covid-19, 80 years ago, : It was a good time to die

Note: Re-edit of “A good time to die (October 16, 2008)”

We know by now that decisions for resuming experiments on atomic explosions, in open air or underground, are bad news.

We know that decisions to leave man out of the loop of programmed launching of guided ballistic missiles are wrong decisions.

We are learning that the ozone layer is good and protects the living organisms from lethal doses of ultraviolet radiations; that the depletion of ozone over the Antarctic is very bad news.

We recognize that the increased concentration of CO2 may be causing the “Greenhouse Effect”, melting the North Pole and increasing the Oceans water level.

We have this gut feeling that the deforestation of the virgin forests in the Equator is degrading the quality of air and increasing the numbers of tsunamis or cyclones or tidal waves or hurricanes.

We blame those who still insist on residing around the targeted sea shores (increase water level) as if these cataclysms would disappear any time soon.

We are less sure how the high electrical tension pylons amidst towns alter the health of children, but active citizens must have learned the lesson to No longer wait for the results of research and experiments when health and safety are of concern.

We know that our intelligence is intrinsically malignant but the most malignant are those vicious, lengthy and recurring cycles of the decision processes to settle on remedial plans of actions.

We frequently don’t know the mechanisms to resolve what we initiated and much less these processes that takes decades to recognize the problems and reach agreements to act and persevere in our programs.

Earth has mechanisms to stabilize harms done to it, but it requires man to leave it alone for hundreds and thousands of years.

Every time man creates a problem to earth’s quality and stability we have to wait for a valiant scientist to sound the alarm.

Then we have to wait for this scientist to affiliate with a recognized international figure to give credit and weight for his discovery.

Then we have to wait for the convinced scientists (paradigm shift) and professionals to sign up a manifest and present it to the UN so that the UN might receives a wake up call to take on its responsibilities to preserving human rights for clean air, clean potable water, clean environment and human rights for health and safety and security. 

Then we have to wait for one superpower to admit that what is happening is bad, that the level of tolerance, invariably set by unprofessional specialists in the field, is no longer acceptable.

Then we have to wait for one superpower to unilaterally agree to distance itself from the pack of wolves and actively remediate.

Then we have to hear the complaints of economic infeasibility of regulations to remedial actions and then we have to set a period that lengthens to decades in order to start an effective program that agrees to everyone concerned.

Albert Schweitzer in his book of selected 3 calls to action “Peace or atomic war” describes the fundamental process that was initiated to put a halt on atomic explosion live experimentations.

You discover that physicists and not medical specialists volunteer to set levels of tolerances to radioactive emissions.

You hear Edward Teller, the “eminent” physicist and “father” of the hydrogen bomb say “We have got for our national security to keep testing for a harmless hydrogen bomb”; as if States at war intend not to inflict harms!

The UN had to wait for 9235 scientists and headed by Linus Pauling to sign a manifest in January 1958 explaining the lethal harm to the next generations of radioactive emissions.

Then the US Administration gradually stopped financing apologetics in Newspapers that the experiments constitute No tangible harms.

After the US, Britain and the Soviet Union were forced to agree on a moratorium to open air explosions they resumed their nuclear explosions in “controlled, secure, and safe” underground testing fields.

I never stumbled on a manuscript describing the consequences for underground nuclear testing.

Usually the consequences are of long term nature and time-line researches are too expensive to follow up.

My gut feeling is that these underground testing are directly linked to the current drastic increase in large scale seism, volcano eruptions and tidal wave catastrophes.  

Earth may sustain one major destructive factor, but it requires more than one main factor to destabilize earth and its environment.

Note: If “La joie de vivre” est liée a un sentiment d’avoir réussi. Si on pouvait abaisser la barre de ce qu’on considère “Avoir Réussi”. I think Covid-19 gave humanity a chance to lower the level of “hussel and bussel” of what they consider “Having been successful” in order to discover happiness in life.

IMF was Not set up to give the people any priority: A tool for “Moral Entity” of multinational financial conglomerates

“In the history of the IMF, the people have never been a priority” says Juan Valerdi, previous advisor to the Central Bank and professor of macroeconomics at the University of La Plata, Argentina, in our latest #DebunkingIMF video.

Since this joint campaign with ANND started, we have managed to bring nuance to the public discourse on IMF bailout programmes and to highlight their high social costs and negative impact.

Watch the video for more of Prof. Valerdi’s insights, based on the Argentine experience with the IMF.

The latter have notably protected local oligarchies and funded capital flights – issues that are strikingly similar to those of Lebanon – which thus contributes to maintaining the status quo rather than provide solutions  to the needed poorer classes.

Note: Argentina, like Lebanon, is being squeezed by the US and Israel in order to permit easy immigration of Jews to greener pastures, such as Patagonia.

Actually, Patagonia has been the prime destination of middle class Israelites, fleeing this tiny and inhospitable Palestine.

For more on our stance regarding international bailout programmes, refer to this post:

Arab NGO Network for Development Universidad Nacional de La Plata | UNLP

And how Lebanese are using their organic waste?

Tasbikh? (Transforming organic products into agricultural usefulness)

Cynthia Choucair

بين عامي 2016 و2019، بلغ استيراد لبنان من السماد العضوي 55045 طناً،
بمعدّل 247 دولاراً للطن الواحد، أي ما يعادل حوالى 13.6 مليون دولار.
وسجّل أعلى رقم لسعر الطن الواحد المستورد في عام 2019 بـ272 دولاراً.
والأسوأ، أن أرقام استيراد الأسمدة الكيميائية التي تسمّم الغذاء والبيئة، مخيفة، وتبلغ مئات ملايين الدولارات في السنوات العشر الأخيرة وحدها!
وبحسبة بسيطة، يرمي اللبنانيون يومياً بين 3.5 و4 آلاف طنّ من النفايات العضوية من أصل 5 إلى 7 آلاف طنّ نفايات (الحساب الدقيق أمرٌ شاقّ في قطاع النفايات لغياب الأرقام الدقيقة)، أي ما يزيد على 2000 طن من السماد العضوي!
وبالتالي يخسر اللبنانيون يومياً: 2000 × 272 = 544 ألف دولار (من دون احتساب كلفة التصنيع طبعاً).
وفوق ذلك،450 ألف دولار، تضاف إلى 544 ألف دولار، لتبلغ قيمة الخسائر اليومية المباشرة حوالى مليون دولار جرّاء تغييب تسميد المواد العضوية.
هذا طبعاً عدا عن التدمير البيئي الذي يلحق بالمياه والشواطئ والحياة البريّة في الحوض اللبناني، والأمراض والأزمات الصحّية التي تصيب اللبنانيين من سكان الساحل والمدن الكبرى
(فراس الشوفي).




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