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And the kids? Don’t they deserve a “Thank you ovation” for their endurance during this pandemics?

Posted on: May 14, 2020

And the kids? Don’t they deserve a “Thank you ovation” for their endurance during this pandemics?

Because they’ve been locked up for more than two months, never complaining?

When we talk about heroes, there are a few very special ones that we forget “THE KIDS”.
– They accept everything.
– They are deprived of going to school.
– They can’t play with their friends anymore.
– Visiting grandparents is forbidden.
– Park outings are over.
– They stopped going shopping with their parents.
– Birthday celebrations friends no longer exist, even his own and have to accept and understand like great people.
– More activities, 💃🕺🤼🏓,, etc.
– They end up supporting adult mood and worries.

And all this without complaining because they know “out there is a disease, a virus“.
“I know mom, it’s because of the coronavirus”.
I want to thank all the kids for this!
It’s our greatest treasures that teach us every day to focus on the most important things

Note: In countries where Covid-19 is rampant abortion has almost doubled. A clear indication of lost of hope in a better future

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